Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning - Sept. 11-12

Spencer seems very relaxed

So, what's happened since we last saw the hilarious hijinks of the hamsters in the habitrail? A lot. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Final Four:
  • Boring. Yep, extremely boring when the live feeds first returned.
  • Andy was in the Diary Room for an extended session and the other three were just sprawled around the living room.
  • GinaMarie was making bracelets for everybody with beads and string ... probably from the dollar store.
  • They started doing shout-outs, so we got more blocked feeds.
  • With the shout-outs, I guess production is worried about not having signed releases.
  • Looking at the Memory Wall, only Andy and GM's keys are there.
  • Aha, McCrae and Spencer are on the block!
  • The veto is hanging there, so someone won it.
  • Hmm.
  • Trying to snag the intel from the hamsters themselves proved to be hard. They must have been warned not to talk about either the noms or PoV as it will air on the live show.
  • The table is downsized. It's that time of the season!
  • Whoa ... ANDY won the veto!
  • So, if the nominations remain the same (which I think they will), GinaMarie will have the sole vote tomorrow night.
  • It looks like it might very well be a Three Exterminator final three heading into finale.
  • Little bits and pieces came out about the veto comp. It was a skating thing. GM has a plaque with Nick's face on a fly over her bed.
  • Oh my.
  • Perhaps it's like the movie and Nick is screaming, "Help me! Help me!" as he thinks of GinaMarie coming for him!
  • Heehee.
  • McCrae thinks he's going home.
  • So do I.
  • Spencer and GinaMarie think they need to take each other for a chance to win with the jury.
  • McCrae is really worried.
  • He should be.
  • But at least he's not AS bad as Judd was.
  • In my crystal ball for tonight, I predict McCrae will go home at GM's hands.
  • Then the rounds for final HoH begin.

McCrae has his favorite socks on

Andy is without a worry

GM has Nick Fly over her shoulder


Sasha said...

Wow, who'd a thunk it? This is the final 4. Never would have been my guess way back at the beginning. Especially Spencer and Andy.

I'm surprised at myself but I almost feel a little sorry for McCrae since I also think he'll be the one leaving. So close to the end to have to leave. Then I thought I'd probably feel bad for anyone leaving at this stage. Then I realized I wouldn't feel particularly bad if Spencer left next...or maybe Andy. LOL@myself!

Still, I'm not fond of any of these final 4. There really has been too much hate. It still will be interesting to see how it plays out, I always stick it out to the end. At least here and the show. Thanks so much, Jackie. I foolishly tried the feeds this season and gave up on them weeks ago. Couldn't stand the language, let alone the content. You're a hero!!

David said...

I think McCrea's only hope is to make his pitch to Andy all day long that he has a better chance of winning in final 2 against McCrea over GM and promise to take him if he wins final HOH. I don't think it will work but that's all hes got.

If I understand correctly the POV ceremony will be live on the show tonight so he has all day to work Andy to use Veto on him.

Of the 3 that will remain assuming McCrea is gone, I guess by default I will have to pull for GM and Spencer. Don't like either one but of the 3 like Andy the least. Is it possible to have irrational hate for someone because of their irrational hate for someone else? Hmmm

This season will be easy to forget no matter who wins since I really don't care for any of them. But it has been fun seeing how it has played out no matter who wins. I don't think any of the final 4 will be asked back for anything so they will fade away along with my memory of them.

Nickelpeed said...

I'm definitely pulling for GM. I do not want Andy or Spencer to win. I would rather see McCrae stay than Spencer or Andy.

Can't wait for the outcome tonight.

Nickelpeed said...

Jackie, thank you SO much for blogging for us. It is greatly appreciated.

AND - Happy Birthday to Vincent!!!

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about Thursday night's episode will be JH footage. I hope CBS shows the drama that I'm sure happened with all the ladies in the house but I feel what we will see will be tame and short.

ORKMommy said...

I wonder how Andy explained putting Spencer on the block. He kept Andy safe last week and aren't they supposed to be the closest of the Exterminators? Unless Spencer volunteered... but I can't see that happening at this point.

IAgirlsmom said...

So - Andy is for sure in the final 3 b/c he's HOH. My question involves the POV - if he won it, do we know what he did with it? Meaning - Spencer and McCrae appear on the block now - so did he leave the noms the same? Or is there still a POV ceremony where he could remove one? Whoever is off the block - so GM right now - is the ONLY deciding vote for who stay for the final 3.
I just wanted to know if we knew for sure who was holding the single vote.

