Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday Evening into Thursday - August 28-29

Did GinaMarie bust her butt?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • GinaMarie's lower back is really hurting her after she lugged Judd into the pool. If the HoH comp is physical, this might hurt her chances.
  • Her fellow ally boys are a bit worried about that.
  • Aaryn packed her bag. 
  • Aw, so sad.
  • Not.
  • I think I might be sad that it's not Amanda going out first.
  • Judd has a fear that it's a double eviction again and wants to show people where his stuff is to pack.
  • Heh.
  • I think we're probably in for another double eviction next week, but not this week.
  • Andy's worried about the eviction.
  • Again.
  • Still.
  • Whatever.
  • Amanda and Aaryn talked about her speech. Amanda suggested she should say, "At least I'm leaving at the hands of a white person."
  • Then they all got doing Asian accents after Amanda mocked Chinese people.
  • @@
  • GinaMarie told Elissa that Aaryn told her that she should stick with her.
  • Well, it's not the best, but at least Elissa is getting people on her side. A few weeks ago all she had was Helen.
  • GinaMarie thinks the Zingbot zings might be in the HoH comp.
  • Amanda continues to eat constantly. I really don't know she doesn't just explode.
  • That would make good TV!
  • Aaryn told McCrae that Spencer doesn't trust him.
  • She's still dropping little tidbits all over before she goes.
  • Aaryn predicts that unless they win HoH, Amanda and McCrae will be on the block every week.
  • Well, duh. Of course.
  • Elissa and Aaryn had a long talk, mostly about what could have been had Aaryn not fallen in with Amanda.
  • GinaMarie protested to Amanda and McCrae about Aaryn saying she was after them.
  • At least Aaryn is an equal opportunity pot stirrer if nothing else.
  • She's pretty much dropped seeds of discontent all over the house.
  • Not so much about Elissa, though. Perhaps because she knows many people in the house already don't like her.
  • Ew. The camera just focused on Spencer with his hand down his pants.
  • Ew.
  • Now I have to go away.

J-U-Double D

Ew, but at least she made him shower

Aaryn and Elissa talk what could have been

McCrae with CLEAN HAIR!

Always eating Amanda, always scheming


Petals said...

Hey Ms J. You didn't mention the "grooming" thing (Scut), but I think that is because it just skeeves you too much to even type the words.

I have a sinking, sick feeling that McFly or even nasty Scut will win the HOH tonight. Thank goodness I have football, and will only read about it later.

Chauncey said...

Well if McCranda wins HOH, at least this week was a break from the predictable and the 3AM alliance is down. Got to see Demanda freak b/c she lost control and that was fun also. As much as i dont trust Andy, i kinda want to see him win HOH to see if he really would put up McCranda.

Witt said...

Chauncey, you are kidding, right??? Andy, put up McCranda? Surely you jest!!

Chauncey said...

Yeah you right, WTH was i thinking, LMAO. But wundt you love to see the look on Demanda's if he put them on the block. but alas, it will never happen.

~~Silk said...

These people are completely oblivious. As she's packing to go meet Julie Chen, Aaryn (and others) go off on another round of bashing Asians. Sigh.

If CBS had any sense of the absurd, they'd pack the live audience tomorrow with minorities, and then Julie, being the professional that she is, would say nothing, but would hand Aaryn a bowl of rice ("I thought you might like this") and compliment her on her manicure.

I know it's unlikely, but I'd love to see Andy go tonight, Aaryn win HOH, and put Amanda and Mccrae up. That would make my tummy tickle.

Failing that, I'd want Mccrea to win HOH and backdoor Amanda. He'd have to warn production he intended to do it, so they could be ready for the explosion.

Anonymous said...

Somehow people still contend that Aaryn and Amanda are not racist. "Unbelievable"

SueGee said...

I was just thinking about what Julie will have to say to Aaryn. They discussed her at length on The Talk back when it first all blew up - and Julie really hated it all. And now they do it again the day before?? Duh

I will be at the chat if I can make it. Show is not on until around 2:30am here because of football..

SueGee on the Left coast

RBennie said...

I'm hoping for a Judd or GM HOH win. I'm still on the fence about Judd and still can't stand GM, but I do believe that either one would put up McCranda. I will not be surprised at all if McCranda wins HOH. Doesn't it always seem to work out that way, the one person you don't want to win the comp does. Silk, I would pay money to see Julie hand Aryan a bowl of rice, LOL. It would be interesting if Andy won HOH. He would finally have to expose his true colors. If he did anything other than nominate McCranda, the Exterminators would finally, finally, finally understand what a rat he is.

Sharon said...

Absolutely right... Amanda never stops stuffing her face. Don't think I'd like to be around the for food explosion though. As much as she's eaten, everything for 5 miles around will be coated with Amanda barf. ewwww

If Andy won HOH, I wouldn't be surprised if he really would "want" to put up McRanda. BUT, would he have enough nerve? Methinks not.

