Monday, September 09, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Monday - Sept. 8-9

Oh my gosh ... clean white socks!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of People You Don't Want Over for Dinner:
  • Spencer still wants the vote to be unanimous for someone to go home.
  • He wants that someone to be Judd.
  • Oh, yeah. If you're not up with the news -- McCrae won Veto, so they'll be putting Judd up in his place.
  • Of course, that hasn't happened quite yet. The veto ceremony will be later on today.
  • McCrae said (reluctantly) that he would vote for Judd to go.
  • Andy said they'd all need to agree that NO ONE tells Judd that he's a target because of his off the wall behaviors.
  • Meanwhile, Judd (who tends to be nervous anyway when it comes to evictions) is jumpier than usual. It's like he knows he shouldn't have quit on the veto comp and then had a tantrum.
  • But it's too late to take that stuff back.
  • Judd told McCrae he has a plan and "might do something crazy." He doesn't want McCrae to get mad at him.
  • Hmm.
  • McCrae said he doesn't care as long as it doesn't affect his game.
  • McCrae actually does want to move in with Amanda.
  • Oh, silly boy. Life as he knows it would change immediately.
  • Andy hopes that he can get his server job back as the teaching won't be open until January.
  • I don't know. I heard that instead of the standard for years stipend of $750 a week, they're getting $13,000 for the season this year. If he doesn't win and has that nest egg upon getting out, he could just take the time off until teaching.
  • But then again, I'm older and thinking lazy. ;-)
  • GM got busted by the Diary Room for making a necklace cheat sheet for comps dates.
  • Andy and Spencer came up with a new idea -- get McCrae to save GM with the veto, convince him they'll vote Judd out. That way the Exterminators can stay intact when they blindside McCrae.
  • Oh geez ... they actually think McCrae will fall for that?
  • Spencer thinks they would need to convince McCrae that they'd throw HoH to him (including GM) if he goes along.
  • Meanwhile, Andy prepped GinaMarie with the plan and what to say.
  • McCrae, no BB dummy, thinks that if he uses it on GM, he will be blindsided.
  • He's no Marcellas!
  • Then he talked to GM.
  • Hmm.
  • She did talk a great deal and McCrae seemed to buy it.
  • But I honestly don't think he's dumb enough to fall for it.
  • I personally think that he will save himself, Judd will go up and Judd will go home.
  • Doesn't matter ... someone else will be soon to follow.

GinaMarie, wounded knee

At least he didn't give his cat shirt to Amanda


Stormy said...

I have been trying to decide who to vote for favorite (poor choosing). Could not decide until I heard all the TERRIBLE bashing of Elisa from the remaining 5 players. Now I think I will vote for Elisa just to be a vote AGAINST all of those mean spirited people. That should send a message of how that constant bashing/obsession is not appreciated. Any thoughts from other?????

Dellabean said...

I was thinking the same Stormy. Andy especially cannot let go! I will cast as many votes as I can for Elisa!

Anonymous said...

I just watched last nights show and the more I see of GM, the more she reminds me of Ruth Gordon...the actress who was in Harold and Maude. I loved Ruth Gordon tho..she was great in all those old movies esp the one where Geraldine Page, I think, was killing her housekeepers for their life savings and then Ruth became her housekeeper to prove she was a murderer. I think it was "Whatever happened to Aunt Alice". I saw it on youtube a while back. It's really good.

I have discovered my new strategy for getting through the rest of the season...I'm going to talk about something else.

Petals said...

well, Jackie - of COURSE McFly is going to move-in with Demanda. Her place is nicer than his parents house (and his former crash-pad), he gets to have all of his bills paid, play video games all day AND have sex.
Win-Win-Win. @@

Stormy - I planned on voting Elissa or Candice as Fave anyway, due to
the severe bullying they'd endured. But that Elissa had to endure it longer, and worse, I am absolutely voting for her.

Petals said...

Just caught-up on Jokers from the overnights. Wow. Andy mentions Elissa an average of 4x/hour, around the clock. She is on his mind ALL THE TIME.
He will be soooo humiliated when he sees these tapes. LMAO

Petals said...

It was sweet that the guys were trying (in the nicest way they could) to warn McFly from Demanda. They are all more mature than he, and they know. We ALL know.

Petals said...

Jackie - I wonder. Do you ever go back over ALL the comments? See how opinions evolve/devolve for each houseguest as the days & weeks go by?

You are very quiet lately. You're prolly tired from work. Staycation will be here soon :)

David said...

Can't believe I am going to say this but here goes. ;-)
Judd needs to think like Amanda to save his behind since he seems to know he will be going. As much as I disliked her as a person, she did have some good game play.

Judd needs to go to McCrea and out the whole experminators alliance along with telling him it was Andy that voted Amanda out, not Elissa. Then tell him to agree with what he will be telling Spencer about Andy to confirm his story. Since McCrea seems to be a follower and likes being told what to do he would probably go for it. Explain to him he would have a better chance of winninjg agaist him than the other 3.

