Thursday, August 01, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday Night into Thursday - July 31-Aug. 1


Well, the time is dwindling for one hamster and it's back to just about unanimously a vote for Howard to go. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pancakes:
  • When I last left you, Jessie was hiding under the covers avoiding the world.
  • Elissa got her to poke her eyes out and start talking.
  • Then it was Helen and Elissa talking to her (and her responding).
  • Then it was just Helen talking to her.
  • Jessie was upset because Amanda had been interrogating her the night before.
  • She is scared of everything she might say or has said in the house.
  • Jessie is definitely a bit too fragile to be in this house of hate and deceit.
  • It's more fitting of an Amanda, for sure.
  • Elissa agreed with Jessie that Amanda has been bullying everyone in the house, not just her.
  • At least they didn't report back to the others every word she said like Andy did earlier. He went and told everyone that she was scared of talking to anyone after he promised not to.
  • Well, he told everybody but Judd.
  • And Howard and Candice as they were otherwise occupied.
  • Judd told Elissa he'd never put her on the block.
  • Aaryn thinks that Judd and Jessie are up to something.
  • Andy and Judd hashed out their differences and shook hands, friends again.
  • Helen told Judd that she was the one who decided that Howard and Spencer would go on the block. Why would she not vote for her nominee?
  • She told Judd that they (Judd and herself) should talk more. She told him that she's gotten out everyone she's wanted to so far.
  • Judd told Helen that he's not as close to Jessie as everyone thinks he is.
  • He pledged loyalty to Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Andy.
  • Well, at least that might keep him safe for a while.
  • Maybe.
  • For a while, there was frivolity in the house! Yeah, I know that's amazing.
  • They did a whole music-less Harlem Shake dance from room to room.
  • Everybody, including Candice and Howard, joined in.
  • A hilarious time was had by all.
  • Amanda thought that Andy should marry her and McCrae in case she gets evicted.
  • Well, that he should perform the marriage, that is.
  • Several attended, but not Candice and Howard.
  • It was no glorious trashbag wedding as we saw with Brendon and Rachel.
  • Aaryn cried because any and all plans of trying to keep Howard instead of Candice have fallen to the wayside.
  • After all, she hates Candice. Candice is the one who started all the racial talk BS, after all.
  • @@
  • It looks like Howard out the door tonight.
  • It also looks like we're in for an endurance HoH.

Harlem Shake in Have Not

Harlem Shake time

Andy marries Amanda and McCrae

Attending the wedding

Meanwhile, in another room

Jessie came back to life


Petals said...

G'morning Jackie, Vincent & E'one!
"House of Pancakes" - good one!

Jax, I agree with you re Jessie being too fragile to do well in the house; I will add this: She would do well with ANY other cast, but yes - she is not as downright evil as the other HGs. I still like Jess, think she is the prettiest this year (wow - she'd said that in her introduction video & I didnt like that, but she was right!)
Also, Jessie being "the needy little sister" - I think I have a bit of that in me.

I just watched the Harlem Shake dancing {Cam 1, 11:10pm - check it out!} and it was great! Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

See you guys later - I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Jessie or Elissa HOH win.

Petals said...

PS - in other conversation, Aryan says she won't read anything about herself on the internet once she gets out of the house, because she says she'll be really affected if
it's mean.

LMAO -then she'd better start lining-up people to read with.

Petals said...

Also, Aryan called Candice "Aunt Gemima".


RBennie said...

Please tell me you are joking Petals! She did not seriously say that. That girl just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper, but of course it's all Candice's fault that she is labeled a racist. It really annoys me to see Aryan walking around smiling and being so happy in the house right now. I prefer her miserable.

lynn1 said...

If it weren't for Jackie and all the great folks on her BB blog I would give up on BB15.
Wake up CBS your hamsters are offensive and boring people. It is not entertaining to see people bullied and to hear racial slurs and sexual stuff from these dullards.
I think BB may be in the process of jumping the shark (at least for me).

Anonymous said...

