Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 25

Nail biting again or still

Usually Sundays are boring. Today was more weird than boring. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Sloppy Sycophants:
  • Oops. Andy left the hose going in the pool. The yard flooded. Oops.
  • Elissa and Judd talked some more. Judd thinks that if Andy is put on the block, he'll go home, not Aaryn.
  • Judd doesn't trust McCrae at all even though McCrae promised him safety.
  • Elissa told Judd she hasn't made her mind up yet. She thinks that Andy might be realizing he's expendable by Amanda and Co.
  • Judd and Elissa both talked about messy everyone is in the house. 
  • Heck, I'm a bit horrified. There are always slobs in there, but this season has the worst.
  • In the trashtalking they did about others, Judd said McCrae should volunteer to be a Have Not because he so rarely takes showers or washes his hair. He said he also doesn't eat much.
  • I don't know. He eats his fingernails every minute of every day! Gotta be some protein right there!
  • They are right about him being dirty -- he wears the same clothes over and over again, rarely washing them.
  • Elissa can't believe a superfan of the show like McCrae could throw his whole game away for Amanda.
  • Judd reminds her that he (Judd) also threw his game away by trusting Amanda.
  • And, yes. In their talk, they both talked about being of better character than the rest of the house.
  • Elissa told Judd she worries about him because he's said that he trusts Andy.
  • Smart girl when she wants to be, huh?
  • Elissa told him that if Andy wins HoH next week, he'll still do whatever Amanda wants for nominations.
  • I think she's probably right. Andy knows he's dug a hole for himself in the game. I think he honestly wants to flip sides, but if the power shifts, he'll go running right back to Amanda with his tail between his legs.
  • Andy is worried (as he should be) that he'll be going on the block.
  • Spencer told him he should be safe.
  • Um. Whatever.
  • Then came a brouhaha! Weeeee!
  • It was McCrae vs. Elissa. He called her all kinds of names. She told him he wasn't to touch her stuff. She said he had some dirty filthy unwashed clothes in every drawer and she took them out of her drawers and put them with his other clothes.
  • She also complained that people took her balls (from the comp) without asking.
  • In the end, they were both demanding respect for the property of others and it all started with them touching each others' property!
  • @@
  • Then Amanda got all bent out of shape and decided she's going to torment Elissa until the veto ceremony.
  • GinaMarie got all psycho state because someone untied the dental floss secured cabinet and took dishes out.
  • Judd admitted he was looking for a coffee cup. GM screamed at him they did that so people would wash one rather than dirty another one.
  • Judd said he couldn't find any dirty ones.
  • GM told him to look by Amanda and McCrae's bed.
  • Even Amanda had to laugh at that one as it's so true.
  • Amanda took the Sweet Elissa wooden sign and put it on the toilet.
  • She dressed in a bulky robe, put make-up on, walked around lugging a box of Kleenex and blowing a noisemaker. She said it's her Granny persona.
  • After blowing the noisemaker in Elissa's face several times, Elissa went to the Diary Room (probably to complain).
  • Then Judd got into a verbal brouhaha with Aaryn -- She screamed that he keeps lying. He yelled that she had to stop telling people he wants Andy on the block.
  • Oh my. I need some popcorn.
  • And, dim those lights, please. Full cinematic effect and all, y'know.
  • Amanda has decided she will blow the noisemaker in Elissa's face all day so she can't talk with anyone.
  • Judd told Aaryn that Elissa has made her own mind up regarding what she wants to do and no one can change it.
  • Neither GinaMarie nor Aaryn know the meaning of the word "veto" out of the context of Big Brother.
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • When Amanda started blowing the noisemaker at Elissa, she just started laughing.
  • Well, that can take the wind out of Amanda's sails!
  • Andy told Amanda his loyalty is still with them.
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • No one got excited for the weekly photo booth session.
  • They're more entertained bullying each other.
  • Then it went weirder. We had a long session of the fish cam followed by a good hour of trivia.
  • Fish cam is always used for temporary blocks -- singing, talking about someone who hasn't signed a release or such.
  • Trivia is used for long blocks like comps.
  • We never have trivia on Sunday evenings.
  • If anything, Amanda's behavior got worse ... screaming for Elissa to nominate herself and how she caused "all of this."
  • Hmm.
  • Andy told Elissa he's sorry it's happening. Elissa said she can't believe production isn't stopping it.
  • Aaryn told GM that BB took away their scissors.
  • Then we had an extended fish cam period after which Amanda claimed she needed to take a break (from her tormenting Elissa).
  • Aaryn asked if the Diary Room told her to stop and Amanda said no.
  • Amanda said she felt like a jerk but no way will she apologize to Elissa.
  • McCrae thinks that Elissa has psychological problems because she just kept smiling as Amanda tormented her.
  • I personally think she considered that her best defense. She didn't want to get into a knock-down drag out with Amanda!
  • GinaMarie gathered Elissa's clothes from the downstairs and brought them to her saying she didn't want anything to happen to them.
  • GinaMarie apologized for Amanda's behavior.
  • But Amanda nor McCrae apologized. Both refuse to and act like it's some kind of badge of honor.
  • @@
  • Now Amanda is walking around in a sweatshirt and underpants, even leaving the bathroom stall door open as she used the toilet.
  • Ew.
  • This is odd, much more odd than the Evel Dick pots and pans wake-up bit.

Amanda in her granny torment Elissa mode


Next starring on Hoarders ...


Lynn said...

I think it was Aaryn who told Amanda she is going to get America's vote at the end. Can anyone here honestly say they like Amanda and would vote for who to get the fan vote in the end? I'm very curious..

Lynn said...

Ooops, vote for *her

Nickelpeed said...

