Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Blog Pool Match-Ups

Hopefully tomorrow night's show will begin on time! After being so buried in snow here forever ... okay, two or three months, it really irked me last week to have a delay for GOLF. It was like rubbing salt into the wound.

"Oh, one of your favorite shows is having its season premiere? Oh, you've had a horrible extreme cold and snowy winter? How 'bout we delay that show with golf from a warm sunny wherever?"


Any way, the Magnificent Margo (and Mom) have done the random match-ups for the blog pool. Without further ado, here they are:

Flight Time & Big Easy - Laurie, Donna in FL, nicklepeed
Mark & Mallory - SueGee, jonMD1627, Margo
Jen & Caroline - Lynn1, Buzzmaam, DLA
Dave & Connor - Becky, Auntie Leigh, Rochelle
Margie & Luke - Donna in AL, Monty924, PDXGranny
Brendon & Rachel (Brenchal) - Terry in TX, Brian
Jessica & John - Sharon S, David, Rbennie
Cord & Jet (Cowboys) - ML, Nana in NW, Delee
Joey & Meghan - Brenda, Zoetawny, Dusty
Leo & Jamal (Afganimals) - Jackie, Jennamom, Merrilee

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