Anonymous said...

Andy probably feels he can beat GM in any endurance comp, but they'll send McCrae out because he might be able to beat Spencer and Andy, all I can say is that Andy might be in a bit of trouble with the jury he's been a sneak and the others might figure him out,as far as I am concern he was a FLOATER, but I'm sure others see him as a masterful player.

Witt said...

This group plays emotionally not strategically, and they've all figured out that Andy played all sides of the game. Am not sure they'll respect that; they'll probably hold it against him. It's right to get McCrae out; he has the best comps record of those who are left, and just seems to pull it out when he needs to.

Witt :)

~~Silk said...

I'm surprised that GM's knee injury got no mention on last night's show. When the comp was over, we saw briefly that one leg of her leotard was pulled up, but from then on the camera was careful not to show her knee. For some reason, that bothers me.

Sasha said...

I was surprised about that, too, Silk. No mention at all.

BTW, here in CT tonight's program is being taken over by football. It said it would be shown on channels 10/55 but not according to my DVR. I can pick it up on channel 3 at normal time or 2 am or something on the usual channel. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else needs to adjust their usual viewing time/channel.

caligirl said...

Wow. Worse finals ever. Probably since Jun and Allison but even they weren't this bad. There is literally no one to root for. I guess I would have to go with Andy and Spencer in the finals. Yeah I'm that desperate. I just do not want GM in the finals. I think that she has said some of the most reprehensible things this season, even more so than Aaryn and I don't think that she should get rewarded for it. That's my personal opinion but I will say that she did play a good game at the end, especially after Aaryn left. Still I don't want her in the final two. Why Aaryn got most of the bad press and Amanda and GM didn't get nearly as much is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

caligirl, GM lost her job as a pageant coordinator because of the comments she made. The other day she said she couldn't wait to get back to work. She is going to be in for quite a shock. I agree that Aaryn seems to have taken all the heat for the comments made in the house. GM and Amanda were just as bad if not worse and I'm frustrated that they seem to have only focused on Aaryn. But I think GM will be devastated when she finds out she lost her job.

Chacha said...

I have been readio silent for the past week. I just have nothing to say about these people anymore. The days and days of hating on Elissa and company is just horrible. I can't wait to see what interviews come there way. For these hamsters to find out America really dislikes them and pretty much only likes Elissa, Candice, Howard, David, & Nick. Seems america also forgave Jeremy and Kaitlyn. Not sure how forgiveness the remaining houseguests will get

I can's stand the final four or what the final three will be after McCrae is evicted tonight.
I do say as much hate spew from the three remaining i would unfortunetly have to give the win to Andy. he has played the game.
its about lying, backstabbing and making the best moves when needed.
He has done all three.
I cant wait to see the Jury house come together and talk it all out as they do. That will be good.
Can't wait to get this season over with and move onto next summer.
Hopefully they cast will be much better then this season, maybe get rid of Robin(who casts the show).

Anonymous said...

I do not trust Andy no one little bit, he might use that POV to remove Spencer and put up GM and backdoor her. What the hell was he crying so hard about last night, I'm glad Judd could see through his BS and probably will not vote for him to get the money.

ORKMommy said...

Does anyone know if Evel Dick still does the post finale interviews in the backyard? I never watch them but if he's doing them again this year I may have to take a gander...

Anonymous said...

When you're rooting for either the chauvinist or the racist to win over two seriously creepy alternatives, you know the season has been a real disaster.

It's too bad next Wednesday isn't Halloween.

David said...

I agree Andy has played a good game as much as I dislike him. But if he makes it to the final 2 he had better be prepared to own up to what he has done and why or he is toast. He will need to go in front of the jury almost as if he was Amanda and it was he that got all of them out.

If he continues with the crying I didn't want to do it BS then I think they will chew him up and spit him out. I can see Andy crying and Amanda flat out telling him to knock off the fake crying you backstabbing POS.

I really hope Andy does not make it to the final 2, but if he does I think the jury questioning will be interesting. And whoever is next to him will probably win.

Sharon said...

When Andy is finally in front of the Jury, I wonder if he will cry and tell each how much he loved them and hated to vote them out... and tell each he'll KILL himself if they hate him!

pq said...

