Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds - HoH Part 1 -Into Friday - Sept. 12-13

Round and 'round they go ...

Spencer goes BOOM

Oh my. I decided to nap while the feeds were blocked after last night's show. I kept them on with the trivia theme music playing figuring it would wake me up when they started talking. That usually works. It didn't last night. Oops. So I had to catch up for this report. My apologies for not having a live post to cover it. In my defense, I had no clue when they'd start!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamsters on Skates:
  • The endurance comp for Part One of the final HoH had them holding on to a lead from above as they skated in circles with cone obstacles strategically placed on the course.
  • As per the norm, Spencer was the first one out.
  • With only Andy and GinaMarie in it for the win, out came BB with the soap bubble guns.
  • Despite GM's broken toe and stitches in her knee, Andy went down first.
  • So, GinaMarie won the first round. Spencer and Andy will face off for the second round, but I don't know when that will be. The winner of the second round will vie with GM in the final round.
  • GM was in rough shape at the end of the comp.
  • That is, until a glitter gun swamped her with glitter. Then she was ecstatic.
  • These three remaining Exterminators are very proud -- they've made it to the end and Julie knows the alliance name and everything!
  • Weehaa!
  • As they always do, they talked of the recently departed -- how dirty McCrae was, how he never cooked a meal and how he really was so sure he'd make the final two.
  • Once again, we have mini-deals going on. Spencer wants to go to the final two with GinaMarie ... or so he tells her.
  • Andy and Spencer also want to go together to the final two.
  • GM is the lone wolf kind of in this one. It's pretty obvious that if she has her choice, she would take Spencer because she promised him long ago.
  • Spencer thinks McCrae's biggest mistake was hooking up with Amanda in the game.
  • Well, duh. He actually threw the game away on her. Had he not stayed in her shadow and in bed with her all the time, he would have had a strong chance of winning it all.
  • Andy will be really mad if he goes out third place. At least second wins 50 grand and he could use the money.
  • Heh. I'd like him to go out third.
  • At this point, not just because she's my assigned blog pool pick (she is), I'd like to see a GM win. Of the three, despite her out of line comments, she's really tried the hardest to win. I've never seen a hamster get so banged up and keep at the physical challenges to win. She's also kept her word when making promises, something most don't.

Spencer has a Judd head

GinaMarie loves the helmet

The Final Three


Witt said...

So glad GM won part one! Would have bet money in July I wouldn't have been saying that, but of the final three I could support her winning this game. For all the times Andy said "I don't want to get blood on my hands," at least GM went at her big move head-on and in full sight, which won points in my tiny little head despite some of the things she's said this summer. I also love how she wasn't afraid of Amanda and didn't let her run her HOH like Aaryn.

LOVED Spencer's Revenge of the Nerds reference, monty. I laughed out loud! Spencer's names were perfect for the houseguests!

Witt :)

Carol Calvin said...

These 3 would not have been my final 3 pick - but here they are so, I think GM should win it all. She is the only one of the 3 who has had any serious gameplay. I wonder if any of her 'jersey girl' performance is an act? Is she really that smart?

CaelaXO said...

Cant believe Im saying this, but Gina Marie FTW!!! Yes, she is crass and her accent is annoying as all heck and she's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she made big moves, stuck to her word and gives her all, even when injured!

Tami said...

I am also not a fan of this final three but this is what we have so I am hoping for a GM win. I am certainly not condoning any of the comments that she has made over the season, but she has played the hardest both physically and stratigically. I am hoping that Andy finishes third. He only owned up to his game moves (which was floating from one alliance to another) when he felt it couldn't hurt him. And this crying all of the time just got on my nerves. I understand that the game gets stressful, so a little crying or sadness is understandable, but I believe he used it too much as a means of getting sympathy. "Aw shucks, I am soooo sorry I had to stab you in the back/vote you out/bash you. But I LOVE you, so give me $500,000, PLEASE".
To me Spencer is a floater and should not receive the top prize. He did not make any risky moves in the game. He just sat on the block calmly and waited everyone out. Since a lot of the HGs on the block could sit calmly on the block for even one week and he did it for 8 (?), I guess he should get the $50,000.

Anonymous said...

I don't like GM but I hope she wins Round 3 because she will choose Spencer over Andy and Andy will come away with nothing.

Also like the Revenge of the Nerds reference too from Spencer (Andy being referenced with Lamar, lol).

Susan in MA said...

I agree with everyone here: GM deserves to win. I can't stand Andy, and Spencer has done nothing.

Well, there's always next year.

Thank you, Jackie; I don't know how you've done it all season.

ORKMommy said...

I can already see how the reminiscence episode is gonna go. They're supposed to talk fondly about the hamsters that went before them and all they're gonna do is trash talk them! Won't that be fun!!

