Sunday, September 08, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - Sept. 8

GinaMarie naps heavily made-up

Another lazy Sunday in the habitrail. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Are We Almost There?:
  • Nope, I didn't post an update this morning. Much of the night was Elissa bashing with a few others thrown in for good measure. I'm growing weary of that and don't feel like adding fuel to the hate fire both within and outside of the house.
  • So, I'll talk about some of the other things that happened.
  • Apparently Ian told them that the about five years of annual Las Vegas partying after the season wrap has been canceled due to lack of funding.
  • I think that perhaps the possibility of mayhem might have aided the lack of funding.
  • There was a cake with Elissa on it in the refrigerator. Oh, just great. We needed that.
  • After a brief time of the yard being open last night, they had to head inside again because of some concert in the area.
  • They've been locked up inside the house itself for days now with little respite.
  • Spencer actually thinks he's a good representative of North Arkansas.
  • Um. 
  • For this crowd, they were all in bed early -- around 4am their time.
  • Of course, that didn't mean they need get up before 2pm their time.
  • @@
  • Judd is very worried about going up on the block in McCrae's place.
  • GM is less worried, but in more pain.
  • Judd's knee "scarred for life" injuries seem to be deep scratches and perhaps a bit of swelling.
  • GM needs to keep her knee with the nine stitches wrapped up.
  • The house is filthy.
  • The fish in the refrigerator expired many days ago and is stinking.
  • GM, even with her newest cut thumb, washed dishes.
  • The weekly photo booth went down.
  • GM was practically the only one excited about that.
  • Right now it looks like they're still leaning a bit to keep GM over Judd.
  • But nothing's written in stone.

McCrae smokes ... will he smoke the game?

One of Judd's big life-threatening knee scrapes



Anonymous said...

I saw a comment the other day which I though was great. I didn't write it but it perfectly captures the way I feel.

"I wish the U.N. would forget about Syria and bomb the BB house."

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I almost feel like this season's hamsters started all of the hate, but the viewing public and fans have taken it to an entirely different level this season. There's been fan hatred every season and especially the past few seasons, but this one has been off the hook.

I know some people don't post here more because of it, and it makes me wonder how people can get so personally invested in a reality show that they would say things like the comment above.

I'm rooting for who I'm rooting for and really don't care who wins, but of course I have my favorites. There are things that I don't like out of all of the remaining final 5, but there are say four out of the five that I wouldn't care if they won this season.

It's just a silly summertime diversion for me, but I think the fan hatred is slowly eroding the very thing that has kept this show going over the years and that is the internet sites like Jackie's and others. When people who run these sites start getting sick of all of it, I know it isn't long before BB is gone.

Sharon said...

Monty - Agree 100%.
When the HGs families and the BB bloggers (who keep us all informed) start getting physical threats, then those 'watchers' have gone over-the-edge and they have become MUCH worse than the hamsters they are putting so much time into criticizing and threatening.

Ninboh said...

I agree Monty. The fans are really out of hand. A lot of people make off color comments. Racism is a really serious business and taking people who are not all that bright who hold stereotypes and shoving hatred their way isn't the way to educate them (Aaryn in particular). The fans need to calm down. The producers did put Elissa in the house with a built in fan-base from her sister which gave her advantages in the game due to her EXTREME popularity. Elissa was going to win the America's favorite prize since day 1 of the game. The fans' opinions of the houseguests is entirely colored by how they treated/talk about Elissa. The HGs are dumb and say/do dumb and mean things some of the time but the fans are stupider. It's a reality show. Enjoy the drama, fights, and the game play and let up on the houseguests. They are there for our enjoyment not abuse. I'm with Monty, I'm also fine with some of them winning though I still have a rooting interest in McCrae. The houseguest bash people every year. The fans are more ok with it because sometime the houseguest bash the same people as we do.

Ninboh said...

Also I blame the producers. They control the 24-7 live feeds and can influence what the houseguests say and should have made an effort to contain the 'racist,' 'misogynistic' and 'homo-phobic' remarks by instructing the houseguests not to say those things. They used Aaryn and the other houseguests for ratings. I personally think the racism controversy and the Elissa love by the fans/hatred and jealousy by the houseguests have completely ruined this season.

Nickelpeed said...

OMGosh! Who's getting threats??? Did I miss something? That's not good. It's a game, it's a show.

