Sunday, September 08, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 8, 2013

Good morning! It's Sunday morning. You know what that means. No, it doesn't mean a camel is going to walk around the office on hump day. It means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

If you're looking for my latest news on Big Brother TV show/live feeds happenings, my posts for there are at this link ---> Horrid Hamster House. Heehee. I'm just finding this bunch of them on the whole as rather unlikable this season despite fairly solid strategical moves.

At least we had better weather this week with a few days of absolutely PERFECT thrown in for good measure. I'm loving the cool evenings and the fact that we've seen the sun for most of the week for a change. The children around here started school this week and, while I have none of my own, I rejoiced. This means that if I go out and about on my weekday off to a park in Westfield or something, I'm not inundated with teenagers. I don't have to hear kids running around and misbehaving daytime in stores. No kids screaming in the hallways or parking lot of my building, at least during the daytime hours. Yay.

I had a four-day work week this past week due to the holiday. But then I went and ended up working extra hours just due to circumstance. (Grr.) This week I also have a four-day work week coming up as I'm taking a vacation day for Saturday leading into my next staycation. My boss asked me if I wanted to work my normal weekday that I usually have off instead. Oh, silly man! NO. I said I wanted vacation time for one day. That means I want my regular days off PLUS one vacation day off. I really need the rest!

Not too much happening on the home front this week. Vincent the Cat is still super spoiled and I wish I had never introduced him to Temptations cat treats. He's become an addict. I can't open a bag of anything without him running thinking I'm going to give him cat treats.

And, last night it was midnight before the Plainfield Police succeeded in shutting down the huge party with the live Mexican polka band right in back of my building. This time the police weren't all that happy that they were starting the music up again as soon as the police drove away. But, hey ... their backyard is about thirty feet from the bedroom windows of my next door apartment neighbors and about 100 feet from mine. Live bands playing (badly) all day and into the night are not acceptable under city ordinances for a reason! Bring it inside, rent a hall, whatever. There's a reason I would never live over or next door to a bar.

Oh, well. I've fussed enough. Onto the photos I've taken this week ...

Morning Glory photo IMG_9452a_zps2a5d8431.jpg
Glorious morning!

Might as well start it off with a morning glory blossom! These are still growing along the back fence of my apartment building's parking lot. Blooming every morning, closing up at night. Kind of like ME!

Google this photo IMG_9484a_zps089b3f71.jpg
Google this!

Ohhh! Plainfield's Google Street View map is going to be updated. I was walking along East Front Street when it sneaked up in back of me. Yep, it had all the Google markings and the camera globe set high atop it! By the time I got my camera out and shot it, it was already a half-block away. Cool. Although now I suppose I'll be on the map. I hope they blur and slim me.


Chicory photo IMG_9539a_zpsacac68f6.jpg
Chicory blossom

Love them little tassel doohickeys! Yes, that's the technical term for them. Plainfield Train Station.

Train photo IMG_9527a_zpseecf9e16.jpg
Please stand behind the yellow line

I edited this shot to leave just the yellow line and its reflection in the lower level train windows in color. Plainfield Train Station.

Weeds photo IMG_9522a_zps5a73671b.jpg
Just little weeds

I think they're pretty in their own right. Bridgewater, NJ.

Alfred Hitchcock had a premonition!

One morning when I arrived at the Bridgewater Train Station, there was an eery feeling in the air. As I walked by the TD Ball Park (home of the Somerset Patriots), I looked up. Hmm ... crows had taken over some of the stadium lights. Okaaay. I walked on and they were everywhere. No, not crows. I'm talking your basic birds. Watching me. Gathering. Waiting. They've taken over the ball park. Overthrowing humanity will be next.

Crows photo IMG_9495a_zps8f12a644.jpg
It started with crows

Birds photo IMG_9508a_zpsc95ec053.jpg
Uh-oh. They're watching me.

Birds 3 photo IMG_9511a_zpsce382ea1.jpg
Eep. They're gathering.

Birds 2 photo IMG_9509a_zps4db0d3c4.jpg
Oh noes!!!

Birds 5 photo IMG_9513a_zpsa7bfebca.jpg
Gulp. Nice little birdies.

Birds 6 photo IMG_9512a_zpsdde4f8c1.jpg
Planning to attack?


GEICO Banner photo IMG_9494a_zps84daf635.jpg
Da plane! Da plane!

Before 7am this little plane was chugging along pulling the Gecko overhead at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Sunrise photo IMG_9491a_zps738be8e4.jpg
Sunrise at the Plainfield Train Station

With the days getting shorter, the sun is now rising just as I'm leaving my apartment for my work commute. By next month, it will be dark.

