Sunday, September 01, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight Saturday into Sunday - August 31 - Sept. 1

The cat hat is looking a bit ratsy

Oh, wait. That's ANDY. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Unlikeable Rodents:
  • McCrae thinks that GM putting them (himself and Amanda) on the block was a good move, but that it would associate GinaMarie with Elissa when it comes to jury. He thinks it would have been better for her to work with them.
  • Well, of course he thinks that way.
  • Amanda claims she doesn't want to be blindsided, she wants to know if she's going.
  • Oh, I think she knows. Whether she really believes it's going to go down is another matter.
  • Amanda thinks McCrae let her down because he wasn't on GM every minute the day leading into nominations like she wanted.
  • @@
  • Her plan now is that they keep at GM to get her to re-nom Elissa when McCrae takes himself down Monday.
  • Due to some event which could be heard from the yard, the hamsters were on indoor lockdown for much of the evening.
  • Oh, I pine for the days of the early seasons when Miss Kitty, the megaphone lady, would cruise by the house, banner planes flew by, people threw stuff over the fence.
  • Ah, BB memories.
  • During the course of the evening, I heard Amanda TWICE reference to McCrae's stench (one time it was specifically feet, the other time overall stink).
  • Did he go shower?
  • Nope.
  • Ew.
  • Andy, still in his rat mode, told Amanda he threw the PoV to her.
  • Hmm.
  • What a little suck-up for jury votes.
  • You can't throw a comp to someone who doesn't win.
  • Oh, wait. Aaryn and McCrae BOTH tried to throw a comp to Amanda before and she screwed it up. Maybe the same kind of thing happened this time.
  • Andy told Amanda he wants Elissa out, but Judd doesn't want her (Elissa) out.
  • McCrae and Amanda worked on GinaMarie. She acts like she's considering their case.
  • But she isn't.
  • The plan is for McCrae to stick like glue to GM for the rest of the evening.
  • If he doesn't shower, she might have to go out on a medical emergency from the fumes.
  • They got booze.
  • Amanda started drinking the wine straight from the bottle, then gave Judd a little.
  • She refused to give Elissa any.
  • @@
  • Finally she gave her a glass with maybe a shot's worth of wine (pre-spitted and all) in it.
  • @@
  • The others watched. No one spoke up for Elissa. But they're sure noting this poor behavior.
  • Then things became lighter -- they ALL got together for a card game in the kitchen.
  • Elissa and Amanda wore almost matching Fedoras.
  • Andy wore GinaMarie's pink cat hat and pink tutu (apparently from the veto comp yesterday). He wanted to wear one of the chicken suits, but BB told him no.
  • I think I'd rather see Andy in a pink tutu than Amanda in a yellow tutu.
  • Amanda apologized about the wine.
  • Like that will make it all better ...
  • During the card game, they decided that Andy had to dance every time they heard the BB voice.
  • So, they kept breaking rules so BB would speak to them.
  • On his last twirl, Andy said, "I'm a little princess." Then he changed back to his normal clothes.
  • It was so weird seeing all of them actually getting along and having fun.
  • Elissa, not always in game mode, went to bed as the others went out to the yard after it re-opened.
  • As they chatted about TV shows, past hamsters this season and previous ones, Amanda did keep chiming in for Elissa to go on the block.
  • When they talked of most memorable and recognizable hamsters from this season, GM said people probably won't recognize Helen as "all Chinese people look alike."
  • Everyone called out GM at once for that one.
  • Plus, I might add, Helen is Korean, not Chinese.
  • Amanda and McCrae couldn't last the evening without being all over, McCrae funk or not. They left the Exterminators all by themselves to talk in the backyard.
  • Judd, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie re-confirmed the plan -- Spencer will go on the block, Amanda will go home.
  • They feel that they'll probably be safe for the next week (they do think this week MIGHT be a double eviction) as McCrae and Elissa will target each other.
  • The Exterminators are still up in the backyard talking. Amanda and McCrae are canoodling in bed. Elissa is sleeping.
  • And I need coffee.

Fun was had by ALL

Elissa and Amanda in Fedoras

And then Amanda cried


Terry is a Texan! said...

Jackie I am sure your poor eyes are twirling a the sights and sounds, but think about this, no smell vision! yay! How can Amanda canoodle with stench? yuck.
Happy Sunday.
Thanks so much for all you do.xox

Witt said...

Terry, I was thinking the same thing. Thank goodness for no "smell vision"!! :D

Amanda is very childish, thinking that "I'm sorry" will make all the bad behavior just go away. And so selfish, thinking everyone should throw everything her way.

I'll be happy to see her eviction on Thursday. Sorry for the jury house, but happy all the same. Never thought I'd say, "GO GM!!"

Witt :)

Ed in Ohio said...

