Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - Sept. 4

At least she does her nails and doesn't eat them

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Sleeping Sloths:
  • All day. ALL DAY. They slept ALL DAY.
  • They didn't really get up for the day until past 2 in the afternoon ... their time!
  • Argh.
  • Amanda and Elissa are rejoicing that they'll blindside them all because Elissa will vote for Amanda to stay.
  • The Exterminators are rejoicing that they will blindside Amanda because they have the votes.
  • The Exterminators know that McCrae and Amanda have Elissa (thanks to Andy telling them).
  • McCrae and Amanda think they still have Andy.
  • Judd is getting increasingly ticked at Elissa or about Elissa. I don't think it's anything in particular that set it off other than her defecting to McCranda.
  • She was all buddy-buddy with Judd, then dropped him like a hot potato.
  • Hmm.
  • GinaMarie had promised the HoH room to Amanda and McCrae tonight.
  • Judd doesn't think she should do it.
  • Nah, she doesn't want to anyway!
  • Andy once again reported to the Exterminators -- this time that Amanda wanted to rub it in GM's face when she stays.
  • @@
  • As I get this posted, the Exterminators are studying and going over comps for an HoH win.
  • Elissa is doing her yoga alone.
  • McCrae and Amanda are in bed.
  • After all, where else would they be?
  • Maybe next season BB will place restrictions on living in bed while on the show.
  • That would be nice.

I am SO sick of this

This is how I felt all day watching them


Witt said...

I've decided that Amanda has NO coping mechanisms for when things don't go her way. She cries, shouts at people, yells "This doesn't make sense!" etc. She cannot fathom a world where people don't do what she wants.

Tomorrow will be interesting! There will be a lot of jaw dropping tomorrow!

Jackie, you are right. No living in beds next summer!

Sharon said...

BB should treat them all like little kids. Get them ALL up by 11:00am and LOCK the bedroom doors (except HOH) until BBAD is over. It would force them all to socialize more... and maybe go to bed NTL 3:00AM. And all the feedsters, like Jackie, could get a little more rest too!

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand Elissa's move, they don't have the votes to Keep Amanda, she's knows in her heart of hearts that Andy is in an alliance with Judd and Spencer if no one else, so I just dont understand, I do know that she is in the house alone and shes been there alone since Helen left so why this dumb move.So if just further puts a target on her back, I guess she thought she had nothing to lose however she surely doesn't have anything to gain, because if McCrae wins HOH and he or she doesn't win POV she gone. Maybe she just wants to get back at Amanda in a big way by promising her she'll vote for her to stay. I dont know it certainly baffles me.

Eileen said...

Julie Chen on Letterman last night:

Sue said...

I think Ellisa is making a good game move with Amanda because everyone in the house is against Elissa, if it is 2-2 and Gm decide to send Amanda home then Andy will be expose to McCranda. I believe Elissa knows what she is doing she is the most level headed one in the house. I hope Andy goes home in the double eviction then Gm goes home next week (still thinks she is disgusted) then McCrae next. Spencer is also a digusted person and Judd starting to be the same shitty person he was before he left the house but i would want Elissa Judd and Spencer go to final

monty924 said...

Aon 10:44, no Elissa did not or does not still know that Andy is in an alliance with the other side of the house. He was working with her and Helen for the majority of the game and Amanda was telling her that she had Andy. The HGs don't 'know' what we know. That is something that most of the outside world (aka us, or some of us) have a hard time wrapping our heads around, but it is true. They are cut off from the outside world and that house becomes their world.

Elissa did the right thing to move with Amanda, McCrae and Andy. She just didn't know that Andy was even more untrustworthy than Helen suspected when she left the house.

Nickelpeed said...

I don't understand Elissa getting in with Amanda and McCrea. Just do not get it; unless it is to expose Andy.

I do think she knows, or at least suspects, Andy is playing both sides.

Maybe she wants GM to make the decision, but it makes no sense because she will be a bigger target. The guys want not only her out, but GM, too. With Amanda on the jury, I guess making good might reflect better on her. Who knows?

Maybe she's doing it because she knows McCrea will still be there, so playing him might bide her more time. It's hard to say. The guys still want to get the women out.

Just a little bit confusing.


Caroline said...

Other than doing the comps, McRae has spent his entire time in the house in a horizontal position. I am shocked anytime I see him standing up or sitting up. McCranda has played this entire game lying down or sleeping. I am glad the days are over where they could bark orders from bed and have others come to them with all the information. I think their game was only as good as the gossip brought to them by their minions. Now their minions are either in the jury or with the exterminators.

Sasha said...

I do think it's clear that the guys want the women out. I for one can NOT imagine wanting to watch those 4 (or 3) guys for the remaining time in the house. Most especially if Spencer is back in his guyenvironment where the C-word will be thrown around even more and his (to me) repulsive misogynistic and just plain disgusting behavior will flourish. LOL...guess I should tell you how I really feel :). Sigh, these folks just are not my faves...then again neither is GM or (ugh) Amanda. JMO.

Anonymous said...

Gm just gave Am a verbal beatdown to end all verbal beatdowns...It was so awesome. I almost feel bad for Am but she did have it coming.

Sharon said...

Amanda got a dose of her own medicine and doesn't like it one little bit.

GM did start the fight... probably because she's so angry Elissa flipped to Amanda's side.

JMO, but I think the guys were sticking around to break it up if GM started to get so mad she'd spill that they know all about the McManda/Elissa alliance.

AlbGlinka said...

When McCrae and I move to Florida after the show ends, we're gonna lay in bed all day with our Apple laptops and our iPhones while Amanda goes to work at the Real Estate office. Bliss!!!

Sharon said...

ROFL!!! That is... IF they even make it to the "after" party together! Now she's starting to pick apart his clothing (as well she should). He's gonna get REAL sick of being henpecked.

David said...

It was cool to see the whole Am, GM fight on BBAD. We without feeds usually just have to read about it and maybe see a little of it on YouTube. Got to see the whole fight and the meltdown afterwards. It was nice to see Amanda get what she has always been giving and to let her see what it is like to be on the recieving end of her rants.
I looked deep for just the tiniest bit of sympathy for her and found nothing. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the GM/Elissa working together that(shhh noone would ever believe)?