Blue demon photo IMG_9486a_zps95648701.jpg
Blue Demon Hello ice cream truck

Yeah, you can change the colors of the truck. You can change its name. You can change the brands. But, obviously you can't change its song! :::music, music, barnyard animals noises, music, music ... HELLO! HELLO!::: In my East Front Street 'hood in Plainfield.

Orbweaver photo IMG_9446a_zpsba8746de.jpg
I think I shall call her Orba

I check on the female cross orbweaver every time I pass by her on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Orbweaver 2 photo IMG_9483a_zps4321b1a2.jpg
She's an architect!

Either the rains brought the web down a week or so before or she took it down herself to rebuild. I have to be careful with the camera taking shots because this is three-dimensional. It's not one simple flat web; it's a good two feet deep of webbing kind of like the Winchester House of spider webs!

Tree photo IMG_9526a_zpsd351f2cc.jpg
Forming a true canopy

Out of the nearly ten years I've commuted back and forth from the Bridgewater Train Station, I've never seen this tree grow such dense foliage. When you go under it, it's like a huge cavernous canopy. It has to be the weather!

Snail photo IMG_9479a_zps74b3e192.jpg
Snail time

I'm still surprised about 20 years of not seeing a snail in the state to seeing them daily at the Bridgewater Train Station. It has to be the weather!

Mushroom photo IMG_9467a_zpsc54c09ed.jpg
New 'shroom

Like the tree canopy and the snails, I've never seen these large mushrooms growing at the Bridgewater Train Station over the many years I've frequented it. Definitely the weather!

Stinkhorns photo IMG_9458a_zps89efeb8a.jpg
Uh-oh. Now the stinkhorns are gathering

I hope they're not going to team up with the birds! Bridgewater, NJ.

Hey, mon! photo IMG_9450a_zps4e1eb815.jpg
Last cries of summer

Not sure about the item on his head to rein in his braids, nor about the real deal with wearing white after Labor Day, but this guy in the 'hood is rockin' the last days of summer. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Hod dog photo IMG_9448a_zps871bd1b0.jpg
One hod dog, please

Not quite the lunch trucks I knew back in the 70s. While Rutgers has a slew of "grease trucks" with amazing gastronomical goodies, this truck owned by folks at the corner of East Second and Berckman offers a more basic menu, albeit with a Central American twist. I want a hod dog to go, please. By the way, the truck doesn't set up at that corner. I always see it after hours in their driveway, usually with a crew cleaning and stocking it.

New flowers photo IMG_9447a_zps726a21b4.jpg
Currently in bloom

These are currently growing at a few homes on Berckman Street in Plainfield. I'm not sure what they are, but they show up late summer each year.

Vincent photo IMG_9537a_zps798df9c2.jpg
Who's that cat?

Vincent's sulking because I was getting ready to go to work and wouldn't play with him or carry him around. He just doesn't understand why I can't be catering to him 24 hours a day!


~~Silk said...

The purple trumpet bells are hosta.

Petals said...

I love Orba! Spiders are amazing.

Sorry you've been overworked all week. Maybe this week will be easy? *fingers crossed*
And your knees are feeling fine, so you aren't in pain like some days in the past.
Speaking of which, I got my biopsy results and they were negative for any cancer, so you're stuck with me for a while, Ms J.
US Open Finals Day, whooO!

~~Silk said...

By the way, I very much enjoy your weekly photos - a week in a life in north-central New Jersey. Whether you are aware or not, in aggregate they tell a story. Sort of like the Boston Globe's "Big Picture", but on a personal level.

Palmaltas said...

What a wonderful assortment of photos this week! Very enjoyable!

Becky said...

The birds are coming, the birds are coming.

One of my funniest memories of living at the lake was when a flock of BUZZARDS started nesting in mt parents yard. We kids joked about perhaps they were trying to deliver a message.

lynn1 said...

Great photos this week.
we are still on vacation. I thought about you twice this past week. When we were visiting Zion National Park, I thought I wish Jackie was here with her camera. Yesterday when I tried my very first "Cronut" I thought about you. I hope the cronut doesn't make it to my town , I would weigh 500 LBS.

PDX Granny said...

I've never seen a brightly colored Morning Glory. I know some people plant them in their yards. That's a foreign concept to me. Here (Oregon) they are a pest and considered more of an invasive weed. The vines will grow up and over fences, choking out other shrubs in no time. Regardless, I always thought they were pretty and loved the way they closed up at night and opened in the morning.