It will be one ugly night when the final two get in front of the jury. A lot of the pot calling the kettle black, for sure! PQ

Stormy said...

Hey gang. I bet if GM wins BB15 Nick will be there with a BIG kiss and declare his Love for GM. She will not get it at all and go off happy into the sunset.

Sharon said...

$500k sounds like a lot to all of us, but taxes will be taken out and that will cut the amount drastically... think taxes are something like 46%. Nice little nest egg if whoever wins stashes it appropriately. The 54% whoever gets won't last long if there's a spending binge!

Sharon said...

Exterminators are in the process of telling McC everything. Andy fessed up to voting Amanda out... McC said he already knew.. could read it on Andy's face.
How upsetting for Andy to know he's not that good an actor!! lol

Chacha said...

i don't think Nick will date or hang on to GM, He would like to have a career in the industry and that will hurt him.
Andy will have to fess up when asked questions, I doubt the jury house will vote him as the winner as I stated before.
These houseguests have talked all season how they will vote on game not personal. I think truely the only one who will do that is Elissa.

Chacha said...

The exterminators just told McCrae, he said he knew andy voted amanda aout and he wishes he didn't evict Elissa.... Too little too late

Tami said...

I can definitely see Andy turning on the waterworks. He needs to stand up an be a man for once instead of acting like an innocent bystander. He choose to play the game by 'floating' from one group to another, backstabbing just about everyone...He needs to own it.
I don't want him to win, but he probably will.
Anon 2:23pm - I wish Wednesday was April 1st...Julie could say (Andy/Spencer/GM) you are the winner of BB15....oh, sorry April Fools. The $500,000 will be donated to various groups to fund sensitivity training to address racist and bullying behavior.

Jackie, thank you for all that you are great.

Sharon said...

Chacha, I agree, although Nick might take GM out on that one date he promised. But he's no dummy... after that, he'll run for the hills!

Andy won't have many people to fess up to. In his buh-bye videos, he started fessing up about the Exterminators... think the first confession was during Amanda's eviction.

Never know if the Jury will vote game or personal, and that's especially true of this group. IF the Jurors hear about all the extreme bashing, they won't be happy having to vote for any of the remaining people.

Andy, Spence and GM were particularly harsh about Elissa, dragging in her husband and sons (2 of the kids were bashed). McC did some bashing, but not to the extent of those 3.

Sissy said...

I'm sure in the jury house they are doing some bashing of their own. Andy will probably take the brunt of it. If it's the last HOH (or is it just a VETO since there are only 3 left?) comp, we know it will be an endurance one and McCrae is good at those so it's best that he should be voted out. I'm hoping GM wins it and gets rid of Andy. How I don't want that person in the final 2.

Sharon said...

Sissy - THAT would be divine justice! lol
With the shoe on the other foot, and at the very worst time (for him), I can see Andy crying and begging (worse than Judd) for her to keep him.

Dramahold said...

If Spencer is in the final 2, then Andy or GM wins. I can see the jury voting GM over Andy out of spite but I think that is a toss-up.

uncartie said...

McCrae is an idiot for putting Elissa up on the block. He was too stupid to figure out that if Amanda had won POV he would have went home.

Ditto for Judd who didn't use the POV on her. Elissa could have gotten rid of Judd the same night he came back in if she had put him up.

Worst final 3 ever.

Krystal said...

So how does this benefit Andy by telling Amanda and McCrae that he voted them out after being in an alliance with them, I just don't get that move at all. Amanda of all people is a vendictive person so why would she reward him with the $500 that she certainly believed was hers, Elissa knew he was a snitch but for some reason she didnt expose him. If someone can please explain to me why Andy fells the need to tell everyone what he's done as he votes them out, this is a group as we all realize plays on personal feelings and emotions.

Sharon said...

Now that McC knows all about the Exterminators and their plans, he's really teed off at himself for getting rid of Elissa and Judd, and said he KNEW something was "off" about Andy.

sheesh, if you know something is off, don't dang trust'em and go with the flow! But hindsight is always so good. McC also said he's not mad at them; he's mad at himself.

GM said to McC: not that it's where he went wrong, but if he and Amanda hadn't spent every minute attached at the hip....

Sharon said...

Krystal, that's simple. Andy can't resist the opportunity to brag about how smart he is, and how they all fell for it.

