Sunday, September 08, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday into the Evening, PoV Winner - Sept. 7

Spencer in his new shirt

Yes, I know I'm a bit late with this. My apologies ... real life cut into blog life for a bit tonight. But here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Battle Wounds:
  • Not much happened between the time they woke up and the feeds were blocked for the veto comp.
  • Oh my. McCrae won the veto.
  • It's almost like he's a different person without Amanda. I have noticed he's awake more and biting his nails way less.
  • Ian was the guest (maybe host?) of the veto comp. I'll be happy to see him again. This season I pretty much forgot what it's like to have a favorite player I wanted for the win!
  • The Exterminators ain't too happy because they wanted McCrae out this week. 
  • The alternate plan was to put Judd up in his place if McCrae won it.
  • Now is the time for Judd to be totally on the ball with his buds.
  • Oh noes!
  • Judd is throwing a temper tantrum!
  • Apparently he totally QUIT the comp!
  • He's fussing that he was all worn out from the drill sergeant making him exercise, it wasn't fair, his knees are all cut up yet GM's cut knee gets all the attention.
  • He's throwing stuff, slamming stuff, yelling at the cameras, flipping off the cameras.
  • Oh my.
  • Still waters with the dude have turned into raging rapids.
  • Meanwhile, GinaMarie has one leg all bandaged up and it's the OTHER foot that's messed up.
  • She's a wreck.
  • But at least she isn't having a full blown temper tantrum!
  • McCrae's knees are bleeding under his yellow tights, too.
  • Oh. I didn't mention they're wearing superhero tights and capes?
  • Well, they are.
  • Thankfully, Spencer had changed out of his or I just didn't see it.
  • I don't need to see that. No need to go there.
  • Spencer told GM that he wants her around.
  • Andy told McCrae that he thinks Judd is sketchy.
  • Judd thinks that he's been set up and will probably go home (jury) come Thursday.
  • In listening to and watching the many conversations, it seems like they're leaning a bit more towards keeping GM than Judd.
  • But I don't think they've decided yet.
  • Spencer doesn't want it to be a tie -- he doesn't want to cast the tiebreaker vote.
  • Judd fussed some more -- it was too hot, Ian hated him and was cheering on McCrae, his knees are scarred forever and BB better do something about them and on and on.
  • And on.
  • It sounds like the medic might have attended to GM's knee, but they deemed Judd's more superficial and won't take care of it.
  • @@
  • GM can barely walk. If she does stay, I can't see her doing well in any physical kind of comp.
  • Maybe if it's a mental comp.
  • Oh, wait. We're talking GinaMarie.
  • ;-)
  • Andy started to fake cry because he doesn't want anybody to go home.
  • @@
  • Did he forget why he's in that nut house?
  • Oh geez. Spencer put on his superhero outfit.
  • You don't need to see that.
  • I wish I didn't see it. Now I'm going to have nightmares.
  • GinaMarie was crying on and off throughout. At least she didn't throw things and blame others, though.
  • McCrae told Judd he'd rather keep him than GM. I believe he also told GM he'd rather keep her than Judd.
  • And on it goes.
  • Oh my. GinaMarie got medical aid -- nine stitches in her knee.
  • Um, yeah, Judd. GM has reason to fuss. You went and got what are called minor lacerations, no butterfly bandage even needed!
  • And then she cut her finger! Sheesh! That girl is going to have to be taken out in a wheelchair. Judd might have to be taken out in a straightjacket.
  • Yet GM cooked dinner for all of them.
  • Heh. Andy said maybe the twist this year is that they put a bunch of bigots in the house.
  • Snicker.
  • Oh, well. Right now the only thing that seems certain is that Judd will go on the block when McCrae (once again) saves himself.
  • There's a lot of time between now and Thursday. 
  • The target could go either way. 

Superheroes and a capeless crusader



Helping a fallen comrade


Sharon said...

Thanks Jackie.
I was surprised Judd would go into such s flaming tantrum. Probably because he knows this means he will be OTB now.

All that whining over his scratche that has marred his perfect body forever. But haven't heard him mention his horrible wound since GM came back with 9 flippin' stitches! He was mad at the world, but guess he's over his fit.