Brilliant Silk!!! Nothing else would have to be said... just the bowl of rice and a compliment on her manicure. Would she be too dim to know it was a 'slap' or would she think Julie was just making a funny joke? Good grief, just think... if Aryan thought it was a joke, she might go into one of her Asian routines with Julie! I think she's really that dumb.

~~Silk said...

That's actually funny.

ORKMommy said...

If Andy does win HOH I just hope he remembers how annoyed he was when Zingbot called him a floater. Putting up McRanda would prove to the robot that he is NOT a floater!

Tami said...

Football is on in the Columbus OH area tonight, so I will be following along with the gang. I look forward to reading all of the comments so I might actually feel like I am seeing it.
I am really hoping that Judd or GM wins the HOH. But you are right RBennie, usually the person(people) you don't want to

Chauncey said...

If Julie mentions the racial comments aryan made, i dont think she will be embarrassed. i think she truly believes she said or did anything wrong. The chinese thing they/she did was just really stupid. how can they be so ignorant, classless, stupid, a** holes when they KNOW the host is asian american AND they will talk to her weekly. @@

RBennie said...

I think if I was in that house (I shudder at the thought), I would be constantly saying to people "you do remember that America is watching you right now don't you?" It just amazes me how they seem to forget about the cameras. The things that McCranda does while America's watching - smh.

~~Silk said...

Oh I believe Amanda is fully aware of the cameras and the viewers. I believe she enjoys the idea of millions of people seeing her equipment and hearing how she likes to use it. "Oh, I'm such a bad bad girl. Ain't it wonderful? You likey?"

ORKMommy said...

Silk - I'm with ya! I'm sure she thinks she just being funny and entertaining and when she finds out how people really feel she'll probably brush it off with an 'oh, lighten up' or 'people need to stop being so sensitive'.

PQ said...

I wish there were a way to redeem people like Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy. As far as Amanda, she will probably turn to being a porn star like McCrae thought she already is. PQ

BJ said...

I agree with both Silk and ORKMommy, she will try to save face by putting it on other people. I think when her mother gets a hold of her it will be a different story. Maybe not in public but her mom seems like a no nonsense person and Amanda has embarrassed her and hurt her image and therefore her business. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Tami said...

I agree, I think that Amanda (and Aaryn/GM/Kaitlyn/Spencer/Jeremy/McCrae/Spencer) thinks that she's being funny and people just need to get over it. Nothing we say or do will get them to accept that their behavior was totally wrong. I don't believe that Aaryn and GM losing their jobe will clue them will be someone else's fault.

Petals said...

I posted this last night, but it was late:

Amanda has been trying to break in to showbiz for YEARS. Here is a compilation of her earlier efforts.
(Real estate is not her "career")

Joanie said...

Guys why would Andy think the other hamsters are lying to him about him staying...he's never lied to anyone in the house has ha?

Andy meet Karma while she has lunch on your backside.

Anonymous said...

Any predictions of what will happen tonight????????? PQ

Sharon said...

I'd say, she played pretty close to the same part on BB.... bossy, overbearing. She might get parts in the future, but with the kind of "exposure" BB had given her, it will probably be porn. Perfect. Since she readily admits she's horny all the time, she should a one happy toad. @@

Sharon said...

Barring anything unforeseen happening in the last hours before showtime, Aryan will be gone.

Elissa was trying to save Aryan from herself (on the outside)... don't think the twit really "got it" though.

Andrea Johnson said...

PQ - not sure. Hoping HOH is not physical. GM would be out for sure. Seems like she is in a lot of pain

uncartie said...

Petals,You're right about Amanda wanting to be in showbiz. She actually has an acting resume
and a filmography at

IMO,BB will be the final nail in her acting coffin.

As to Aaryn being questioned by Julie tonight..I think she'll say something like "You said some pretty nasty things in there about people" and Aaryn will try to brush it off and blame others. I would expect her to really get hammered if she gets interviewed on "CBS this morning" where they could play clips back to her.

Nina said...

I did think that Amanda might be trying out to do Porn movies via BB. Why would she go around half naked like that if that wasn't her plan? I myself find it quite discusting. Spencer comes in second. I doubt there is a Marylin.

Sasha said...

Silk - I think the idea of loading the audience with all minorities is brilliant! 'Nuff said.

Tami - 100% agree that everything will be someone else's fault. That seems to be Aaryn's MO anyway.

T-Town said...

BJ, you hit the nail on the head. I couldn't agree more.

Petals said...

Just a reminder ~ last season, Daniele was sure that BB would catapult her to fame (beyond her local pin-up shots).

Why do these chicks think this is the "big time"?

Janelle is about as famous as a chick can get from BB (and Rachel, but for different reasons altogether).

JOEY said...

JULIE HERE: JOEY made a comment and while it bad but make sense too about what you guys posted about AMANDA and porn stuffs.
he said: she will not make it, as no porn actor will want to work with and /or touch that.
what he said sound bad and awfull and no worrie, I smack him after it but after thinking about it, make sence

monty924 said...

Yep, Petals. Nobody other than Dr. Will has been catapulted to any kind of show, fame, etc. from BB. Silly hamsters, I say!