Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Evening into Wednesday Dawn - August 13-14

If I have to suffer, so do you

The storm clouds have cleared and the habitrail is once again all sunshine and lollipops. Well, not quite. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Rorschach Rejects:
  • Did McCrae only bring one pair of socks? A rather ugly bizarre pair at that? If they do the burn clothes thing, his plaid pajama pants and those socks need to go.
  • Helen remains very concerned about her actions which may or may not be seen on television. 
  • I'm just glad that there are a few people in the house not willing to jump in bed at the first sign of showmance.
  • Jessie, after her extended thorny snit the night before and well into yesterday, stopped her tirade.
  • Even GinaMarie, the one person Jessie told nice things to, thinks that Jessie looked psycho.
  • Jessie, in her now subdued and somber state, told GinaMarie she was bored and depressed. The every day down time and routine on the house is hard for her to take.
  • She's said before that she lives for the comps.
  • Amanda and McCrae discussed trying to backdoor Helen within the next few weeks.
  • No, that's not because of anything Jessie said in her snit.
  • There's been talk in both camps about getting each other out for some time now. 
  • The big "wedding" for McCrae/Amanda went on as planned.
  • Although they had an initial fear that BB would give them a lot of booze and Jessie would act out and crash the party ... neither happened.
  • First off, BB only gave them one bottle of wine for the event.
  • Oh, my a couple of ounces of wine each!
  • The Jessie storm?
  • Nope.
  • Nada.
  • She's over it all. She went around apologizing to people and accepted that she will be voted out on Thursday.
  • She even took part in (not as in crashing) the wedding.
  • Me? I don't want to ever see another fake wedding in the BB house.
  • Do something new and different, hamsters.
  • Heh. When Jessie asked Amanda if they will really marry after BB, Amanda told her that McCrae would need to get a better job first.
  • I've said all along that this isn't going to work out. McCrae, other than his BB fixation, really has no career ambition and I doubt Amanda will change his ways.
  • Andy fussed that the girl's wedding party preparations "girlified" his HoH room.
  • Amanda questioned Jessie some more, digging for information.
  • Jessie continued to mingle and even Elissa accepted her apology (on the surface, at least).
  • She will be voted out tomorrow night.
  • No doubt.
  • But, at least now, she's in a place where she's accepting it better without going utterly mad.

Spencer imitating Jessie

He must not have a pillow to hold

The wedding - yawnsers


RBennie said...

I'm kind of sorry that Jessie calmed down. At lease there was a little excitement in the house. Back to boring and predictable. I'm hoping that Elissa or Helen will win the next HOH and take out Amanda; although I would be just as happy to see Aryan go.

Ed in Ohio said...

Ohhh Man...the suspense is killing me! I wonder who's going to be evicted tomorrow??? NOT!!!!

Yet another unanimous 'house' vote. Boring! (Blame it on the 'House')

Worst season EVER!!

Witt said...

Ed in Ohio, "it's what the house wants." Whenever one of them says that, I automatically think that I didn't know that carpet, nails, boards, drywall and paint had desires.

Why won't these people vote for themselves???

Witt :)

RBennie said...

"House" is obviously code for "Amanda and Helen". Things won't get interesting until the "house" turns on itself.

Witt said...

Exactly, RBennie! I hope Helen gets to do it first!!!

Witt :)

RBennie said...

I hope she does too Witt. I think it needs to be next week. Helen's downfall will be if she tells Andy what she's planning. I can't believe she hasn't figured out yet that he belongs to Amanda more than he does to her.

Sharon S said...

I do hope Helen or Elissa win HOH and put Amanda and McCrae up. Really really badly .....

Ed in Ohio said...

Witt, LOL! "carpet, nails, boards, drywall and paint had desires" Good one!

I didn't realize the 'house' was a contestant this season!:=)

RBennie, House = Amanda & Helen. Exactly!

Eventually the house is going to have to split and become a house divided.

~~Silk said...

For those who have not already discovered it, this weekly blogger is funny:

It's the past week of BB in photos with captions.

RBennie said...

That blog really is hilarious Silk. I just bookmarked it. The next one should be a doozy after all the Jessie drama.

Ed in Ohio said...

Silk, Thanks for sharing! Those captioned pics are funny!!

JimmyB said...

What a concept re GM: A psycho calling someone else a psycho.

She might as well marry that hat; at least it won't have filed a restraining order against her.

RBennie said...

LOL. I don't know Jimmy. I think if that hat could talk, it would be screaming for help.

Witt said...

Okay, Silk, that blog was hysterical. Thanks for sharing!

Witt :)

Sharon said...

As much as I enjoyed the fireworks, I'm glad Jessie tried to make up. It will make her last 2 days in the house a little easier than receiving the constant anger from everyone. You could tell she wasn't happy, maybe even embarrassed at her snit-fit.

~~Silk said...

Yeah, I'm doing it again. Read
and see if it reminds you of anyone. No names - wouldn't want to make her/him angry....

Last night sometime, Elissa wondered if BB had purposely cast people with various different personality issues on purpose [followed by fish]. I wish I could say "great minds think alike" here, but at least I'm glad I'm not the only one.

One from column A, one from column B, etc.

JimmyB said...

RBennie -- Bet the hat has dye stains in it.

monty924 said...

The recap on B Side was hysterical. Thanks Silk for posting the link. lmbo

Terry is a Texan! said...

ok, we all agree, this HOH is crucial...I hoping for Elissa or Helen to win it, otherwise there will be chaos and one of them is out.
If any of you are Amanda and McCrae fans Im sorry.

T-Town said...

This head of house IS crucial. Unfortunately, besides Jessie (who is obviously leaving Thursday) I feel the only one that would make a “big move” is Amanda. I really like Helen, but my frustration with her grows every week. She is a smart BB player in a lot of ways, but if I hear her say “It’s too early to get out Amanda” one more time I’ll scream. We gave her two (?) weeks by voting Amanda on the block and she didn’t take advantage of it. I’m tired of getting excited about her being on board to get out Amanda, then suddenly changing her mind because it’s “too early.” Even though I want Amanda out, it would be great TV if she won HoH and put Helen on the block. It also might light a fire under her ass to start making “big moves.” Oh, one more thing, if she doesn’t wise up soon to Andy and his shenanigans, I might actually jump through the screen to shake her!!! This is the stuff that keeps me up at night. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Helen's endgame is to go up against Aaryan at the end, and then just unload on all the racist, mean spirited stuff she (A) did, to the jury.

Basically, bring the weakest one with you to the end...

Anonymous said...

Side note, McCrae always reminded me of first I thought it was the B-child of Geddy Lee (from Rush, look him up) :D

But you know, I think he looks like Loki, from the Thor movies..a bit..

Would make a good cos play for him