I don't agree with the thought about Elissa - that she was always going to win the Fan Favorite because she came in with a fan base. A lot of people did NOT like her because she was Rachel's sister. People were hoping she was evicted. Even on this site, people did not like her continuing to win MVP. That's why she was voted as the extra person put on the block.

It wasn't until later when the HG started to attack her, fans changed their minds. Some of the comments were uncalled for during this season. I do not blame Elissa for ruining this season. I blame the racist comments and the bullying. There is no control over Rachel's
As far as fans, we always have rude and nasty fans.

I think the hatred fans; however, she also has those who do not like her - at all. We
is more this year because of the racist remarks and, again, the bullying. Evil Dick was non-stop, but for some reason, this year, the HG are non-stop.

I was not going to vote for Elissa to get the Fan Favorite until the Elissa bashing. I've never known of the house to ever treat someone this bad and this long.


Shannon said...

You know I think I tend to root for the underdog. I didn't care for Elissa when she came in because I wasn't a huge RR fan, I didn't mind her but I wasn't hyped they threw in Elissa just for the added drama.

I liked her because she was opposite of her sister and regardless of the mud slinging people threw at her she managed to keep her composure throughout. I believe the HG gave her a raw deal over all.

It is just a game, and I truly love hearing the HG that get evicted that say hey it's a game and I'm out. It is just hard to hear them bash each other so much, enough already find something more interesting to talk about.

I wish BB would instigate more off topic conversations and fun things rather than allowing them to berate each other so much especially when the evicted HG are not there to defend themselves to what is being said. I sat watching the BBAD and was just disgusted with what mean things they say about people, it is just uncalled for and speaks for their (the person saying it's) character not the people they are talking about.

monty924 said...

Penny, it's more than that. If you go to another site, say Dingo's, you will see it. She deleted her FB a few weeks ago because of it and hasn't been updating and posting much on twitter either. There's really big wide world of BB out there, and most of them are sick of all of it.

Elissa did come in with a fan base, regardless of how she played the game or not, and that fan base (including Brenchel themselves) isn't doing much to keep the hate down. Surprising actually because Rachel herself was the target of a lot of hate in S13, but I digress. :))

People have taken a fun show and made it personal and are taking everything fun about it out of it. I'm just hoping that we have a BB again next summer.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

I agree Ninboh. I responded before fully reading your comments. I think the producers could have told them to calm down on the comments, but other than that they shouldn't interfere with the game at all. I don't think they should have penalized or ejected any of them for their comments or behavior because they didn't break any of the rules.

I don't want a sanitized BB house, but so much has gone into this season and it was a disaster waiting to happen in there and out here. Bringing Elissa in might have looked like a good thing as a twist, but it only set her up for a really bad summer. Of course, she could have played it entirely different and maybe it would have been different. I wonder what they honestly thought when they decided to put a one person twist in there and Rachel's sister at that? Just my thoughts... I'm sure they are second guessing it now.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who shared the bombing comment. Let me be clear, i don 't want them to die or even get hurt...I just want it to END. If I offended anyone I apologize.

I can't watch the feeds or BBAD. Tonight, I was going to watch BBAD but I decided I would rather clean the toilets instead. So I did that and I don't feel like I missed anything and usually I feel like this is best time cause I want to see who can pull it out, who survives the attempts to get them out of the house, all the scheming, this is the best time.

I'm just so sick of them all sitting around complaining and whining about Elissa who wasn't nearly as irritating as the Whaaamber, the crying girl on the ED season or the Nerd Herd or even the one with the couples, which was almost as bad as this season and I didn't think could happen.

Sasha said...

Anon 3:40 - for what it's worth I never took the bombing comment as more than a statement as you intended. I did not for one split second think that you (or the original author) meant it literally at all. Actually, I found it amusing...and then saw some of the reactions and thought I guess I was wrong to find it humorous. Oh well, probably yet another example of how seriously (or not) we all take things. Me? I pretty much thought it was a juxtaposition of serious/silly.

Stormy said...

House guest left vile? For sure. Have a filthy mouth? Without a doubt. Disrespectful ? In the worse way. BUT lets lay blame where it belongs. CBS/BB production. They should have stopped all of this when it started. If they did not comply take them to DR and tell them no need to sit down, escort them out of the house. Would have only taken One guest for them to get the point well.