Then the both of them go to Spencer and tell him that Andy has been saying what an idiot Spencer is and that he believes everything he is telling him. He plans on getting Spencer out next as Andy has backstabbed everyone and would lose to Spencer in the final 2. Andy thinks that he has a better chance of winning beside either Judd or McCrea.

Tell him to put up Andy in place of McCrea and they will vote out which ever one he wants them to vote out.

But it is only a pipe dream and it looks like Judd will be joining the jury on Tuesday unless he can come up with a plan. I like thinking up different scenarios for game play even if I don't like the player because I do like real game play which has been seriously lacking this year.

David said...

Sorry, Exterminators is what I meant. Don't know how I typed what I did in second paragraph, LOL

~~Silk said...

David - I believe that was a true Freudian slip. Cracked me up.

monty924 said...

Lol @ David

Anonymous said...

Jackie posted that Judd said he was going to do something crazy, he just doesn't want McCrae to be mad at him "What the Hell" why should he care if McCrae gets' mad, his but is on his way out, all of them are going to vote him out because that's the way Andy wants it, what I dont understand is how Andy thinks after sending McCrae out, that Amanda will not tell McCrae what Andy said in his goodbye speech now that Judd is getting the boot he might put it all together that it was Andy's decision. I see Andy having a big problem because this group of people this year vote just like they have all season TOGETHER, not best game play, with pure emotions, dislikes and anger. Maybe they are not allowed to talk about the game and if thats the case maybe Andy will win. EVERYONE needs to get over Rachel and Elissa.Hardly anyone liked Boogie but he won, why would it have been wrong for Elissa to win, Dr Will was a doctor for goodness sake, no one felt that he shouldn't have won beacuse he had money. It takes up too much energy to carry on about these people and Elissa and Rachel probably don't give a darn if people like them or not. I know I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I believe Andy constantly bashes Elissa in order for the houseguests to keep thinking about what she is about as opposed to think about what type of player he is to them. Everyone knows that he has been mostly with the group with greater power early on but he dodges their thinking by bringing up what Elissa in their conversations.

They need to show JH footage next week but I feel that the only time we will see the JH is when they question the last two contestants.

~~Silk said...

Mccrae said that GM is more macho male than all of them, 100% more than he himself.

Broken toe(s), stitched up stiff knee, cut finger, back hurting from have-not "bed", and she's still going strong and biting heads off anyone who disses her.

I'd love to see her on Survivor.

Petals said...

Silk, you are sooo correct. GM (while far from my fave HG) would do well on Survivor. At least she'd be fun to watch.

Krystal said...

I wonder how things are going in the Jury House, have they ever in the past shown what'ss going on or we just see them arrive.

ORKMommy said...

I just realized that I haven't posted an update to the pool since Helen was evicted! I need a hunky pool boy to do my work for me! Here's where we stand today...

Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Judd - Lili, GueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie

Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
Judd - Lili, GueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not having Spencer's picture up when I came to read. His picture is enough to ruin my day. If that Mr Porn man wins I will never watch BB again. I see there will be a major change if the show sticks around. It needs it. I think Jackie should do the casting.....and think up the unexpected with the help of her friends.

IAgirlsmom said...

I have watched this for years but can't recall how the next week or so will work. Tomorrow is the surprise eviction? Then a fast forward - for a new HOH and POV? Then down to 3 on Thursday? Thanks -

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if McC took the bait. That would be his third dumbest move this season (Amanda, Elissa are 1 and 2) and it would be hilarious!

Sharon said...

Anon 2:28.
However, McC did not take the bait.
Last night, McC said he didn't want to be another Marcellas.
POV nom was held a few minutes ago.
McC took himself off and Spence put Judd up.

~~Silk said...

Perhaps we shouldn't copy entire articles from elsewhere without giving attribution. It's better to tell folks what the article is about and why they might like to read it, and then giving the link.

---especially if it's copyrighted material.

Susan in MA said...

I don't know about McCrae/Amanda. He was telling the guys about his ex, Jess, and sounding like he isn't over her.

And I'd really like to know why all the hatred toward Elissa? What did I miss? Even Macrae was spewing poison about her.

Anonymous said...

When does voting start for the fan favorite?

BJ said...

Elissa played a very passive aggressive game. Poke a bear and he is going to bite you.

David said...

lAgirlsmom, Here is the schedule that was posted on Jokers.

Monday, September 9th - Veto Ceremony

Tuesday, September 10th - Feeds go down and an eviction is taped

Wednesday, September 11th - "Special eviction episode" (taped on Tuesday) to bring us down to the Final 4. When the feeds return later that evening, the HoH and veto competition will have already taken place

Thursday, September 12th - Live veto ceremony and eviction to bring us down to the Final 3. Part 1 of the final HoH competition

Saturday, September 14th - Part 2 of the final HoH competition

Wednesday, September 18th - Finale night. Part 3 of the final HoH competition will take place live.

