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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 16, 2014

Another Sunday morning is upon us. Yay. Thankfully, today (at least) we don't have another snowstorm upon us. Well, not here in northern central New Jersey, anyway. Sorry 'bout that, Maine. Since it is Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Earlier this week I posted about the upcoming Survivor season cast. I'll be writing more about the new Amazing Race season this coming week -- they'll both be here soon!

Let's see ... what's new and different around here this past week? Oh! I know! It snowed for a change.

There was something slightly different with the big storm this week -- thundersnow! While the winds weren't strong enough to make it technically a blizzard here, a round of thunder actually shook my whole apartment building in the wee hours. As I awoke, I saw about five more flashes of lightning, but was unable to catch them with my camera.

If we didn't go into deep freezes after each snowstorm here, things wouldn't be as bad. If the snow cover could melt a bit in between each snow, I don't think I'd be as tired of it as I am. I feel like I'm back in my childhood year or two in upstate western New York where the "lake effect" snows buried us in the winter. Back then it was fun, at least for the kids. It was pre-snowblower days, so my father certainly had a workout. We'd build tunnels through the snow and have a ball.

For some reason, as an adult, I have no desire to build tunnels through the snow. I guess I've gotten old and cranky, eh?

About the only thing good about this week's multiple snowstorms is that, like a school child, I actually had two "snow days" off from work. Of course, there's a price to pay -- the pay came out of my paid vacation time. While it was indeed relaxing, it wasn't my choice vacation. It's not like I could go anywhere!

My photos this week, for most part, aren't really artsy. Due to the weather conditions, staying in a lot, and fighting through the elements just to get back and forth to work ... they basically show you what it's like here. Eat your heart out, Florida!

 photo IMG_2040a_zps4f4e42eb.jpg
Made his own little snow cave

The robins in Bridgewater near my workplace have really proved to be determined to survive despite their untimely arrival this year. They've laid claim to the berries in the planters, digging holes to get at the frozen berries. The other birds still show no interest in the berries at all. That doesn't keep the robins from getting all territorial about them, though. I saw a seagull just pause to sit atop of one of the planters. A robin zoomed in from nowhere and chased off the seagull.

 photo IMG_1968a_zps2d1fef78.jpg
Before it snowed more

This was early Monday morning at the Plainfield Train Station. While we had snow Sunday evening, our big storm hadn't happened yet. Yeah, it's pretty. But I've taken enough "pretty" snow photos this year. Spring can come.

 photo IMG_1985a_zpsc1673a1c.jpg
Male Lady Liberty

Tuesday afternoon on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield, there were five hulking big male Lady Liberty "statues." They were dancing, playing music and singing (at times). It was bitterly cold, yet they kept their spirits up. They were handing out little bags with Tootsie Rolls and a coupon for $50 off tax preparation at Liberty Tax. Hey, for how they were handling the elements, the silly costumes and all, probably for minimum wage, they could probably do well in steady gigs.


 photo IMG_1981a_zps518f7067.jpg
Robin butt!

 photo IMG_2039a_zps9c8dba38.jpg
You with the camera ... shoo!

 photo IMG_2038a_zps49764add.jpg
I'll pretend you're not there

 photo IMG_1995_zps1ab8dbab.jpg
Snow(y) day Thursday

At times the snow was coming down at a rate near five inches an hour Thursday morning. I should have been at work. But work even closed for the day. I took this shot looking out my window at the nearby garage in my neighbor's yard.

 photo IMG_2002_zpsb29d1187.jpg
Almost a foot

This was my windowsill before the second round of the larger storm this week. If not for the fact that we had hours of freezing rain and sleet, we probably would have hit two feet of snow. As it is, we picked up another five inches in the second round.

 photo IMG_1971a_zps4a41ad4e.jpg
Here comes Peter Cottontail

I took this shot Monday afternoon at the Bridgewater Train Station. The three inches (or so) of fluffy snow from Sunday night atop the previously ice-glazed snow cover allowed me to see the footprints of the local rabbit population. A hip, a hop, a hip hip hop.

 photo IMG_1974a_zpsa021820e.jpg
Ice, Ice, Baby Redux

Last week, I fussed about the ice on the sidewalk at the corner of Watchung and East 4th Street in Plainfield. Mind you, it's right in front of a personal injury lawyer's business! Apparently someone went out with an ice pick or sledgehammer and broke it all up. Good. They put all the huge ice chunks, some about four inches thick, at the curb so no one on foot can access the street. Bad.

 photo IMG_1987a_zps4bbe1f44.jpg
Posing for Animal Crackers

I was carrying a loaf of bread as I walked by these little guys on East Front Street in Plainfield. Since I'm not a "crust person," I dug into the loaf and snagged the top crust out for them.

 photo IMG_1990a_zps74aa531a.jpg
Free? What is it?

This was atop the snow on East Front Street on Wednesday.

 photo IMG_1991a_zpsb6a19574.jpg
Ah. No thanks!

Nah, I'll pass. I own enough stuff that I use rarely. If I roll all my loose coins, I'll spend them. I consider them my rainy day or need exact change for stuff fund.

 photo IMG_1992a_zps5b482828.jpg
Well, duh!

How come, even though they put these signs up on East Front Street, there are still snowbird cars which haven't been moved since the snow started gathering? It makes for dangerous situations on the busy street! TOW THEM. Sheesh. If cars are parked on the street and not moved for two months, they need to be towed. There's been one neon green car with Maryland plates and a flat tire parked in the same spot since November. It's still there despite the signs.

 photo IMG_2019a_zps7cdfead1.jpg
Sidewalk? What sidewalk?

Some people shovel the sidewalks as per local ordinances. Some people haven't shoveled at all. That narrow path is just stamped-down snow. Yet you can't walk in the street due to the abandoned snow-covered cars. This is why I've been having to take a taxi to the train station. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_2016a_zps69279c15.jpg
Looking the other way

In the distance, they did actually shovel ... but just a narrow path. It would make for an excellent drunk driver test. If the driver can't put one foot in front of the other, he would just fall over in the snow and the cop wouldn't have to worry about breaking his fall.

 photo IMG_2018a_zps21739ea9.jpg
What first floor?

Now, this shot reminds me of the childhood days spent near Buffalo, NY. Snow would cover most of the first floor windows of our home for a portion of the season.

 photo IMG_2013a_zps9f317eed.jpg
A smidgen of sunrise

Thursday morning, looking out my window. While the day looked like it was going to be pretty, you couldn't really go anywhere. I couldn't get a taxi in a reasonable time at all pre-dawn and my early trains ended up canceled or severely delayed. Snow day! At least I wasn't the only one to call out.

 photo IMG_2011a_zps84e65a4a.jpg
Peekin' at the neighbor's house

Enough already. That fence is taller than I am.

 photo IMG_2025a_zps44c01f18.jpg
Shoveled walk at train station

Saturday morning at the Plainfield Train Station. While most of the station is in bad shape, the walk from the parking lot to the westbound platform is shoveled. Of course, I don't park a car and that's way out of my walking way to the station. But it's shoveled quite well. It's like walking through a tunnel. The snowbanks on either side are up to my chest. Gah.

 photo IMG_1969a_zps728b81f7.jpg
New open signs yet closed

Yep, flashy new OPEN signs fluttering in the wind and they're closed. Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_2010a_zps9721daf9.jpg
Do I hear a MOUSE?

No, you do NOT hear a mouse, Vincent. It would be nice if you looked at the camera as I try to shoot you!

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