Sunday, August 18, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 18, 2013

Good morning! It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother television show or live feeds reports, you can find the latest at this link.

It's been another hectic week for me with my real day job and the BB season in full swing. I'll be thankful for September with a staycation and the wrap-up of another season of live feeds. I really feel like a zombie. I hope I don't look like one!

In my real life, I have a new boss at my workplace. Gosh, I hate breaking in new bosses, don't you? More seriously, it's always an adjustment period when this happens. I'm not particularly worried as I'm good at what I do and know my stuff better than most. But, still ... I can tend to be a bit change-resistant, especially when I enjoyed the previous boss. However, life goes on. C'est la vie. She does have a llama, a pig and other farm animals. I have Vincent the cat. So, we have some common ground. (Yeah, that's comparable, for sure!)

We had temperatures that I love for most the week, accompanied by rain for the first part of the week. I could have lived without the latter. But the walk to the train station early on the mornings when it wasn't raining was PERFECT. A bit of an autumn chill in the early morning air. I couldn't ask for more! The days are getting quite noticeably shorter -- sunset is before 8pm again. I know I'm weird, but I like that. I love autumn. It's supposed to be summer again by mid-week this week. Sigh.

On the home front, after not seeing him the first three months he lived here, I keep encountering the now not-so-new upstairs neighbor. He's always so pleasant that he could make noise and I wouldn't be mad. Yet, he's very quiet up there, even in his walking on the hardwood floors. Best upstairs neighbor ever in that apartment! Woohoo! He also seems happy here, so he may stay around for a while. It is a nice quiet neighborhood.

How was your week?

Onto the photos ...

Ladybug 2 photo IMG_9225a_zps046e7d9b.jpg
Ladybug, ladybug

As one who is now sporting a HUGE mosquito bite on my forehead, I'm appreciating the innocent little ladybug more and more. They're kind of cute and they neither bite, nor sting. You go, ladybugs! Bridgewater, NJ

Sunflower photo IMG_9243a_zps9cf1e925.jpg
Sunflower avec bee

Don't you just love it when I toss in French words here and there? Avec means "with." That's a bee in the center of the flower. East Front Street, Plainfield.


Mimic fly photo IMG_9211a_zpsba95a66c.jpg
Is NOT a yellow jacket

This is a mimic fly. Its coloring and design tries to fool prey into thinking it's a yellow jacket wasp.

Yellow Jacket 1 photo IMG_9238a_zpsa8d7d568.jpg
IS yellow jacket

This yellow jacket wasp is the real deal.

Yellow Jacket 2 photo IMG_9240a_zps0d7715ee.jpg
Do these stripes make my butt look big?

Of course not. Please point that butt away from me, thank you very much.

Yellow Jacket nest photo IMG_9208a_zps07f88078.jpg
The yellow jacket nest in the fence

All was quiet when I checked on the nest one day this week. The workers must all be out hunting and foraging ... or stinging humans! Eep. Bridgewater, NJ.

Rainy 1 photo IMG_9194a_zps6333aef9.jpg
We needed all this rain last year

It's usually this time of year we hear cries of drought, year after year. Not this year. I can't recall a mid-August looking as green as it does this year. East Second Street by Union County Community College, Plainfield ... very early one morning.

Rainy train station photo IMG_9196s_zps039a7b06.jpg
It's raining again!

Pouring rain at the Plainfield Train Station early one morning.

 photo IMG_9198a_zps84c4d7de.jpg
Rain, rain, go away

Same morning, looking towards the intersection of North Avenue and Gavett Place.

Rainy train photo IMG_9204a_zpsd8e0fe62.jpg
Rain from the train

Looking out the train window at the Dunellen Train Station stop.

Sunshine photo IMG_9216a_zpsd5a55ded.jpg
There's a bright light in the sky!

Then, one morning ... what's that? Could it be sunshine shining on the Plainfield Train Station as I approach?

Plainfield Train Station photo IMG_9256a_zps11f557e0.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

More sunshine on Saturday morning. Wow.

Suicide help photo IMG_9254a_zpsd50d2302.jpg
At all NJ Transit train stations

They have this sign campaign to keep people from committing suicide by train. It doesn't work. Train suicides in the state seem to happen almost once every week or two. I don't have any answers. But I do feel that if someone is bound and determined to kill themselves, a sign isn't going to stop them and a fast train will do the deed.

Crumbling photo IMG_9248a_zpse6ca5f84.jpg
It's going to collapse ...

Mark my words. This will come down. I see new structural cracks in this addition to (what I can see of) the roof looking pretty bad. This whole bunch of buildings by the Bound Brook Train Station have been flooded so many times that I wouldn't live in any of them if someone paid me. I'm also leery of any restaurants in that oft-flooded area.

Stink bug photo IMG_9230a_zps477fbef7.jpg
Stink bug

Like a skunk, the stink it can emit protects it. It's even a bit like the mimic fly, but with another defense method. Nature is cool. That is, as long as nature keeps these out of my home! Bridgewater, NJ

Stinkhorn mushroom photo IMG_9220a_zpsffa86993.jpg
Stinkhorn mushroom

Another stink-protected piece of nature. I won't mention those well-placed rocks. Oops.

Ladybug 1 photo IMG_9223s_zpsfa8efb5a.jpg
Ladybug again or still

Same ladybug, different shot.

Vincent photo IMG_9192a_zps9316f70d.jpg
I'm so darned cute, right?

Yes, although he has claws and teeth, Vincent feels his biggest defense is outright cuteness. Silly kitty!


Palmaltas said...

Lovely photos--thanks so much for sharing them. As for rain and cooler temps, I would rather have a really hot day and no humidity--but this is a weird summer. Cute, cute picture of Vincent!

Sharon S said...

So happy your neighbor continues to be the best kind. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous!

Sasha said...

You really are so talented with your photography. LOVE the ladybug shot. Also really enjoy your captions...yes, the French, but especially the 'do these stripes make my butt look fat?'. Too funny. Particularly adorable shot of Vincent. Happy week!
PS. I, too, have a new neighbor upstairs and when we met, he actually asked if I was hearing him too much so he would adjust what he does. What a joy!

Becky said...

Yes, Vincent is darn cute! My favorites were the two lady bugs and the stripe/butt one.