The Veot ceremony has already happened a little while ago.

monty924 said...


It should go like this:

Tape the eviction and hold the new HoH comp on Tuesday, but it will be shown on Wednesday like the current live shows. That will take it to the final 4.

Thursday will be HoH noms, final 4 POV and eviction that will take us to the final 3. The final 3 HOH endurance comp (likely/always is) will begin as the show goes off on Thursday.

Sunday will be the final three reminiscing about the season episode, and next Wednesday will be the finale.


monty924 said...

Yes, David posted the actual in the house schedule. Mine is what we will see on the next four shows and when. :))

~~Silk said...

As Susan in MA noted, Mccrea has accepted that he has likely lost his girlfriend Jess, and she'll "be better off without" him, and she's "too good for" him.

Uh, what does that say about Amanda? She's ... not?

Sharon said...

Amanda may not want McC either... after she get a shock watching the last couple of nights of BBAD episodes. In the heart to heart with the other HGs last night, McC basically said he doesn't think he can actually love anyone, doesn't know what love is, and decided he might as well go ahead and 'use' Amanda.

Sharon said...

Oh, and McC also said he wishes now that he hadn't had sex on the feeds.
The dummy!

Susan in MA said...

Macrae sounded like Amanda is an afterthought. He said (spelling is gonna be wrong) "Cacera cera". He could always move back to Minnesota, if he moves to Florida at all. Seems like the bloom is off the rose. Amanda is going to go ballistic if she sees that.

~~Silk said...

Prediction - Amanda will have him wrapped around her fingers within the first fifteen minutes they see each other again. He'll promise to join her in Florida, he'll go home to say his goodbyes and gather his stuff, and he'll wake up again. He'll call Amanda and tell her he wants to think about it. Amanda will be on the next plane, and within fifteen minutes of locating him, he'll be deep in it again.

She exudes something toxic that snares him.

Sharon said...

Susan - that's what I got out of it too. I think he has more feelings for his past gf Jess. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder?)
He also said he told his friends not to pay any attention to what he'd do in the house because it would only be game-play. But I'm sure he doesn't think Jess will take the Amanda thing well. duh

Susan in MA said...

~Silk: I think Amanda will be over McC just as soon as she either 1) wakes up or ) gets off her medication, or 3) watches After Dark.

Sissy said...

I almost kind of want McCrae to go to the end and win it all, I just don't want Amanda getting her hands on the money. Someone is going home Wednesday and one on Thursday and I really, really, really don't want Andy at the end.This season will be as bad as the finale with Jun and Allison and the finale with the "Nerd Herd"

Jackie said...

Petals - I read all the comments posted. No, I don't have time to "go back" and read them all over again. I've been quiet partially because I'm running on empty here between work and the blog and because I see so much hate, trash-talking and rumor-mongering on the feeds ... to read so many of the comments are which are just as negative when it's just a show is dismaying.

Windy said...

Temper tantrum mumbling Judd /Nose picking, crouch scratching Spencer, Foul mouth, beget GM/Tattle tale rat, Elissa bashing Andy, Dirty, lazy, do nothing McCrea. Thats your finals folks. PICK YOUR FAVORITE. My My how did it ever come to this????

Anonymous said...

Well that is quite the group to pick from isn't it?

Petals said...

J - :(

Anonymous said...

Who really cares who McStinky ends up with he has horrible hygiene practices, (only bathing and washing that awful head of hair once in a while)It takes a certain kind of woman that accept a man like that. Lay down with dogs wake up with fleas, he is disgusting with a little nasty bandana wrapped around his head UGH.

Anonymous said...

Andy probably sees that Elissa has more class than all of the current house combined. Exponentially more.

~~Silk said...

Jackie has asked that we curtail the hate. I know it's difficult (I'm so angry at Andy, bless his little heart...), but I'm sure we could try.

Maybe we could stick to news and what's happening (from those who get the feeds or read other forums), opinions on strategy like for example what Judd should be doing right now to save his tail, and so on. Fewer emotional ad hominem attacks.

Jackie said...

I'm just having a problem with folks so wrapped up in this that every rumor is believed, there seems to be actual hate and just over the top reactions.

It is a show. We're watching it for entertainment. We don't know these hamsters, they're not our loved ones, nor should they be our hated ones. It's all gotten way too crazy.

Stormy said...

Just a bad season coming to a close. Looking forward to survivor starting. Hoping for a good one this go round. Sometimes our favorite house guest does not win and thats BB. I am sure they all will be surprised to get out and go read all the stuff out there. Andy said one day he wondered if this was the best group ever. haha

Petals said...

The HGs have been ruminating on how this season ranks among all the others. My question to you guys:

How do YOU rank this season, and the viewership? And how valuable, do you think, is the merchandise that they plan to sell on eBay?