Jackie said...

I tell small children the huge scars on my knees are shark bites.

Sharon said...

I had high hopes that Spencer would suddenly wake up to the fact he would lose next to Andy... and put him on the block. :(

Jackie said...

I actually think Spencer might lose to anyone other than Judd. I do think that the jury will consider that Judd had been voted out once (and think he should have stayed out).

I think the three who have a chance of winning would be GM, McCrae or Andy. I'm not thrilled with any of them all that much. But, of those three, I gotta like GM's never quit attitude -- she does always try her hardest while the others kept throwing comps.

Anonymous said...

Is there eviction on Wednesday and Thursday this week?

Peggy said...

Won't they vote this next person off long before Thursday?

BTW, I've gone through all the stages of grief since last Th; cancelled my feeds' subscription, voided BBAD from my DVR queue. Had a glimmer of hope when I heard McCrae won POV then read the disgusting/ongoing commentary & behavior by all of the HGs and have resolved that I will check in here, watch the CBS white washed episodes and be glad to look forward to a better season next year.

Thank you, Jackie, for distilling all of the disgusting stuff into something palatable. Hats off. I could never do it....

David said...

According to a schedule posted on Joker's it will be final 4 on Tuesday.

Monday, September 9th - Veto Ceremony

Tuesday, September 10th - Feeds go down and an eviction is taped

Wednesday, September 11th - "Special eviction episode" (taped on Tuesday) to bring us down to the Final 4. When the feeds return later that evening, the HoH and veto competition will have already taken place

Thursday, September 12th - Live veto ceremony and eviction to bring us down to the Final 3. Part 1 of the final HoH competition

Saturday, September 14th - Part 2 of the final HoH competition

Wednesday, September 18th - Finale night. Part 3 of the final HoH competition will take place live.

Looks like the feeds, BBAD will be blocked sometime tues. until Wed. night. Looks like Jackie will get a chance to catch up on some sleep. ;-}

Nickelpeed said...

I am so tired of these guys. :::sigh:::

I am not a fan of Andy and Spencer. It's hard enough to have Judd in there, but Andy is a weasel and Spencer is a woman hater.

At this point, I'd rather see GM take it all. I have not love for her, but these guys are a pain.

Shannon said...

It is sad that they have nothing better than to cut everyone down. :-( Such a sad season, I just hate hearing such negative things... Andy was so tight with Amanda and McCrea then he's the first to cut them down constantly. I am not a fan of Amanda or McCrea but Andy is showing he's not a very good friend. :-(

David said...

According to the transcripts at 5:00pm their time:

"Andy says even though he hates Elissa-he will stop hating & bashing her so much.Judd says he is over it too. McCrae agrees."

I guess Andy's idea of stop hating and bashing on Elissa is to Hate on everyone along with hating on Elissa because he has not stopped. Including bashing and hating on her kids. That boy has some serious psychological problems.

All of them are hating on the other house guests but that is all he thinks about. Even when the others try to change the subject to something else he always brings it back.

uncartie said...

The whole house should form an alliance and call themselves "The Undesirables".
If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to vote for one to win I'd have to go with McCrae.

Petals said...

You forgot that there is another person still in the house: Elissa!

They talk about her 80% of the time, with Andy being the instigator.

This has really become the Elissa show, she is the star. When the boys watch these hours & hours that they talked about her, they will feel like idiot groupies and El will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

All season this group has played the game on strictly personal feelings no real stratergy. Andy is going to the extreme simply because he is just JEALOUS of Elissa's life, he cant be what she is, he can't look like she looks, he doesn't have what she has, and he'll never live like she lives, so now he's trying to justify to HIMSELF that she's a bad person, so enough of this IDIOT. Dumb Spencer better think again, he will not win against Andy, Andy has been a total weasel snake, he has not really played the game, he just hid under the radar, if people want to applaud how he has played so be it, if I can remember he has only won 1 comp, he's been there, only because people saw him as harmless with all those tears and "I LOVE YOU" Bull___ as he voted them out of the house, I thought they were going to have to give him a bottle and put a diaper on him when Judd was voted out that first time. Should they get McCrae out, Amanda will tell him what Andy said in his goodbye speech to her and he wont get their votes, probably not Elissa's because she figured out that he was the one playing both sides and now what looks like Judd's either, with that being said maybe I'm wrong about Spencer taking him to the end they might give it to Spencer for not getting evicted after being on the block so many times,that's making me sick also, whatever, this has been a depressing season for me, no real fun until Amanda got voted out, and Judd is right if he did say, they but together a bunch of bigots in the house this year.