Chacha said...

Jackie, again thanks for all you do.
this season has got to be in the top two of worst seasons!

I am also going to want a GM win. I also can't believe those words were just written.

I am not sure how she will stack up in the third part of the HOH.
I think that Andy will probably win part 2, although Spencer has pulled out a win when needed.
I would like to see GM and Spencer in the final. It would be great to have Andy come in THIRD!!!

Last night Julie said Dr Will will confront the Jury.... That just seems so random to me since he never really talks or does anything BB related. I understand they couldn't use Rachel or Brendan... I think Shelly would have been a great person to use as she has taken the Brunt of SO MANY HATERS.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately, now that several of us agree on GM for the win, if history follows, it means Andy will probably win!! :(

ORKMommy - they kind of did some reminiscence after BBAD last night. As usual, they talked about several and mostly trashed them, with Elissa still taking the brunt, of course. Andy admitted he's a control freak, but didn't have any control over Elissa. I strongly suspect that's why he hates her so much.

During their discussion, they discussed McC's horrible hygiene and said he flat-out stinks. Only Amanda ever said anything to McC's face. She called him "stinky" a couple of times... just before snuggling up. yuk

What I don't get: Even if nobody wanted to actually say anything to McC directly, WHY on earth wouldn't they at least try to shame him into cleaning up? It could have been done anonymously. Just leave soap and deodorant on his bed on a daily basis. The "hints" might not have helped, but it sure couldn't have hurt to let him know his BO wasn't appreciated by his peers. Now he's going to be inflicting his odor on the Jury house and the 2nd dose might permanently damage their nasal passages!

ORKMommy said...

Sharon - McRanda will be reunited and they'll stay in bed the whole time they're in the JH. They have separate bedrooms there so unless they don't have their own bathroom he won't ever need to leave their room! Amanda can bring him food and nobody will need to be aware of his funk!

Sharon said...

Nice thought? ORKMommy, but there's a real possibility his funk is strong enough to permeate the walls -- all the way through the entire house!

David said...

Sharon. I think since McStinky will probably not get out of bed until Wednesday I don't think the others will have to endure his stink all that much. LoL and ewwww at the same time.

Unfortunately, I will have to agree with others here that I am hoping for a GM win and a Andy 3rd place.

Strange how the 2 control freaks (Andy, Amanda) got together to rule for so much of the season. 3 of them if you include Helen. I think Andy's advantage over the other 2 is that he recognized what he is and played the other 2 against each other.

Chacha said...

interesting statement from the college Andy works for.. it is below. Have to wonder why it took this long?

Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.

~~Silk said...

Some people are interpreting the college statement to mean that Andy has been fired. The statement is in response to battering on the college's Facebook page from "fans" who despise Andy.

It does not indicate that Andy has been fired.

Andy was a part-time instructor. The current term has started without him. So, yeah, he is not currently employed there. He will apply again for the January term, and THEN he may or may not be rehired.

RBennie said...

Of the three people I am forced to choose from for the win, I have to say I would rather see it go to GM. Just goes to show how much I truly detest Andy and Spencer. I would love to see Andy come in third place. The absolute worst spot to be in. Why does he dress like a 4 year old boy? It is so not attractive and borderline creepy. I can't imagine Spencer getting anyone's vote. He was a pawn the entire season and got overlooked long enough to make it to the end. Yes, I guess that can be called a strategy, but not one that I would have any respect for.

uncartie said...

Thanks for that update about Andy,Chacha. Looks like Andy's job is toast :) Otherwise why would the college add that disclaimer?

Hoping he ends up 3rd.

Chacha said...

Silk- thanks for the info, i hadn't heard about it earlier. I know he talks about going back to work in January.

RBennie- i agree and basically wrote the same thing earlier. i don't like any of the remaining three but if i have to choose then so be it. I am just glad I am not a jury member. It reminds me of season 8 when nobody wanted to vote dick or danielle.
ready for next summer!

uncartie said...

I'm right with you.RBennie. Even though I dislike GM she's played a good game and been true to her word.
Spencer was a professional pawn and Andy an eavesdropping lying rat.
Every time he starts crying about how much he loves someone he deliberately voted out makes me want to scream.

Marybeth said...

Just a note on Andy.... other than, man I hope he doesn't win. He was listed in College of DuPage's fall term to teach his Speech Comm class. Since the year started there in August they most certainly replaced him for that class. If he was on the list to teach way after the start of BB, and now they make that statement....sounds like fired to me.

Sharon said...

Another viewpoint about Andy, by Ragan Fox:
Andy isn't likable on BB, but I don't know "for a fact" that I'd dislike him OFF the show. He has played a good game. Granted, it's not a game any of us likes, but it's gotten him to the F3, so I can't bring myself to disagree with Ragan's pointed article. We all need a little 'hate' healing!

