Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - September 15, 2013

Good Sunday morning, folks! It's time for my weekly off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. While there isn't any television talk on this off topic post, I must stray to it for a minute ...
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Okay, back to off topic!

I had a four-day work week this past week as I took yesterday off as a vacation day to kick off my latest staycation. I usually work Saturdays, so that was an added bonus. The weather, after hitting 96 degrees early in the week, was down to a high around 70 both on Friday and Saturday. Yay! That's MY kind of weather -- cool overnights, sunny, dry and not hot! Yay!

Yesterday I walked downtown to the big Central Americano festival. It wasn't as crowded as the last time I went. But, then again it could have been the time I went or the fact that the last time I went there were actually two festivals adjacent to each other. Nonetheless, people were parked as far up my block to attend the festivities and East Front Street was a huge traffic jam.

While nothing much went on last week, today is my birthday. I'm older than I ever thought I would be had you asked me decades ago. I plan a day of relaxation for the most part. Big Brother live feeds have died down and I can actually rest. I could go to the festival which is still running downtown today, but I doubt I will. 

Festival 6 photo IMG_9641a_zps894cdf63.jpg
Will it go 'round in circles?

Will it fly high up in the sky? I took this shot at the Latino festival in Plainfield yesterday.

Bird 2 photo IMG_9562b_zps82d9f303.jpg
Smile for the camera

This young mockingbird was with its siblings, but was the only one to pose for me up on the fence rail. The mockingbird parents have been very territorial, chasing other birds and even warily watching me for weeks now. There are five of the young 'uns. While they can fend for themselves, they still bother their mother for food by fluffing their feathers, shaking and crying out. Like toddlers, they are. Bridgewater Train Station.


Google birthday photo birthday_zps974e6bba.jpg
Aw, Google cares about me!

I don't know if this is something new or just that I haven't noticed it before. When I opened my Google browser, I saw all kinds of birthday treats on the Google Doodle. Since no hugely famous people seem to share my birthday, I decided to click on the birthday Google Doodle to see where it leads. Oh, my! It says "Happy Birthday, Jackie!" when I hover the mouse on it. It leads to my very neglected Google + page. Aw, too touching. Sniffle.

Festival 4 photo IMG_9635a_zps8e993efb.jpg
Maybe I'll have a Corona

Well, not THAT big, of course! But I have no Corona anyway. While in Scotch Plains, I bought a six pack of Dale's Pale Ale to try out. I like to experiment with various micro-brew beers. This shot was taken at the festival in Plainfield yesterday. Yes, they have beer there. No, I didn't have any beer there.

Bird 1 photo IMG_9557a_zps87eeb457.jpg
The mockingbird again

I took several decent shots of this young mockingbird that day.

Decroatuve photo IMG_9564a_zps06c86e22.jpg
Decroative, huh?

Perhaps the stones are from Croatia? Seen on Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

Orba photo IMG_9587a_zpscc611031.jpg
Orba by flash

As I post this, Orba the cross orbweaver spider, is gone from Berckman Street once again. She has done that before, only to reappear with a new web a few days later. She really looks different with the reflection of the flash on her.

Pink cloud photo IMG_9588a_zps426f48a1.jpg
Pink cloud at dawn

I took this shot looking towards the intersection of Church and East Second Streets in Plainfield as I walked to the train station early one morning. It's nice to see early morning skies and sunrises again.

Sunrise photo IMG_9591a_zps9b499132.jpg
Just after sunrise

Bridgewater, NJ

Yellow jacket photo IMG_9592a_zps1a8b8776.jpg
Home sweet home

The activity has ceased in one open section of the fence with just their empty paper nest as evidence they had been there. Soon these yellow jackets will be unfocused and more ornery.

Blimp photo IMG_9596a_zpsb4d2c74b.jpg
What's that in the sky?

Horizon Blue Shield blimp puttering around over the Bridgewater Train Station.

Birds photo IMG_9601a_zps42f9e312.jpg
Just birds resting

It would have been nice had they posed a bit more symmetrical!

Crows photo IMG_9602a_zpsc660ce7d.jpg
Pretending to be partridges?

Sentry crows? Bridgewater, NJ

Snail 1 photo IMG_9607s_zpse0daeb66.jpg
Ohh! Another teensy snail!

And this one is also a bit different ... with mostly black on the shell swirls. Bridgewater Train Station.

Snail 2 photo IMG_9609a_zps6a492924.jpg
See how small it is

Once again I use my index finger for comparison. Most of these have been about an inch or more.

Snail 3 photo IMG_9618a_zps5cfe3755.jpg
Oops. It's looking at me!

I accidentally nudged it as I fumbled holding my finger near it and the camera. Eep. I woke it up!

Snail 4 photo IMG_9623a_zpse73846fd.jpg
And running away

Well, maybe not RUNNING, per se.

Popeyes photo IMG_9624a_zps849f093d.jpg
Ohh! Ohh! Now they deliver!

I've been wondering why KFC hasn't gotten into delivery. But now Popeyes has! Cool. These signs were plastered here and there around my neighborhood. I blocked out the phone number for posting here, but have the phone number intact on a copy of the photo. It will be a nice change from Chinese if I want something delivered for dinner!

Festival 1 photo IMG_9625a_zps23509d72.jpg
In the belly of the beast

Oh my.