I would never vote for her. I would not reward her for anything.

How childish. Right now, Elissa will get my vote. Between Candice and her, they put up with a lo from this group.

I can't wait until they walk out of this house and find out how America hates most of them.

They're just vile. I feel bad for Elissa.

Lynn said...

I'm reading updates on Jokers and I can not believe everyone is just Letting Amanda terrorize El?? What is wrong with these people?

Poppy said...

Here's what I don't get about the mess - they barely have anything to do all day. Why not keep the place clean? If nothing else, cleaning could be something to do to relax and get your mind off the game for a little while. You know ZEN OUT with a little spic n' span! Also, they know all of that mess is seen by all the feed watchers? Aren't they the least bit embarrassed by it? I can be messy sometimes but if I knew there was a chance anyone could see it, I would clean up!

monty924 said...

If I had to vote today, I'd vote for Judd. There's a lot left in this season, so that could change multiple times. The ones that would never get my vote:
Jessie (only because of how she did Judd)
and everyone who left pre-jury

Poppy said...

PS: They are all continuing to let Amanda be a bully b/c they are all afraid of her - except for Elissa. I feel like all the fans, we're all waiting, all season, for Amamda to get what she deserves. Will it happen?

Sharon said...

Poppy - nobody is doing anything because...
Amanda and Aryan are happy and amused.
McC is happy because he thinks Amanda's actions will cost her the game (and better chance for him).
GM, Spence and Andy don't want Amanda's "attention" focused on themselves.

Elissa continues to lock herself in her HOH room. I'm sure it's simply an avoidance tactic until POV nom tomorrow.

I don't know how Photobooth usually works (and how much it talks), but they were all surprised to have the Photobooth a 2nd time. I'm just hoping the photobooth isn't going to be doing something that Elissa is missing out on... while she is sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I come here every day, enjoy; but just don't post.
Can someone tell me how to vote for America's Choice please? I've looked on CBS and can't find anything.
Thank you and Jackie, thank you for much appreciated work.

Sharon said...


When America's Choice becomes available, it should be under the "More" tab on the CBS cite.

As of right now, there's no public voting for anything. I think voting for the weekly Have-Not menu, shows up on Wed or Thurs.

Sharon said...

oops ... site (not cite).
What can I say, it's late! lol

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've watched After Hours, I usually catch up on here, they really need to stop listening in when GM is eating. Holy crap that girl smacks! I had to turn it off and come back to Jackie!

Amandablowschunks said...

I guess it is too much to hope for that Amanda would receive a penalty nom for her despicable bullying?

I have no respect for people like her or Evil Dick who get to the end of BB by psychologically terrorizing the other players.

Amanda and MccCrae are sore winners (all the smug BS during every HOH they control) and sore losers. OMG, Amanda and McCrae are safe this week and are attacking Elissa for having the nerve, the audacity to nominate a player of her choosing???? If they bully Elissa this much just for maybe possibly nominating Andy, what would they have done to her if Aaryn had won POV and Amanda was going on the block...set her on fire?

Amanda is a spoiled, smug, arrogant, child woman who throws crying fits and tantrums when she does not get all of her ceaseless demands met. Please BB ...a penalty nom, a special power for Elissa to over rule the POV, a rigged comp...just please get Amanda off my TV!

David said...

Aman, I also wish for that stuff but she broke no rules, just made herself look like the idiot she is. But they did punish her by saying because of your actions we will not be giving the house any alchohol. According to her they also banned her from going in the HOH room.

I just wish they had given a bottle of wine to Elissa only just to rub in the point they can punish them.

Peggy said...

Andy has officially sold his soul to the Devil. Don't believe them Judd. Grrrrr!!!

Terry is a Texan! said...

Amanda is in need of bread and water and on 24 hour lockdown. Only fair to give everyone else a rest.

Tami said...

As much as I dislike Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Andy and does not compare to my dislike for Amanda. The fact that she checked the BB rule book to make sure that she has not endangered her game tells me that she is purposely going to the edge to torment Elissa. I am extremely disappointed in BB production in there handling of this season. They continue to let these matters escalate all in the name of entertainment. The majority of the viewers have called FOUL over and over again and yet BB Production allows these HG to treat each other this way.
Okay, I've stepped down for my soapbox.

Nikki said...

I can't believe the house was punished by not getting alcohol because of her behavior. Why punish them?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Gina-marie says she doesn't see what Mcray sees in Amanda she said Amanda must have gold in her vagina because she talks about having sex with different men every week

Petals said...

Sharon, I think they did a 2nd Photobooth session in hopes that succubus Demanda would be distracted from her tormenting. Didn't work.

Nikki, how could they give the "house" anything? Demanda IS the house. If they gave alcohol, it goes straight to McCranda. Just the other night, they gave them 4 beers. Demanda & McFly drank 2 and hid the remaining one (I think Judd got one).

Sharon said...

Nikki - Punishment was what they felt not getting alcohol was, but perhaps it wasn't a punishment... maybe more BB not wanting to add fuel to Amanda's crazy 5-hour fit.

To CBSs delight, the rampage provided hours of active feeds coverage, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of it is used for tv too. However, they wouldn't want to provide booze and possibly have and create an alcohol-induced physical confrontation.

Sharon said...

Jordan and Jeff must have gone into a state of shock (Sat or Sun).
Can't remember if it was Aryan or Amanda... actually had the gall to compare Amanda to JORDAN. Good gawd.

Anonymous said...

If I read right on Jokers, the reason for the Granny get-up was because Demanda looked at Elissa'a HOH photos and claimed that her husband looks like he is 78 years old, so she is tormenting Elissa as a granny. She is just a despicable excuse for a human being.