Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds into Monday - Sept. 15-16


Oh my, I take a birthday rest from reporting that nothing is going on in the house to peek in and find an anonymous comment saying I've given up on the show. Mind you, I did post a show party post despite the fact it was a clips review show and it was on my birthday.

Other than the GM win of the first HoH round and the Andy win of the second round, there is NOTHING of any consequence going on in the house. I've never been one to report on every breath taken, nor do I go into hugely descriptive or graphic details on trash-talking done by the hamsters.

The three in there are getting along fine with each other and continue to trash-talk the departed, occasionally mixing in a pleasant recollection. Last night they walked around to "spots" for most of the departed and described what happened in that spot. Andy drank most of a bottle of wine (or was it champagne?) during that.

Nothing worth reporting is really happening. Usually when it gets down to the three, there's no scheming left to scheme and, unless they're warring, it's boring!

I read an article by one of the previous hamsters who got this far -- I can't recall, but I think it was either Ian or Will. He claimed that pretty much all they have to do is talk about the departed hamsters; they have no new worldly information and that's been their whole life for so long. So, it's just about all they do have to talk about. I can understand that. Of course, that doesn't mean they need to trash-talk about them, but that's always been a mainstay of not only this season, but others as well.

So, I am still peeking at the feeds. They're napping, GM's cooking and baking stuff, Andy and Spencer even did housekeeping, Spencer did more laundry than he's done in three months ... and they've reminisced and trash-talked the departed. If you seriously want blow by blow every breath they take reports, you can check out Jokers. But I never did those kind of reports anyway.

Oh ... and I forgot to mention it -- GM got four of her nine stitches in her knee taken out. Excitement abounds!




JonMD1267 said...

The nerve of you Jackie to take your birthday off ha (Happy late Birthday !!!) First I think most of us come here for you and the community that has formed. If anyone thinks anything is action packed or going down other then those fools sleeping, bashing past houseguests then they are being silly. Hope you enjoyed your day and pay no mind to the anonymous of the world :)

Witt said...

You said it, Jon! :)
Hope you had a happy birthday, Jackie!

Witt :)

Sharon said...

Jackie - Glad you were able to take a little relaxation time on your birthday. :)

I really don't know how you can stand watching continuous feeds this season, especially as it winds down to nothing happening and their only entertainment is trash talk. It got bad enough last night on BBAD that even Andy (who 'should' know better) said twice that it might cost him his job!

I was working on my computer issues, so only heard some of it... and that was to much.

With the latest in my 'puter issues (most are fixed now), it looks like I will have to sign in under the name/URL for a while (might be forever).

Eileen said...

I have a question: Once they go to the jury house, are any of the "no outside contact" rules eased up? Do they get a visit, phone call or letter from their families? Do the production folks hang out with them in the same room instead of behind the walls? Do they get to watch TV or read books? Just wondering. I mean, once they no longer have the chance to win the $500K, why should they have to live under the same deprivations?

Jackie said...

Eileen - My understanding is that they're still cut off from the world. They get movie DVDs and even their time together is monitored by handlers. They get nothing current news-wise. I could be wrong, but that's what I've read. I guess it's so they aren't influenced by family, friends or get news which might affect their decision.

Chacha said...

Glad you could take a break. I have been doing this since Elissa was evicted.
Can't wait until Wednesday when this season comes to an end. I will miss the commenting until next summer but think I am ready for the break!

Chacha said...

Eileen, They are debriefed when they finish with Julies interview but no info on the outside world. They then are taken to a hotel for the evening then jury.
I am curious how Amanda and McCrae are being monitored because form whant I understand they aren't allowed much contact.
I would love to see a whole show on the jury house.

Anonymous said...

No more company to feed
No more papers left to read
What's to do about it?
Let's put out the lights and go to sleep.

pat rw said...


did I say "thanks"

David said...

Even Jokers has quit reporting on the constant hate fest Jackie so don't take that comment personally. After watching BBAD last night I don't see how anyone could care what they are doing. That was totally disgusting and not worth reporting about.

Hope you had a great B-Day.

Chacha said...

such said news for Britney and her husband, her nweborn Tilly has been diagnosed with Cancer.
Please say some prayers.

tbc said...

I take it they are still napping? Wow, that would have been an action packed report this morning :)

Thank you for all you do. Every summer I spend sharing my morning coffee time with this wonderful blog.

My 3 children have all become fans of BB and I always share your reports with them!


Sharon said...

This morning, they were up for 'maybe' 15 minutes, then back to bed.
Lively bunch! But with nothing but cards or chess to play, guess sleeping isn't such a bad option... for them. At least their mouths aren't moving!!! lol

(Think I finally got my google info fixed so I can log in easier... yay!)

Anonymous said...

Well said Jon!! A happy belated birthday to you Jackie! I hope enjoyed your day and thankfully his season will done in a few days.

The terrible news from Brittany about your baby should bring a dose of reality to us all out here that this is just a game and there are REAL problems in the world that we should be concerned about!

Thanks again for all you do Jackie as Jon said we come here for you and the community more than anything.


Sissy said...

I tuned in to BBAD for a few minutes last night towards the end and of course they were trash talking Elissa. HOWEVER please oh please tell me they were lying or at least exaggerating about her. I have never been a big Elissa fan (although she is better than these clowns)but tell me that she didn't eat plastic or put WD40 on her ears and around her eyes.Also please oh please tell me she was NOT doing those vulgar things with a mannequin head and worse yet, asking people to wipe there butts. All this stuff really creeps me out.

uncartie said...