Judd, Gina Marie, & Ellisa for my F3. I'd be OK with any of these 3 for the win. All the rest are unacceptable to me.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend.

Thanks for the recap Jackie. You Rock!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a few questions. I finally gave in and subscribed to the live feeds. I was initially going to cancel them before 48 hours so I wouldn't be charged, but then decided to keep them since we are so close to the ends. Do I have to cancel them when the season ends, or do they automatically cancel? Also, does this automatically sign me up for next season or do I have to subscribe again. Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

Jackie said...

This is the first season for the feeds on CBS, but my understanding is they automatically cancel at season end. I don't recall the fine print, but I do think you'd have to re-up for them next year. I don't think they'll automatically bill or anything.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so not getting the hypocrisy of some of the fans with regard to Ginamarie. If Aaryn is considered "racists" then GM should also be considered "racist," but you guys are cheering her on. The hate was palpable with Aaryn, but GM gets a pass? For the record, I don't think either one is necessarily racist, just ignorant. For ratings purposes, CBS is shamelessly promoting the ongoing "racist" narrative set forth by Obama and his minions and they made Aaron the scapegoat because it's perfectly okay to ruin this young woman's life over some ignorant comments she made on a reality show. When she gets away from the game, she will be shunned, castigated, unemployed, and have internet freaks stalking her and threatening her life. It's ridiculous! But I've noticed on all the BB boards (except Hamsterwatch) that CBS was very successful in pinning all the hate on Aaryn. GM and Amanda are VILE yet they are excused for their comments. That being said, I hope Judd wins the whole enchilada. IMO, he is the only hamster left worth awarding prize money to in that bat cave...

Anonymous said...

I agree !!!!

AndytheFloaterSux said...

@ Anonymous 09/01/13 9:59 AM

NO one is forgiving Amanda and/or GinaMarie's racist comments. Nor Spencers. WE can't help how CBS has portrayed the 3 of them. CBS chose to portray Aryan as the ONLY bigot/homophobe/racist in the house. Take it up with CBS and/or Julie Chen.

WE (and I think I speak for us all) are only rooting for GM because she is not Demanda's puppet. She is not on the block and is still in the house. Don't forget, she also has lost her job and apparently keeps making bigoted remarks. There was also talk that Spencer may lose his job.

Maryland Amy said...

Thank you for the highlights of the stinky habitrail, Jackie!

David said...

Gov 14. No one has forgotten. They are just rooting on her game play ATM because she is taking out another disgusting person. We don't have to like her to want her to succeed in removing Amanda. If you can't see that difference I don't know how to better descibe it.

And Andythe, I think the only reason Spencer has not lost his job is because he is in a union. I believe it was mentioned that he will have to go to arbitration when he gets out which means he will have to go to some kind of sensitivity training most likely and not lose his job.

David said...

The one I don't get is Andy getting a total pass on everything he has said. Calling women the C & B words constantly in there and yet not one word about it on any forum I have seen. Only thing I see is people hating his game play being the rat he is.

Witt said...

David, thank you! You said it exactly. GM's remarks have been no less offensive than Aaryn's, but we are just happy that someone finally had the nerve to put McCranda on the block!

I'd like Elissa for the win, I think. She's taken an amazing amount of bull****, yet keeps her laugh.

Witt :)

uncartie said...

I think of GM as a good-hearted bigot. She's not a mean little devil like Aaryn so people don't hate her so much.

Part of GM's problems are that she's ignorant about a lot of things,and not too bright to begin with. For example I recall Helen specifically telling her that she was from Korea yet she still refers to her as "chinese".

The one thing that she does appear to have are street smarts and that is helping her through the game.

Susan said...

After Amanda, I think Andy is the worst one in there! He is such a little rat. I never know what to believe when he's talking. And I don't understand why everyone isn't on to him.

Sharon said...

No doubt, GM was raised in a rough family and/or neighborhood. We all realize that she's coarse and shows bigotry. However, she also shows positives: generous, has a fun attitude, tries to get along with almost everyone, and places great value 'her word.'

Although GM isn't terribly high on the IQ chart, she has 'street smarts,' which has probably helped her to cut through the BS and figure out people and their motives pretty accurately.

It's too bad she started out bad with the Jeremy/Kaitlyn/Aryan alliance because it tainted everyone's view of her early on. Unfortunately, opinions of her remain tainted because she continues to make ethnic slurs, and cringed as she did it again last night.

As uncartie pointed out, GM is a good-hearted bigot, and she's clueless. When this is over, I think she is going to be shocked to learn what this has cost her, and, unintentional or not, her remarks have hurt a lot of people.

If GM ends up evicted before the final 3, she will hear about Aryan's interview. If GM's is similar, it should be eye-opening. If they will allow their eyes to be opened... even a fraction.

Nina said...

