Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 18

Aaryn is the neatest HoH this season

Greetings, hamsterfiends! Once again, Sundays tend to be quiet in the house with them sleeping late and no comps. The PoV meeting isn't until tomorrow. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Repugnant Rats:
  • Elissa and Helen started the day off deep-cleaning -- with this bunch of slobs, it's desperately needed.
  • That said, Aaryn seems to be just about the only hamster to actually make her bed daily whether it's the HoH room or another.
  • Helen said that since America is watching, the house should always be clean.
  • Um, it's a bit too late for that! It's like they don't even think of the live feeds, yet clean for the live show each week.
  • This isn't the first season that that's the case, though. Season after season, they only primp for the live show.
  • Elissa told Helen that she heard GinaMarie say that she was going to vote her (Helen) out.
  • Elissa also pointed out that Spencer is acting like he feels really safe.
  • Doggonit, Elissa, just tell Helen that they're planning on voting her out and get it over with!
  • Helen told Aaryn that she doesn't want to be another Jessie and go out like that. She feels Amanda is targeting her.
  • Ah, the wheels are finally cranking!
  • Helen also told her that she thinks the others are trying to cause issues between her/Elissa and Aaryn/GM.
  • She thinks that if she (Helen) goes home, Amanda will use Elissa to go after Aaryn.
  • All said, she did give Aaryn plenty of food for thought. We already know that Aaryn personally likes Helen a lot more than she does Amanda, plus she's been pressured to make the noms.
  • Helen has noticed that Amanda is treating her differently now that she's on the block. Oh my ... could SHE be the target?
  • D'oh!
  • Aaryn starts spilling some of the beans to Helen!
  • She told her that Andy and Amanda have deals going with everyone in the house.
  • While Helen thought Spencer was behind her nomination, Aaryn told her it was McCrae, not Spencer.
  • Could the house be ready for a flip against Amanda? 
  • After all, if Elissa takes herself off, Aaryn puts Amanda in her place, gets Helen, GinaMarie and possibly Andy or Spencer to vote with them to oust Amanda ...
  • I think it's probably unlikely, but this is the first rumbling against the machinery in a while that may have credence.
  • When Helen talks to Andy, he admits that he's always trusted her more than he does Spencer and that Amanda/McCrae are after her (Helen).
  • Sigh. In a private talk, Andy and Aaryn said they need to remain loyal until the final four ... with Amanda and McCrae.
  • Andy and Aaryn reported back to McCrae and Amanda.
  • Sigh.
  • Andy pointed out that they need to realize how loyal he's being to them (3am) as he knows Helen would have taken him to the final two.
  • Yeah, right.
  • There was a bit of a respite in the form of the photo booth opening.
  • I dunno. I'm kind of tired of that. I liked the gypsy fortune teller better.
  • Hey, aren't we ready for something to keep them awake all night? We haven't had any of those yet this season. There was the individual things with Amanda and Judd, but not the house.
  • Aaryn's Clownie doll was found hanging in the shower yesterday. Today, he's face-down in the bathtub.
  • Heh.
  • Amanda got all ticked off because she thinks Elissa and Helen are trying to flip the house on her and McCrae.
  • Oh, give me a break! They're ON THE BLOCK. What does she expect them to do? 
  • McCrae tries to talk sense into her and calm her down.

A clean house is a happy house. Yeah, right.

Oh noes, what should I do?!?!

Not winning any comps, may win it all


Tami said...

Andy and Aaryn are sooo stupid to think that M/A would take either of them to the finals if given the option. I'm glad that Helen started getting wise to M/A but it's a little too late.
Jackie weren't the HG awaken during the night for the 'Shipments' comp?

pat rw said...


Sharon said...

Well, tonight has come crashing down around Helen's ears. Amanda has admitted to Helen that she is voting her out. She even told Helen to go ahead and try to get GM's vote.

With all this conversation, and strong hints that Andy is with Amanda/McC, Helen STILL can't bring herself to believe she won't have Andy's vote, and still thinks she might be able to get McC's vote. @@

Delusional, and showing stunning ignorance.
2x4 > meet head!
No problem, she STILL won't get it till she's walking out the door.

T-Town said...

Oh Helen, as a self proclaimed “super fan”, you do nothing but disappoint me. Much like this whole season. Thanks for everything you do Jackie.

Sharon said...

Listening to Aryan and GM talking, Aryan has actually figured everyone out pretty accurately. She's been observing people much better than anyone would have guessed. It's just unfortunate that she has so few other redeeming qualities.

Andrea Johnson said...
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Andrea Johnson said...

Andrea Johnson said...
Sharon, if Aaryn has the cojones to put Amanda on the block - that leaves McC and Andy voting for Helen. But she would have to convince Spencer and GM to vote for Amanda, along with Elissa and Helen (if the bulb finally illuminates).

That would be a game changer for sure. Alas, I know it won't happen. Dream denied!

And wow Pat, issues much?

Sharon said...

Helen and Elissa in the hottub discussing everything. Shockingly, I think Elissa has a better grip on who to trust. Helen always disagrees with Elissa, so I think she just nods and agrees while thinking on her own. Helen never ceases to amaze me... she STILL thinks she has McC is on her side.

Andrea Johnson said...

What the point of being on the show if your plan is not to get to the final two? Why would anyone think that they could get to the final two with both McManda? That thinking puzzles me, especially for anyone who sees themselves as being a superfan or even just a regular fan.

Sharon said...

Aryan told Elissa and Helen something about David a few minutes ago (out at the hottub). I missed whatever it was, but Helen seemed really shocked.

David said...

Could it be possible that Aaryn saves the day with putting amanda on the block next to Helen with the intent to evict Amanda? As much as I despise her that would go a long way to repairing her image with the fans even though she does not know that. She is discussing it now on the feeds and not fake this time. She even knows to keep Andy out of the loop.

Will it come to pass? I can only hope.

Jackie said...

Yes, they were awake for the luggage thing. But I want someone screaming at them all night, I guess! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Helen tells David "oh I'm so sorry " While her and Ellisa are in the hot tub after Ellisa tells her when David was younger he threw dirt clumps at another boy causing him to loose his eye. The boys family sued David's family and it appears that David's family lost a lot in court. Helens voice made it sound like David's family suffered a huge tragedy. Gee Helen you say you're oh so sorry to David ...what about the kid who lost his freakin eye??? I'm pretty sure David's not the victim you idiot (Helen)

pat rw said...

lol, andrea, I was havin a bad night, then was hearin and readin about aaryn again, etc...about their racist remarks, shame on me for spittin on here, I apologize all, but I cant stand people who hate on people for no good reason, just because of their skin color, or eyes...we all are not like that, full of hate and was late....yes, I had a brain fart and spitted on the screen here, sorry all again, she makes me so mad, because when I first started out I picked her to win, until she opened her mouth, along with Amanda...

Anonymous said...

There was an up all night comp, it was the airport baggage claim comp