Sunday, September 01, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 1, 2013

Hey, all! It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're looking for my latest post on the Big Brother show or live feeds, you can find that at this link. This off television topic photo post is something I do every Sunday year 'round. Thankfully, Big Brother isn't year 'round or I just might not survive!

Once again, I don't have all that much to report here. The weather's been muggy most of the week. I don't like muggy. I'd say I don't do muggy but I don't have much choice in the matter.

I do see some rest on the horizon -- I have two four-day work weeks ahead of me, then a staycation for my birthday week, the season finale of Big Brother and the start of Survivor. It's going to be amazing to not cope with only three or four hours of sleep a night. I forgot what that's like. And, today I can actually nap all day if I want as I'm off tomorrow for the holiday! Yay.

On the home front, all is well. No one stole my newspaper this morning, but it was delivered much later than it has been in the past. Usually it's out there by 5:30am. Today I found it on my fourth trip down at about 7:30. Maybe that's what happened last week. I might have given up on it too early and someone eventually did snag it. I don't use the front door of the apartment building, so it might have happened that way. Oh, well. At least during one of the trips I dropped off my rent in the secure mail slot doohickey for the landlord. It had that huge $5 increase for the new lease.

Onto this week's photos ...

Praying Mantis 7 photo IMG_9431a_zpsfb3034e2.jpg
Here's lookin' at you, kid

I ended up having a fantastic photo session with a praying mantis this week. More photos of her (I think her) after the jump.

Flowers gone wild photo IMG_9361a_zpsd61835a6.jpg
A cacophony of flowers

These are going amok this year at the house on the corner of Richmond and East Front in Plainfield.


Jackie and the teensy snail

Teeny snail 1 photo IMG_9372a_zps6ffa374d.jpg
A teensy snail!

I barely noticed this teensy snail near the railing handle to go up the steps at the Bridgewater Train Station. But I did notice it. So I had to shoot it.

Teeny snail and my finger photo IMG_9374a_zps66ea926d.jpg
See how teensy!

This is my index finger next to it. I have big fingers.

Teeny Snail 3 photo IMG_9375a_zps1dad9a2b.jpg
Such a delicate shell

Almost translucent.


Autumn photo IMG_9376a_zpsac205bd1.jpg
Autumn colors popping up

Over last weekend things started to change a bit. It's definitely not because it's cold! It must be the different angle of the sun.

Monday photo IMG_9366a_zps43fa4c32.jpg
Monday morning ... sigh

Approaching the Plainfield Train Station from East Third Street. They finally fixed the Sandy-darkened traffic lights, yet the stop signs remain pink with age.

Along came a spider ...

I've been watching this spider on Berckman Street in Plainfield. Unlike so many of my searches, I quickly found out what it is -- a female cross orbweaver. Although I definitely don't want it in my apartment, this is way cool in its element. I was disappointed the day after heavy rains when it seemed to be gone. But, nope! She has been rebuilding her little empire. Legs extended, she's probably just shy of an inch. Cool. But don't bite me!

Cross Orb Weaver photo IMG_9379a_zpsc55d67b4.jpg
Cross orbweaver hanging in there

Spider 4 photo IMG_9405a_zpse4912232.jpg
Whoa! Busy little gal!

Spider 3 photo IMG_9383a_zpsd347f13a.jpg
Taking over lots of space

Spider 2 photo IMG_9381a_zps6a732e9f.jpg
Into the spider's web

I gave a close-up of the web the old black and white treatment.


On the fence photo IMG_9409a_zps7bb7671c.jpg
Currently growing on the fence

These are growing now on the fence alongside my apartment building. The morning glory is still on the back fence.

Stinkhorns photo IMG_9393a_zpsfcc75f9a.jpg
Stinkhorn gathering

Gathering in the morning, shriveled up by the afternoon. I'm finding that due to either weather or perhaps chemical control, stinkhorn mushrooms growing in wood chips aren't AS prevalent this season. Yet they thrive by this one tree while other trees in the area have none. Bridgewater, NJ.

My photo session with a praying mantis

I noticed this praying mantis outside my workplace. She (I think it's a she) was very cooperative and apparently wanted to be an internet star. She was very aware of the camera, turning her head towards it as I took shots from several angles. Yet she remained there as if she knew I meant no harm. Cool.

Praying Mantis 1 photo IMG_9416a_zps5fad099c.jpg

Praying Mantis 2 photo IMG_9417a_zps483bd1ce.jpg

Praying Mantis 3 photo IMG_9422a_zps296fff44.jpg

Praying Mantis 4 photo IMG_9425a_zps117f8032.jpg

Praying Mantis 5 photo IMG_9426a_zpsfd960fb0.jpg

Praying Mantis 6 photo IMG_9430a_zps49aa4640.jpg


Banner plane photo IMG_9433a_zps7e829bb7.jpg
GEICO banner plane

I've posted photos of the blimps that hover around Bridgewater, NJ, and have mentioned this banner plane before. Alas, it's not a great shot as the plane flies with the banner so far behind it. Last week I saw a lighted blimp in the night skies over Plainfield on Saturday. My photos of that one didn't turn out well. (Grr.) I have no clue what the lighted letters on it read.

Yellow Jackets photo IMG_9441a_zps9b8f0d4a.jpg
Don't lean on the fence!

Practically every opening in this fence rail has yellow jacket wasps nesting in it. Bridgewater Train Station.

Tree fungus photo IMG_9411a_zpsdc2aca83.jpg
A fungus grows in Plainfield

Growing at the base of a tree on East Front Street, Plainfield.

Hiccup photo IMG_9363a_zps8fb1378c.jpg
After the weekend

Hiccup! (No, it wasn't mine.) I spotted this abandoned bottle of beer after what must have been a wild weekend downtown in Plainfield.

Vincent photo IMG_9349a_zps1e9449ae.jpg
Can't I roll in catnip in peace?

No, Vincent. I must chronicle your most embarrassing moments. Ha!


Andrea Johnson said...

Jackie, what kind of camera do you use to take these outstanding pics? The color an sharpness are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Petals said...

I love the pretty mantis pics, you have such a great eye.

PDX Granny said...

Happy Sunday, Jackie! You're a very brave lady, getting close enough to get the shots of the wasps! Even with a telephoto lens, it would be too close for me!

Mytwocents said...

Hey Jackie, I live in your town and wanted to tell you: the wild turkeys are back! No not the alcohol, the birds!
We saw them crossing Watchung Ave this morning - I haven't seen them in several years.
These ones were a lot smaller...

Palmaltas said...

You certainly have a way with little critters. Enjoyed all the photos.

Becky said...

It's a toss up for my favorite picture of the week (not counting Sir Vincent).

The first praying mantis picture is phenomenal. I am also intrigued by the web pictures. When I was staying with Momma after her accident last year I loved sitting on the back porch in the evening and watching the spider build it's web.

QuixoticElf said...

Always enjoy your Sunday blog. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Can't stand spiders, but they are fascinating creatures. Great shots of the webbing!

Is that a climbing jasmine (mass of white flowers)?

rschnoop said...

Astoundingly great photography! What next? A mantis eating an orb weaver that had just captured a small portion of escargot in its web?

Jackie said...

Thank you! I used a Canon digital camera for all the shots in this entry. Sometimes I edit and bump up the contrast or sharpen the image a bit, but most are untouched other than resizing down or cropping to post online. I do tend to hold my breath to keep the camera steady.

And ... wild turkeys on Watchung Avenue? I want to shoot them! (With the camera, of course.)

tbc said...

That Praying Mantis photo is awesome!!