Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday into the Evening - August 28

Ohh ... Jenga frenzy excitement

I wish we could come to a happy medium feeds-wise in the house. For a few days there, it was hard to keep up. Today it was hard to not fall asleep. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hazy Hamsters:
  • Most napped for most of the day.
  • The fish did not nap.
  • The fish are coolness.
  • While I didn't like the extreme behavior when Amanda was bullying Elissa, now that she's been being nice, it's way boring.
  • The Exterminators Alliance -- Spencer, Judd, Andy and GinaMarie -- are determined to get Amanda or McCrae out next week.
  • Well, that is unless Amanda or McCrae win HoH.
  • Then they'll follow them along like the good little sheep they are.
  • Aaryn discovered toys in the storage room -- Jenga with its label blacked out, a deck of cards, a Slinky and a hacky-sack ball.
  • Ohhhh.
  • Excitement.
  • She didn't tell anyone for a long time, but then said she saw them once she joined others in the yard.
  • Judd went in to check. Yup.
  • Like Aaryn before him, he went looking through the entire deck of cards.
  • What do they think? A Get-a-PoV free card is in there?
  • Judd found out that the Slinky doesn't work well on a spiral staircase.
  • He left the toys in the kitchen and went back out to the yard.
  • GinaMarie claimed they were lying when they said there were toys in the storage room.
  • No, Judd left them in the kitchen. Not lying at all.
  • However, GM still thought it was necessary to punish him for lying and spent much time and effort in pulling him over to the pool to throw him in.
  • BB voice told them to stop, but they didn't.
  • They should have stopped.
  • GM hurt her back messing around wrestling and lugging Judd.
  • The rest of the Exterminators lamented that she should realize that she's not that young anymore.
  • GAH! When I was her age, I was into some of my most physically active years of my life!
  • Aaryn is resigned to leaving, told GinaMarie that Amanda and McCrae must get gone and she herself wants to mend fences with Elissa as to leave on a good note with her.
  • The indoor lockdown went into effect at about 5pm their time. It will probably remain so until tomorrow night's show.
  • Yawn.

The fish were more lively than the hamsters

Channeling Dan Gheesling's shorts

Tie your hair in a knot and put a bowtie on it!

The dollar store toys are starting to appear

Judd loves a Slinky

How GinaMarie hurt her back


QuixoticElf said...

Thanks for all the great updates!! I look forward to each one!

Sharon said...

Listening to the convo between McRanda tonight, it's pretty obvious that he's reaching the point of knowing "their great love" is going nowhere... for him.

Amanda saying she's looking forward to meeting each other's parents, and for their parents to meet each other.

McC is giving a whole lot of mmm mmmm non-answers.

T-Town said...

Tonight show made my stomach hurt. Amanda is MEAN! The sad thing is that CBS was nice to her in her editing. My only hope is that these house guests reflect on their experience in that house and become better people in the long run. Do I see it happening? No. But it's a nice thought. So, so, so sad.