Ninboh said...

The eviction is being taped Tues and aired Wed. Thurs. will show final 4 comps and the next eviction.

Anonymous said...

Judd said they put together a bunch of bigots in the house this year. I made a typo in my post I said but.

monty924 said...

Comp total for all the remaining hamsters:

Spencer - 1 HOH, 1 veto
Andy - 1 HOH, 1 veto
GM - 2 HOH
Judd - 1 HOH, 1 veto (that he gave to Jessie)
McCrae - 2 HOH, 3 vetos

Pretty evenly matched except for McCrae. At least we don't have a complete 'floater' with zero wins in the final five. Hmm, that sounded like something Rachel would have said.

Looking forward to seeing this POV comp that got them so banged up. Judd's complete meltdown afterwards was sort of a disappointment to me. He acted like a complete idiot considering how banged up GM actually got.

Won't make the party tonight. :((

Have a good time

Rambling Muppets said...

The only way to have this horrid season turn out to be worthwhile is if whoever wins the $500,000 has to use it for counseling:
For Judd, it'd be speech therapy, for all that mumbling.

For McCrae, it'd be relationship therapy, along with a few hygiene counseling.

For GinaMarie, it'd be to deal with her stalker-tendencies (Run Nick Run, she's getting out soon), and to pay her BB-related medical bills.

Andy could use it for therapy, to get over his envy-hatred obsession of Elissa.

Spencer needs gender-sensitivity counseling, mixed with some classes about bigotry and sex discrimination.

And maybe Spencer and GM could use remaining funds for Career-counseling, and invite Aaryn and Amanda along.

Just as well Amanda was voted out. Even the $500,000 wouldn't have been enough to cover all the counseling that piece of work needs.

Krystal said...

Rambling Muppets,

That post was hysterical and so very true. You needed all the rest of us for having to endure this train wreck.


Petals said...

Muppets - perfect!

Anonymous said...

Rambling Muppets, That was priceless and totally true! This is one messed up group of hamsters.


Anonymous said...

Uncharted The whole house should form an alliance and call themselves "The Undesirables".
If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to vote for one to win I'd have to go with McCrae.

9/08/2013 9:29 AM
I would take the bullet.


~~Silk said...

Interesting tidbit - Andy was a server at Dick's Last Resort in Chicago (next door to where I worked in the early '70s). That restaurant's gimmick is that the wait staff insults and abuses patrons for comic effect.

Somehow I think Andy loved that job....

Sasha said...

I guess it's not all that unusual to be kind of tired of the HGs at this point in the season but I really can't root for any of them. I also can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. I have not even tried to listen to the feeds because the constant bashing and every other word being some of the strongest vulgarity so turns me off. Spencer is just disgusting to me and the others aren't far behind in one way or another.

I'll follow out the show because I always do and I'll check in here because Jackie is so great and manages to summarize it all with humor and sanitized versus the actual dialogue and because I enjoy most everyone's comments here. Thanks so much for all that!

I don't care that much who wins: as Jackie says, it doesn't affect my life. It's just a tad bit more fun when there's someone I actually want to win. I don't like for my America's favorite to be a spite vote but I will consider Elissa because she was treated so badly yet soldiered on and for the most part, kept it clean. I would like to see Candice get it or Howard or even Helen *ducking* but I don't see that happening. And with that, see y'all later.

PDX Granny said...

At this point there are more in the jury house than in the house that I'd like to see as the final winner. I'd love to see one more twist. That would be having American's Favorite put back in after the final comp, making it a final three for the jury vote on.

I know this would never happen, but it sure would be a good twist. :) After the bonding time, and conversations in the Jury House, it would certainly shake things up.