Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Brother 16 News and Stuff

Hey, BB fans ... ready for another summer of voyeurism as we watch silly house hamsters? The season premiere is set for Wednesday, June 25 at 8pm ET/PT. Based on previous seasons, I don't expect any cast announcements for a while yet. We should hear more on that about a week or ten days before the premiere. I do know that they kept casting open longer than initially planned. I can only hope that means all NEW hamsters, none of these repeat "15 Minutes of Fame" types.

The show, in its second year of an early start (remember it used to start around the July 4th weekend) will air Sundays 8pm ET/PT, Wednesdays 8pm ET/PT with the live eviction shows remaining on Thursdays 9pm ET/PT. will be hosting the live feeds once again. Huh. I wonder if RealPlayer is even still in business after losing that account? They've announced the Early Bird Special prices to sign up between now and June 26th ...

I don't have, but really should look into it, an affiliate status with CBS for getting your live feeds subscriptions through this blog. I suggest that you either pick them up via the CBS site offerings or via my longtime fellow BB site friend, That Dingo at One thing I'll say about CBS hosting the live feeds instead of is that it's a heck of a lot cheaper! It's at least a third less for the season pass. And, at about $24 for the whole season, if you're a fan of the show, it's really cheap entertainment at any time, day or night! (With some hamsters, cheaper than others!)

Of course, you don't need the live feeds to hang out here on the blog and get multiple reports daily. While I work a "real" full-time job and tend to lack for sleep over the summer, often other blog readers pick up on happenings and post them when I can't. Everyone is welcome to read and join in on the action here!

As I'm only one person, I simply cannot report on every breath the hamsters take. Sites like Jokers Updates have many folks posting every minute. Sometimes you need to take the reports there with a grain of salt as anyone can post updates and people sometimes make up events or results, exaggerate things and such. Eventually, their moderation staff takes those down as I do I when there are falsehoods in the comments area here. However, if you see content in a post I make here ... it's the truth. True, I might have a bit of bias at times, but all competition outcomes, etc., that I post are really what happened.

I will post two to three times a day with what my readers call the Reader's Digest condensed reports of the live feeds, along with screen caps. Every show night, I'll host a blog party right here on the blog and invite y'all to watch the show and post your comments. Unlike places like the CBS chat room, we try to act fairly respectable. I keep this place on a PG level at the most and ask you to respect that. I also ask that commenters respect each other and understand that people can have differences of opinion about houseguests without insulting each other. I remove that kind of interaction here. No, the 1st Amendment does NOT apply to blogs. Nope, not at all. I'm in no way part of the government!

It's just about a month away until the premiere. What kind of hamster houseguests do YOU want to see this season? I personally would rather a mix instead of buff dudes and swimsuit model gals. But, I doubt CBS sees it that way. They think sex and hook-ups sell. @@


Dawn Scott said...

we are all awaiting your posts!!!!!

Merrilee said...

Who is doing the blog pool this year?

Blog Pool winner of The Amazing Race Season 22

Jackie said...

Merrilee - I'll have to check if ORKMommy wants to do it again this season.

David said...

I wouldn't mind if all of the house guests were over 30 or 35 myself. A lot more life experience and a whole lot more to talk about during the down times than school, their favorite music, or who is dating who. I think I could have talked (or argued)politics with Helen all last summer. Though I doubt the producers would allow it because it is so devisive right now. LOL

Hard bodies only go so far in making it interesting if there is nothing upstairs to go with it.

I think I am going to wait until the cast is announced and I can watch the audition clips before I decide if I want the feeds or not.

lynn1 said...

I hope we don't have another couple that spends 99% of their time under the sheets and the other 1% of the time screaming and going mental.

cha cha said...

I am just so ready for the season to begin!
Rumors have started with what will happen this season.
On one hand,I honestly would like all new people, but bringing back past guests have seemed to work.
As long as 99.9% of last season hamsters don't return I will be happy.
Can't wait to get in on the pool!

Sharon N said...

Looking to get on the pool here too!
Although, if the Hamsters are as gawd-awful as they were last season, I just might end up only watching the show instead of following on After Dark too. LOL

RJM in SC said...

Can't wait Jackie,
personally I want to see some older people this time. Still Love Evil Dick, Chicken George and some other older ones. We are not all spring chickens that are watching. :)

Lorraine said...

I'd like to see some older people too. It makes it a lot more interesting. One of my favorites is Chicken George. This is an example of his antics:

PDX Granny said...

I keep thinking about getting in on the early bird price for the feeds, and was hoping you'd be doing them. Since you're not, I'll go thru one of your recommendations ~ if I decide to get them that is. :)

Becky said...

What kind of hamster houseguests do YOU want to see this season?

Someone who is not a slut! They sould remember that once on the Internet it is out there. When they become a Mommy or Daddy do they want their children to see them acting like they had no morals at all? Someone who is not a mealy mouth back stabber or liar.

David, I think I just agreed with your request for house guest to be over 30.

If there is a pool please sign me up. My computer time is limited.

Chacha said...


Chacha said...

where is the fridge, the house looks awesome.