Chacha said...

Sharon- I read that this morning and have to agree on almost all of this.
In the case with Elissa, I really don't think she will give most of them the time of day except maybe Candace and helen

~~Silk said...

I am chuckling to myself here. The three are having a "farewell luncheon" in the HOH room, where they are supposed to say nice things about the departed guests, which will be shown maybe Sunday. The feeds have been trivia for more than two hours now.

Is it taking two hours for production to get ten minutes of talking nice about people?

Sharon said...

Chacha - spot on. Fairly early on in the game, Elissa made that statement... that most of the people in the house are people she'd never choose to associate with in real life. Without a doubt, Helen and Candice are the only exceptions.

Some past HGs make peace and become friends with their fellow cohorts on the outside. I doubt Elissa will be so inclined. They went too far smearing her husband and kids.

Did anyone notice that when Elissa was OTB and evicted, and again at the Jury house, her face looked puffy/swollen. Makes me think she had been crying... a lot. Maybe got a lot off her chest she'd been holding back.

~~Silk said...

Regarding the college's disassociating itself from Andy, they are telling the haters who are filling their Facebook page with garbage, "Hey, look, we are not Andy and Andy is not us. Your hate is misplaced and serves no purpose. Go away and leave us alone."

Don't forget, CBS posts a similar disclaimer before every show, but they haven't fired any houseguests yet.

By all indications, Andy is very good at what he teaches, and by January, it will probably all have blown over.

Chacha said...

Sharon- when watching the fan chat with Jeff a few weeks ago and reading other info that Rachel has said, she wanted Elissa to NOT talk much personal info or get to friendly(personal) with houseguests as that throws your game off.

Chacha said...

should be an interesting fan chat today with Boogie, Rachel and Brendan..starting in just a minute or so

~~Silk said...

By the way, I'm not sure I agree that Andy is good at what he teaches. He might get all those good student reviews because he's funny and an easy grader. The few times he gave speeches in the House, I wasn't impressed. Good Grief, he didn't know the difference between the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address, one of the most famous speeches in US history!

Sharon said...

Silk - I hope you're right. Just because he played the kind of sneaky-rat game we don't happen to like, it's no reason to be fired from his teaching job. It's a game!

Reading Ragan's post, people attempted to get him fired too. What for? What did he do that was so awful? Fought with Rachel? Most of us cheered!

Guess I don't understand why anyone attempts to get a HG fired from their real-life job, after watching them behave obnoxiously on a GAME SHOW. Andy doesn't affect our lives on whit. From his student reviews, he is a very popular teacher. That says it all. He's PLAYING a game and we don't have to like in IN THE GAME. It's not real life!

Sharon said...

Chacha - yup, Rachel was correct to tell Elissa to avoid giving personal information. Too bad she didn't listen!

Elissa's talk (bragging) about their homes in USA & Canada, the 5000 seat hockey rink, opening her own Yoga studio, travels to Europe, and mentioning aspects of her 'brilliant' children didn't help her. Things like that create a lot of envy and unrealistic hatred.

Chacha said...

Sharon- 100% agree

Anonymous said...

While watching the houseguest talking in the Jury house last night I noticed Aaryn was being so apologetic for the things she said, I got a feeling that she might be thinking she's going to have a problem when she gets back home, I hope she has learned a lesson,I'm not sure she so sorry, more sorry that it was noticed and she didn't get away with it. However everyone at sometime in their lives need forgiveness. At any rate there are no words for Amanda she was the worst and I'm so glad that she and McCrae didn't win and I've said it before McCrae was the ULTIMATE FLOATER, just as Candice said. He was willing to allow Amanda to say and do the awful things she did because it was benefiting him. All he had to say to her is "if you continue this bulling and racism we won't be having sex, she probably would have at least tried to curtail her actions. Because remember thats almost all she talked about.

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

With only 3 in the house and nothing much to do or say now (except bash), it looks like they are going to sleep the next few days away!

BB woke them up for a brunch, and then they promptly went to bed... the whites of their eyes won't be seen until the next comp.

The time of the game when the feeds become a total waste of $$.

monty924 said...

It is the most boring time on the feeds unless you go back to last season. Danielle was so brutal to Ian in her attempt to get him to take her over Dan??? She was one delusional chick. She went about it ALL wrong.

Sharon, I neglected one thing about the ROTN's reference. Wormser and Lamar were like best buds, at that is also fitting for McCrae and Andy. LOL

I have to amend my comment about Andy being a hot dog in the comp last night. It just looked that way because I had the volume down and at some points he was actually skating backwards around the circle. I think it was more that he was just trying to regain his feet/skating feet after almost falling. He did do some funny moves. Wonder how they will edit it for the show? I'm sure we'll get some chuckles when we watch with sound and all. :))

Chacha said...