Jackie,I want to wish you a belated birthday and thank you for this wonderful site. I love your reports and the hilarious,snarky comments that go with them.

I also want to express my appreciation to the regular commenters here,Sharon,Monty,Petals,RBennie,Silk,to name a few. Your insights and knowledge of Big Brother are invaluable.

Let's hope that BB gets their act together next year. Change some of the rules,invent some new comps,and for cryin out loud,screen prospective hamsters a whole lot better!

Here's to Andy coming in 3rd and Elissa winning America's favorite!

~~Silk said...

Sigh - I'm afraid that the hamster screening won't get better, not the way we would like it to, anyway. The word is that this season of BB had extraordinarily high ratings, at least in number of viewers. Put nice, reasonable, uncontroversial folks on there, and nobody would watch.

~~Silk said...

Sissy - re the BBAD, it was all fabricated stories. Just trying to see who could be more outrageous than the other.

Sharon said...

They were saying a lot of things about other HGs last night all in their sick form of 'humor' in the weak attempt to entertain themselves, BBAD fans, and feedsters.

As I recall, it was GM saying the stuff about WD40 and plastic. These 3 love to say weird crap about Elissa because they have such an unrealistic hatred of her.

Last night, Andy finally started to quasi-worry about the things he's been saying. Maybe he's actually getting a little concerned about being fired from his job. If someone KNOWS what they are saying is disgusting and untrue (even in sick humor), don't dang say it!!!!!

I'm convinced... if their brains were in buzzards, they'd fly backwards.

~~Silk said...

Sharon -
"I'm convinced... if their brains were in buzzards, they'd fly backwards."

Thanks for the loudest BB-related laugh I've had all summer!

Dan said...

CBS sent an email today, advertising BB T-shirts that say "Expect the Unexpected" and also HOH bath robes! I have to admit, I broke down and ordered 1 on the HOH robes!

Jackie said...

Those HoH robes look very comfy. I can see wearing them on cold winter nights ... not so sure about California summers, though!

Sissy said...

I like those HOH robes too. Of course every time I see one all I can remember is Dustin (the season with Evil Dick and gang)walking around in that robe with a stupid crown on his head. Now I'm hoping beyond hope that GM wins the final HOH and sends Andy packing. I so don't want him to see win the money. If he wins money then this finale will be in the top 3 of my worst winners. The others are when the nerd herd won and when the finale was Jun and Allison. Even in season 2 when Dr Will won I enjoyed it because Dr Will is one of those people that you love to hate and hate to love.

Maryland Amy said...

Happy belated Birthday, Jackie! I hope you had a wonderful day. And, thank you for keeping us posted this season. You were awesome, as always. =)

monty924 said...

Hey, I'd love one of those robes myself. Sharon, have to agree with Silk... I literally laughed out loud when I read your buzzards comment. hehehehe

Chacha, from what Ian, Janelle and other past HGs have said... McCrae and Amanda didn't even get to spend any 'real' time together at jury. That last person only goes to the jury house for the deliberation (used to be the full questioning of the jury and it could go on for hours), but since they went to the final three format they have now, it is the fourth one who only gets the 'evening' at the jury house. As soon as the deliberations are taped, the jury is shuffled off to sequester at a hotel. For example, Jani was final three twice (under old format) and she never spent one night in the jury house. McCrae would be the same thing under the new procedure.

I know that there have been showmances in jury before (S8 Eric and Jessica) and the other jury members commented on them spending 'alone' time in the bedroom, so I'm sure the handlers don't watch them or keep them separated 24/7. It's more like they monitor them during their awake hours and probably don't let them talk too much game other than when they are being filmed for show segments.

I'm ready for Wednesday night to get here and on to Survivor. :))

Sharon said...

Silk and Monty - glad it made you laugh!
That was something I heard over 35 years ago... seemed to fit them perfectly.

Witt said...

Jackie, since you've watched the feeds this summer and have seen the houseguests' many discussions, would you be able to hazard a guess as to WHY Andy dislikes Elissa so much? We've discussed it a lot here, but what is your take?

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Witt.. Why did they hate Elissa... Her Sister is Rachel.. how did that give her any advantage! GM once said at the very beginning that with Elissa there no one would have a chance at getting any prizes or money.. Give me a break! GM drinks so much POP no wonder she burps so much. Last night on after dark Andy went thru all the gay bars and relationships he has had. Who was a good kisser... YUK! Karyn

Jackie said...

Witt - He does seem obsessed with her. I think it's for various reasons. First, all of them thought she had an unfair advantage coming into the house. Second, she was absolutely the first person onto Andy's lying and playing both sides. She didn't trust him from the start while he thought he was so great and had them all fooled.

Once that happened and he knew it, it crushed his dream of meeting Ragan, a crush of his. Since Ragan became friends with Rachel and Elissa hated him, the dream was blown. At least in his mind, anyway.

ORKMommy said...

I was thinking the same thing about Andy. Ragan and Rachel hated each other while they were in the house and didn't start their friendship until after they were out. Maybe Andy is thinking he'll be Elissa's BFF once they get out and then the four of them can hang out and go shopping!