It's also groundwork. Andy also hopes that by telling everyone all about how each and every thing that happened was HIS plan, they will be struck blind with his brilliance and award him the $500K.

uncartie said...

‘Big Brother’ Renewed For Season 16

Kathy said...

When we as fans choose, to like or dislike cast members, for the quantity of racist remarks, made or not made, it has become a sad time for Big Brother. To say McCrae made less racist remarks or Andy none, therefore one of them should win the grand prize seems short sighted. Seeing Andy and McCrae with their heads in the sand while some of the foulest, cruelest remarks were thrown out makes them less honorable. Andy laughing at gay jokes directed at him, I feel was strictly game play and you could see how flustered he became. I felt hurt for him but he continued his game play. Elissa was the first houseguest to comment on the racism in the BB house. I commend her for that and became a fan following. Each HG is responsible for their own behavior and the four remaining have been the poorest examples of what is termed decent. There is a way to lie and scheme for the sak of good game play but still maintain a level of decency.

In the NY area, for those with Cablevision, Big Brother will be on channel 10 at 9pm tonight

Kathy in Brooklyn

Chacha said...

Andy totally believes that by telling people info in his diary...
1. he is an awesome player(in his own eyes)
2. thinks america will eat it up!

I want Andy to come into 3rd place. I believe that both Spencer and GM both agree that needs to happen.

caliGirl said...

Interestingly, there are two CaliGirls that post on this blog.
As the "other CaliGirl" I wanted to clarify that we aren't one in the same.
I agree that there isn't anyone to root for at this point. Time to look forward to Amazing
Race and the hopes of a better BB finale next year.

Sharon said...

Chacha, GM has a broken toe on one foot, and 9 stitches on the other knee... so she's damaged if the final comp is physical. However, we can't forget that GM is very gutsy and could still surprise Andy and Spencer and pull off the final comp. I'm thinking if GM wins the comp, she'll pick Spence for F2.

Sharon said...

Rob has a Podcast with Ian Terry as his guest.

Ian really does NOT want GM to win!

JimmyB said...

A little O/T speaking of Ian...I'm a member of the extreme minority who feels that he should not have won last season. I didn't dislike him or anything; he wasn't that impressive.

I just feel Dan was a genius the way he played. I'd have voted for him to win.

Sharon said...

Ian was cute and likable. Having him win was better that anyone else in the house... EXCEPT for Dan.

Dan was absolutely brilliant and so far above the anyone else with his game play. The best BB player ever! Now, I don't feel bad that Ian won, but agree that Dan was incredible and really should have won.

monty924 said...

GM could win the first HoH comp (always endurance) or even the second one which is a combination of mental and physical. The final HOH is always 'what did the jury members say' with an A or B format. They all could win that one because its how well they knew their housemate's personalities. Andy would probably have the edge on that one, but even at that, those questions are usually so random that it's almost a crap shoot with a lot of 50/50 guessing.

I can honestly see it going many different ways and each one of them have a pretty equal chance.

I'm sad that McCrae is just now coming to the realization that he made a fatal mistake when he targeted Elissa. Like her or not, he would have been better off with her in the house than in the jury. Sigh...

JimmyB said...

Sharon--I think that vote was based on personal animosity toward Dan instead of giving him his well-earned due based upon game play.

The vote was understandable, but petty.

Anonymous said...

Well according to Andy (on JU) he thinks his gameplay was like Dan. You heard me right. Maybe in his eye but sure not in mine.

Anonymous said...


Susan in MA said...

It's not gameplay when you lay around ripping a former houseguest to shreds. Not just Elissa, everyone was up for grabs. They're all disgusting.

lynn1 said...

Andy is delusional

Petals said...

I dont feel sorry for McFly at all. He forfeited his game, IMO, when he became Demanda's appendage for so many weeks. He never tried to break from her, and he lost himself. Just like he didn't think Judd deserved a "second chance", neither did McFly (IMO)

Krystal said...

Thanks Sharon,

U n b e l i e v a b l e !

Anonymous said...

McCrae must be delusional also, what made him think he could carry on a very open alliance with Amanda, never really playing the game just acting like a little lap dog the whole season, and then as soon as she leaves he wants everyone to accept him with open arms.

uncartie said...

Julie Chen just tweeted "Just saw the video from the jury house. Yikes!"