I agree with you about Andy Susan. His mouth is foul and more.
I have watched this show since the beginning. This is the first time/year I've had bad feelings for so many of the hamsters. Spencer is another one. His thought process seems to be really messed up.
GM, for some reason, I feel sorry for her instead of not liking her. She does have a good heart and is not letting Amanda bully her Into submission, not yet anyway.

PullingforElissa said...

A few things...Number 1: I choose Elissa for the win as well. She has been hated from the start. She trusted McCrae from the start and he was a rat. She didn't do anything to Amanda for her to treat her the way she does. My only conclusion is jealousy. As Elissa stated, it is beyond game play it is ultra vindictive behavior. Next, I am wondering why Andy couldn't wear the Chicken suit. Lastly to the poster of the events: Thank You very much for dedicating your time. I appreciate it. I love the pictures. Did Amanda Purposely dress like Elissa or vice versa whats the story on their entire outfit? Thanks in advance. Big Brother Fan Forever!!!

Marsha said...

I hope they send home Demanda and Andy Thursday in the double eviction and McSloth next week. Gm is still a hateful person, i do not want her in the final three but because Spencer is so disgusted i would rather she Judd and Elissa in F3

Sharon said...

They will be sending Amanda to Jury this week. The new alliance's plan is for McC to go next in the double eviction. However, if McC gets HOH or POV, then they will want Elissa out. At that point, Elissa's only hope of staying in the game (longer than this Thursday) is to get HOH and/or POV.

With Amanda out, I think McDirty will finally be playing the game again, and [the former] McSloth could turn out to be a tough competitor.

T-Town said...

When Amanda goes this week, I hope she gets the same treatment from Julie AND audience as Aaryn did. This girl is too much and needs to be held accountable for her actions. She's so hard to watch.

monty924 said...

Yes, Amanda is going to jury no doubt about it. The exterminators are only torn on who their next target is. Judd and GM want it to be McCrae and Andy and Spencer want it to be Elissa. Andy and Spencer have both been working with McCrae in different ways since the beginning of the game, so nobody should be surprised by that one.

Like I said, I find most of them either a) annoying, or b) despicable so it's all a big toss up for me. I loved Elissa's HoH because it brought drama to the house, and I'm loving GM's HoH even more because she's the only one so far who actually had the guts to go after McCranda. I don't condone her part in bigotgate, but she is more like the lovable bigot (aka Archie Bunker) with the other side of her personality. Again, just my opinion and it's mine to own.

It's not like we have a Jordan or an Ian to root for this season. I'm staying with my earlier comment. At this point, I'm just hoping my pool pic wins or my personal favorite, Judd!


Witt said...

I am sure that Demanda's reception upon eviction will be similar, or even worse, than Aryan's. I have yet to read about anyone who is a supporter of hers.

Unfortunately it will probably go over her head, and she'll probably think, "What? They don't love me???" She'll probably not take one ounce of responsibility for her behavior.

Witt :)

monty924 said...


They were playing poker in the kitchen and after one round of my personal fav (pass the garbage or aka Sc**w your neighbor) Judd was the big winner and he chose Andy to wear the chicken suit. BB production wouldn't let them so they went to plan B and had Andy wear the pick tutu and he had to stand twirl and recite, "I'm a pretty little princess" every time the BB voice said anything.

They all got out their own poker player type outfits for the ensuing rounds and Elissa and Amanda just picked similar things to wear. Most of them wore sunglasses and the girls all wore hats of some sort. I stayed up late watching it all and was laughing with them through it all. It's nice when they all get together to do something fun vs. all the nasty bashing. Nice break for them and us feeders...

monty924 said...

Witt, I think you are correct. America nominated Amanda twice for a reason. I doubt she will get a warm reception Thursday night.

Sharon said...

If I remember correctly, on the last double eviction, the time constraints meant there wasn't much of an interview with Julie.

Sorry folks... I'm going to be a spoil-sport: with Amanda going out first, the hour show will necessitate a quick turn-around for the next comp/eviction. Which means, I suspect it will be like the last time... a very brief interview with Amanda, then out and gone to Jury.

Of course, I could be wrong, but...

monty924 said...

Yes Sharon, but the audience reaction should be just as cold. IMO

Mytwocents said...

I predict they'll find a way to include a pointed interview - I think this episode is going to have high ratings, and they wouldn't want to disappoint...

Sharon said...

Monty, I agree that that audience reaction will be negative as she leaves the house, and during the interview... even if the interview is short.

MyTwoCents, There will be an interview, but I just don't think an hour-long show will allow much time for in-depth. However, you are probably right that Julie's questions will be rather pointed. How pointed might depend on how much time is available.

Also seems like there wasn't much time for the HG video clips for the double-evicted last time either. Although the clips were made, they might be cut... perhaps for a little more Q&A time with Julie.