Another smart move by Helen to ease Jessie out of her funk. It will probably give Helen control of another vote. She did the same last night with Judd when given the unexpected chance. Recently, she made a deal and gained control over Aaryn, and early on, when Elissa was an outcast, Helen gained her loyalty.

With Howard leaving, Candice will be weak, lost, and looking for a home—and Helen will sense that. By giving security to so many anxious houseguests, Helen is winning respect and loyalty, playing a very pragmatic game with considerable integrity.

ORKMommy said...

I completely disagree with all of the comments about CBS being responsible for 'allowing' what's going on in the house. The whole premise behind this show is to put a group of total strangers in a house, cut them off from the world, make them compete for their 'life' in the game and see what happens. If they cast people who are politically correct, never lie and never argue everyone would complain about how boring the show is. They are not responsible for what comes out of the mouths of their contestants, nor should they punish them for being themselves. We don't censor our news programs when there are racial issues going on...look at all of the press the Trayvon Martin case got. As much as I hate what's gone on with Aaryn and her mean girls at least it's let America know that these issues still exist. There are still people who need to be educated on equality. People still have to be accountable for their actions and pay the consequences for said actions. Hopefully something good will come out of all of this.

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@petals. Wow I am so shocked (though I don't know why I am) That is so disgusting. I just do not understand why she has no clue? Was anyone present when she said that. I am an African American female with a good sense of humor and can try to see light in such stupidity but right now my blood is boiling!

Petals said...

I removed my comment, guys. Sorry. I seem to always be pointing out something that riles-up everyone, and I know that Jax prefers the pool area to be more chill. I read it on Jokers then watched that clip. But I'm not gonna get into it.
Sorry Ms J

Anon, GM (again) was worse than Aryan during this. GM disgust me.
Ork, I think they will all watch the show when they get out, every minute. And that is when the lesson may sink in. I hope so, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why don't more people mention that GM has said many more racial comments than Aaryn. She does it all the time. I find the way Spencer acts and talks just as bad as the racial crap. I find him so disgusting...when they did their dance last night he had a robe on and jumped around opening and closing it. PERFECT FOR HIM. I watched and thought....that is totally him. I hope Spencer and GM are voted out soon.

Petals said...

Could we see an upset tonight??? There were rumblings in to the wee hours of maybe trying to overthrow that tyrannical leader, DEMANDa.

Anonymous said...

I would much rather watch Amanda playing a GAME....rather than GM, Spencer, and the needy sister that crys all the she really 12? Guess thats why she stand with only a towel on for an hour barely hanging on while Spencer watches....she does not know any better. Thats not GAME!

Anonymous said...

I hope they do a double eviction episode next week.

uncartie said...

HOH endurance would seem to favor Helen or Elissa.

Does anyone know if Helen told the others that she's a political consultant or has she kept that to herself.

Sharon said...

Petals - Unfortunately, I think they've all succumbed to Demanda and Helen by now and will continue with "the demanding duo's" path instead of finding their own. :(

Petals said...

I am re-watching episode 1. Wow. And sad.

Need a nap before tonight - see you guys at the party.

monty924 said...

The plan to oust Amanda relies on Andy flipping and that isn't going to happen. Jessie's put herself in a very bad position when she didn't need to. She wasn't on anyone's radar and now she on the short list to be evicted. She really IS too fragile to play this game.

Anonymous said...


You make some interesting points, but do you really want to see a houseful of mean, air-headed bigots in a fight for survival against one another? This house needs some real players. Smarter and wiser contestants would elevate this show much closer to its potential.

CBS is simply irresponsible in presenting such genuine and crass bigotry to mass audiences. In addition to the stipend they are paying for the services of those individuals, if they are not careful, CBS may become obligated to reward an avowed racist with a check for $500,000. They need to do more than to denounce the nasty remarks made on their network while continuing to broadcast more of them. They need to get the bigots who make them off their air.

Terry is a Texan! said...

really thinking that without Howard ...if he truly gets voted off....Jackie you could still post a Howard shot for us ok?

I think not voting out Amanda will bite Helen in the butt sooner than later....

Anonymous said...

Since Howard is gone, do a McCrae a day..