Sharon- this is true about the feeds.
atleast It was cheaper this year.
All these hamsters liked to do was sleep all day during the first 80 days or so.
Andy would be up some in the morning but always slept in the afternoon.
Spencer and GM always slept most of the day.
I canceled my season pass on my tivo last week for BBAD after Elissa was evicted. I didn't want to and don't want to watch the remaining houseguest say or do anything.
I can always find out who wins the next HOH.
I probably don't even need to watch Sundays show with the never seen moments. its also usually a reflection show, how did any of the vile people say anything nice about anyone.
I really wish the Jury would hear how they have been spoken about. Now that would be a great show for us to see how the Jury reacts to what the remaining have said about them. then there would be a huge bitter personal jury vote.

Lili said...

Would love to see Andy leave third. I know he played hard, persistently and stategically but I did not like his methods.

Most players have to turn on their alliance members at some point. But the hatred he spewed about Amanda, the smearing, hating, and framing of Elissa, the incestent whining about the one time he was on the block, pretending for two and a half months to being Helen's friend, the MO of wanting to blindside people so he would not have to deal with their upset, getting other people to cover for his lies so Amanda would not see his betrayal until she is just all so spineless and small and mean.

Of the three left I say GM for the win...she won lots of comps, was pretty happy just to be there, understood the game quite well, and was the strongest player in her four person alliance. And she never let herself be pushed around or controlled or even influenced by Amanda. Yep, GM for the win, Spencer for second only because he is not as incredibly, awfully annoying as Andy.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty unanimous here at least ...GM for the win....hadn't hoped for that since the pool picks came out..she was my assigned pick so I was routing for her until she started talking...haha... But she has won me over these last few weeks and I hope she pulls out the win.


Marybeth said...

Sharon: I agree with you about not wanting to get people fired. I don't understand why fans seemed to think it was necessary to post all that stuff on COD's page. It isn't their doing that he is on the show, Andy did that all himself. Weather we like a house guest or not, doesn't mean we should attack their personal lives. It certainly doesn't make the attacker any better than the person they "hate".

I just posted the info about his class schedule here because the comment that people thought he just took time off. I hope that for all of them they will be able to get past their behavior and use what they learn about themselves to maybe make a change. Because in the end, they are all going to disappear back into the woodwork in just a few days and have their entire lives ahead of them.

Sharon said...

I can't remember for sure, but seems like it was JimmyB who voiced displeasure about fans going after HG's jobs. Is that correct?

In any case, it sure didn't take long for the hate in the house to spread into the outside world. The good thing is that when the 'game' is over, the HGs will disappear and 'fan' tempers should begin to subside. :)

Unfortunately, it may not be over quite that soon for at least 3 of the HGs. Jeremy and Kaitlyn faded into the woodwork as soon as they were off the show. Andy will land on his feet and he'll be just fine. Aaryn, GM, and Amanda (possibly Spencer) will pay a price and wish they'd never heard of Big Brother!

~~Silk said...

Aaryn will change her name and hair color (and schools) and go back on the circuit. GM will get married and pop out twins. Spencer will shave his beard so he's no longer recognizable, and will argue that BB doesn't affect his job performance, and win. Andy will become one of the most popular instructors, and will get so many students clamoring to take his class that he'll become full-time. Amanda will, uh, change her profession. Mc might join her in Florida, but she'll want to move to L.A. where she will campaign for another chance at BB, and Mc will quickly become disenchanted and go home.

Sharon said...

Silk - that was too funny, and the scary part is that it's probably accurate! ROTFL

JimmyB said...

Sharon--You're correct; I certainly was one of the ones who found it astonishing that anyone would send emails, make calls in an effort to get people fired.

Nickelpeed said...

I am SO thrilled that GM won the first part of the HOH. I am hoping she wins the whole kit -n- caboodle. LOL.

I think the same about Andy. He really hasn't done anything to get himself fired. Was he a rat? Yes. Was he a weasel? Yep. But, a lot of people are those when they play BB. But neither of them would get him fired. Most of these people who are speaking out on DuPage's FB page are not even students or alumni of the college.

I don't want Andy to win because he WAS a weasel. He WAS a rat. He acted like a friend, but wasn't. Then he went off about Elissa, and just wouldn't shut up.

I do believe Elissa brought on a lot of that anger Andy displayed, but she was a target from the moment they realized she was Rachel's sister. She should have listened to Rachel, but she didn't and it made her life miserable.

I'm really hoping Andy doesn't win any part of the HOH; however, I think the second part of the HOH is usually memory and mental. I don't know if he can win that part. He's probably thinking no matter what happens, both Andy and GM will take Spencer.