Sharon said...

Everything is hypothetical.

pat rw said...

gov 14, most of us agreed about gm and Amanda as well like aaryn bein ignorant and racist, some people, with what is left in the house, is only cheerin for gm because of the move she made, she is still just as bad as aaryn...but most of us is tryin to moveeeeee is ignorant and a follower when need still cheerin for elissa or judd...

Sharon said...

OMG... I can't believe Judd's plan hit a cord with McRanda! Is McC about to be the next Marcellas?

McRanda is outside discussing the possibility of McC using the veto on Amanda... but only if they can make a deal with GM to have Elissa up as Amanda's replacement.

So, now there's a few more hypotheticals to consider...
GM has repeatedly said she won't put up Elissa or Judd, BUT will she decide to make the deal with McC and vote him out anyway?
Would GM break her word for the first time (with fingers crossed behind her back)?
Technically, she could do that, and then justify voting out McC by saying she had an agreement with Elissa first!
Personally, I don't think she will break her word with Elissa and take a chance the former? McRanda crew will then vote out Elissa first (stupid if they do).
GM's elevator might not go all the way up, but she's pretty savvy and knows if McRanda stays, it would leave her very vulnerable and at their mercy. Especially if Elissa is gone... and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they lied and went after GM before Judd... because GM is more dangerous in the comps, even injured!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me it isn't so. I would be thrilled if Judd convinced McCrae to use his veto on Amanda. I think McCrae is a bigger threat and it would be great if they could get him out this week. Once McCrae used his veto on Amanda GM could put up anyone (except Elissa) as a replacement and McCrae would be a goner. That would be epic! But I know GM keeps her word so I'm not sure Judd could be able to convince her to lie to McCrae and swear she would put up Elissa. And if she put Elissa up as a pawn (heaven forbid) the guys and Amanda would vote her out. Hopefully the exterminators don't talk her into putting Elissa up promsising they will vote out McCrae. That would be a tragic waste of her HOH and the end of the game for her. One (actually both) of the Mcrandas need to go!!! I can't stand them in the house any more..they are disgusting is so many ways.


PullingforElissa said...


Thank you for the insight. I have ATT UVerse I hate I can't see the After dark. I once purchased Showtime just to watch Showtime Too

Sharon said...

Donna - BUT that's the problem with McC's plan. As of right now, McC will only use the Veto on Amanda if GM will put up Elissa.

Judd is still working on it with Amanda. In the meantime, McC went to talk with GM in HOH. McC was trying to convince GM to put up Elissa in his place, so everyone could vote off Elissa. He wants to keep Amanda at his front (protecting him). @@ Nice McRat. GM told him she would give her answer tonight around 10 or 11 (PST).

Say GM goes along with the plan and puts Elissa up, we just don't know how it would turn out since they all want out Elissa too. Do they want McC out worse?
Would Andy go against the Exterminators and vote with Amanda AGAIN?
If Judd & Spencer held with voting out McC, it would be a tie (Andy/Amanda) with GM having to make the final vote.

Worst of all (if it's Elissa), there's a lot of days to work the system... between Monday and Thursday.

Personally, I hope GM either tricks McC into taking Amanda down, or tells him to go fly a flippin' kite!

Anonymous said...

She could just convince them she was putting up Elissa and then once the veto was used she could nominate Spencer. Now THAT would be epic! Didn't Dan do something similar last season? Amanda would go ballistic, but since it's a double eviction they wouldn't have to listen to it for long. Plus, she would be so flustered and upset she probably wouldn't win HOH or POV.

Sharon said...

Anon 7:27 - the problem with that is GM is proud of the fact that she keeps her promises!
So if she says she'll put up Elissa, will she decide to lie? Might be she could justify the lie saying she had an agreement with Elissa first. But boy, the McRanda screams & rants will be heard all over the USA, no megaphone needed!

David said...

The only way that plan would work is if they can convince GM to lie to McCranda. Since the veto has to be used first before replacement nom. she would have to say she will put up Elissa and then put up Andy or Spencer instead after McCrea has already used the veto on Amanda. It would be a very sweet move. She could say that he would have to do that to prove his loyalty and then backstab him.

~~Silk said...

A clip from Friday's feeds where Andy and Spencer vie in telling tall tales:

Sharon said...

David - That would be epic!! If she will just do it. She's awfully proud of not backing out of her promises though...

Anonymous said...

I agree, it would be great if GM would "promise" to replace Amanda with Elissa but after McCrae used the veto on Amanda then GM put up someone else. As much as I want Amanda gone it would be so much better to get McCrae out first. Amanda will be a train wreck without him while he will probably finally start playing the game without her. I don't think GM will go back on her word though.


~~Silk said...

From user "PointBeing", BB Real World:

Very funny - and apt.