Festival 2 photo IMG_9629a_zps877304ff.jpg
Festival junk food

I passed up on this stuff, but it always makes for a good photo.

Festival 4 photo IMG_9632a_zps895d4dfe.jpg
Mmm ... roast corn!

I love the roast corn and chicken on a stick!

Festival 5 photo IMG_9638a_zps89de02cb.jpg
Maybe I'll have a Heineken instead

They were loud, very loud. I could hear them from my apartment about three blocks away, but not clearly. What's very weird is I could hear them quite loudly with an echo when I walked over by the police station. It's about the same distance albeit in a different direction. No wonder I heard that people in South Plainfield were complaining about the noise. The more city-like buildings must have created some kind of noise tunnel.

Deadly nightshade photo IMG_9655a_zps52670a69.jpg
Deadly nightshade
Growing in Scotch Plains.

Tree fungus photo IMG_9541a_zps52ccc67a.jpg
Fungus of the fallen tree

Trees damaged by Irene's flooding and Sandy's winds continue to die and fall over at the Bridgewater Train Station. And fungus tends to grow on them.

Morning glory in dark photo IMG_9542a_zps89bf353f.jpg
Morning glories in the dark

If it's cloudy in the morning when I head out to catch the early train for work, it's still dark-ish. I went out the back door of the building to put a bag of trash in the dumpster on my way out one morning and caught these using my flash. Oops, I then promptly walked into a cop in a POLICE vest hanging outside my building. Hmm. He was looking up at windows. Hmm.

I asked him if he needed to be let in and he replied, "Thank you, but we're good." Hmm. He wasn't one of the officers I know, but I got my answer when I hit the street -- Union County. Ahh, it's all coming back to me now. It's not a bust. It's a forcible eviction. I had seen the notice on the front of the building the week before. 'Tis cool, it's the biggest riff-raff person in the front wing (where riff-raff are more likely to be). Usually the people getting evicted get out before the police come to remove them.

Vincent photo IMG_9572a_zps137911e3.jpg
When I open my eyes, there will be catnip!

And cat toys and cat treats! Hey, it was Vincent's sort of birthday this week, too! On September 12, 2009, I adopted him from New York City Animal Care and Control -- the NYC animal shelter system. He had been a stray wandering the streets of Manhattan and living on borrowed time at the Manhattan shelter location up in Spanish Harlem. They estimated him to be about five years old at the time. So, if they were right, he's about nine now. He thinks he's two.


meb said...

Happy Birthday Jackie. You and Vincent must make it the best one ever! Enjoy your special day! ((Hugs))

Delee said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!! I hope you can rest up today and maybe take another stroll to purchase some chicken on a stick and roasted corn for a birthday supper!

Jackie said...

Thanks Marge and Delee!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!
Enjoy it!

~joyzjenn (yes, I'm still lurking around)

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu Jackie!! I imagine you have told Vincent plenty of times now that he was your birthday present to yourself... I'm glad you will be taking the day to rest and hang out with Mr. V. Have a great day!!! xoxo

mindy said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! I really enjoy your blog about the shows and especially Sunday off topic. Enjoy your day, and spoil yourself and Vincent!

Witt said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie! I can't think of anyone who deserves a more relaxing day than you!

Hugs, Witt :)

lynn1 said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! I hope you spend the day doing whatever your heart desires.

Laurie said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, Jackie. I'm so glad to know you and call you my friend. Your photographs always enchant me ... even the snails! You are so generous to share them with us!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!! Hope you have a day as special as you are!!

Becky said...

Happy birthday, Jackie and Happy Gotcha Day Vincent. We all remember the day you came to your Forever Home with your Forever Girl.

I hope both of you have a wonderful day full of beer, cake and catnip!

Ed in Ohio said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! All the Best!!

Suzanne said...
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rschnoop said...

Have a Happy Birthday! Make sure that you do something special today that you normally wouldn't get to do... Nothing too dangerous... Something fun... I may try to call you later... If I don't catch up with you today... near future...

SizSays said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie ! I signed in to wish you a happy day and found out I had a profile I had forgotten. Kind of scary to read it ! That is why I deleted those comments. I wanted to tell you though that I love your photos and thanks for keeping us up on TV news. Also, that Vincent is a lucky ducky kitty to share his life with you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jackie. I have been a reading your blog for years and really appreciate you and your blog. I just make a donation too. Thank you:)


David said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!

I think BB should evict Andy for your birthday present. ;-)

Have a wonderful day. !!

AlbGlinka said...

Jackie: have a great birthday! I hope that no Cock-A-Roaches come to spoil it! (Sorry, had to get a dig in at GM-- I'm not quite on board for her winning it all!). Hugs!

PDX Granny said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! Enjoy your day as you and Vincent celebrate together, you with your micro-brew, and him with his cat-nip.

It was a happy day when you came into each others lives.

Joanie said...

Happy Birthday Jackie.

monty924 said...

Happy Birthday Jackie and a very happy staycation. CHEERS!

Brent McKee said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! Treat yourself to something yummy!

KFC around here delivers but I don't think they'll deliver from Saskatoon to New Jersey.

Donna in Alabama said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!! I hope you and Vincent have had a wonderful celebration today!!

Margo said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jackie!