Sunday, August 04, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week it Was - August 4, 2013

Good Sunday morning to all y'all out there! If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, you can find the most recent one right here at this link. This post has no television content as it's my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. While Big Brother is seasonal here on the blog, this is all year 'round!

It's been yet another quiet summer week for me on the whole this past week. We had quite a bit of rain here, with a few nice days. The heat hasn't been horrible (yay!). I haven't had my air conditioner on since that long heat wave a few weeks ago. Fans have been plenty to keep it cool in here.

Let's see ... this week ... this week ...
I worked, I slept, I reported on the BB live feeds, I ate, I petted Vincent and catered to him as per his demand. I didn't really go anywhere other than work, then home. I lead such an exciting life!

On the home front, the upstairs neighbor is still the best and quietest ever above me here. (Yay!) One of the downstairs neighbors told me the new landlords increased his rent by $15. I didn't tell him I only got a $5 increase. I actually know why -- he's in a studio apartment and the increase brings him to what new tenants pay for those. One of the past landlords had him under market to fill the building. Mine is already above market.

Huh. I don't really have much more to say. I guess I'll just get to the photos I took this week --

Dragonfly photo IMG_9025a_zps85300563.jpg

I believe, after Googling, that it's likely to be a female common whitetail. (The males are actually whitetailed.) It was kind enough to pause on an old curb at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Sunflowers photo IMG_9040a_zps5bf67ac3.jpg

It's good that I took this shot of these on East Front Street (Plainfield) early in the week as someone chopped them down by Thursday! Argh. There are more closer to the house, but I don't want people to think I'm a total weirdo going on their lawn.


Early morning photo IMG_9041a_zps55c40578.jpg
Early in the morning

I took this shot at about 6:30am looking towards the sun from Church Street in Plainfield. By 10am the rain started and kept up all day long.

Wood chips/mulch mushrooms

Perhaps due to this season's weather (cold rainy spring, extended heat wave, rain above average), the rather phallic stinkhorn mushrooms don't seem to be around much in the mulch. However, these way cool almost translucent mushrooms abound after each rain. Some of these shots were Plainfield, some Bridgewater.

Mushrooms 2 photo IMG_9013a_zps90c710ef.jpg

Mushrooms 3 photo IMG_9065a_zpsf3bf83c4.jpg

Mushrooms 4 photo IMG_9067a_zps79761cdd.jpg

Good morning, glory!

Morning glory 1 photo IMG_9001a_zps35001c46.jpg
In the afternoon

Although the fence in the back of my apartment building is covered with white morning glories, I kept seeing pink buds in the afternoon as I took out my trash. (Taking out my trash is about the only reason I'd be near the fence.)

Morning glory 2 photo IMG_9002a_zpsbf630d06.jpg
This is why they're MORNING glories!

I took the trash out early one morning and there they were. Why the white remains open for most the day and the pink doesn't, I don't know.

Morning glory 3 photo IMG_9004a_zps329695a7.jpg
Aren't they pretty?

And then came the snails

Again, I'm thinking it must be the unusual weather as of late. For nearly twenty years in New Jersey, I've never seen a garden snail anywhere. Now I'm seeing them at the Bridgewater Train Station. I came across these two on the overpass during a rainy day, but with a break in the rain as I shot them. The two large antennae are their eyes. Cool.

Snails 1 photo IMG_9044a_zps7167c6b4.jpg

Snails 2 photo IMG_9054a_zps438e925e.jpg

Snails 3 photo IMG_9060a_zpsae3d4996.jpg

Snails 4 photo IMG_9063a_zpsacb98c42.jpg

Cory Booker photo IMG_9081a_zps236de892.jpg
Sign of the times

There will be a special primary election for nominations to replace Lautenburg's senate seat (he passed away) called by Christie on August 13th. Just when I thought we were safe from political signs strewn about, here they are again. I got my sample ballot and will be voting, but geez ... signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

Along came a spider

No, this is NOT the spider that bit me the week before last! This is one of those teensy little jumping spiders. I found him on a pole at the Bridgewater Train Station and couldn't resist trying to get some shots. They're so tiny that I never knew what they'd look like close-up! Kind of creepy, kind of cool.

Spider 1 photo IMG_9074s_zpsf89f44e9.jpg
Look, he has little eyes and a face!

Spider 2 photo IMG_9078a_zpsdc8c555b.jpg
Gulp. Are those TEETH?

Spider 3 photo IMG_9080a_zpsed0545b1.jpg
No, I didn't break him!

He kept trying to attack my camera lens (or mount it!). I shook him off the camera and he landed back on the pole. He's fine. Apparently he bends that way!

Pigeon photo IMG_9009a_zps715bd2b3.jpg
May I be in your blog?

Okay, okay. You know you're just a pigeon, right? Plainfield Train Station

Vincent photo IMG_8854a_zpsf6bb11f5.jpg
A little cooperation would be nice!

Hmm. He didn't want to cooperate for the camera. He tried, but hasn't been able to kill a fly here in my apartment. I think I just might have to dock Vincent's wages this week!


rschnoop said...

Great Snail pictures... a little white wine and some garlic... Audacious jumping spiders don't bite, even though they look like they could and you might really want them around if you are trying to grow any kind of flowers. Also, I've told you to check Vincent's contract... Catching insects may be optional...

lynn1 said...

Jackie, are you fully recovered from your spider bite? Were you able to figure out what type of spider bit you?

Jackie said...

Yes and no. Yes, I'm recovered although there's a scar and a bit of the skin still seems discolored. The round of antibiotics worked. And, no ... don't know what kind of spider.

Palmaltas said...

Fascinating photos, Jackie! Quite an assortment--enjoyed them all.

meb said...

Good Morning Jackie...

I never thought I'd say a mushroom was beautiful, but those translucent ones are. Amazing. I don't think I've ever seen that kind before.

The dragon fly photo is so good. I know I've said this before, but gotta say it again. When I'm in the pool, if they're flying around, I'll hold up my pointing finger and they'll land on it. I can turn them to face me and get a really good look at their face. Fascinating to stare them in the eye(s). Try it sometime when you're out and about and they're flying around.

Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed the pictures, even the spider.. (scared of spiders).

Kathy said...

Hi Jackie,
Longtime fan here!
You take beautiful pictures and I would like to know which camera you use? Really admire your photographic skill.

Jackie said...

Thank you, all! Kathy -- Although I do have a Nikon DSLR (rather basic one), my everyday camera which is always on me as I commute back and forth to work is my trusty Canon PowerShot SX120IS - a digital point and shoot. The DSLR is just too bulky and heavy with its various lenses and stuff to take every day commuting. All of the photos in this entry were the Canon PowerShot.