Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Monday afternoon - June 30

At least he's not crying

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wayward Children:
  • Frankie thinks the HoH this week will be endurance. I personally wouldn't mind that since I actually have Friday off due to the holiday this week. Usually I have to get up before dawn. So, bring it on, BB!
  • Hayden thinks Derrick is big threat in the game. Yep, I'd say he is. He gets along with everyone and should do decently on most challenges.
  • Caleb is still obsessing about Amber.
  • He needs to quit it. She's not interested.
  • Several (PauPau, Caleb and Jocasta) were complaining that they can't be themselves in the Diary Room. They're told to speak proper English.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Caleb had a long talk with Amber to tell her he likes her.
  • Her reaction?
  • It was kind of "Oh, that's nice. Thank you for the kind words."
  • Heh.
  • She then later told PauPau and Jocasta that she doesn't know where Caleb got the idea there's a "vibe" between them.
  • Christine and Frankie think they're the smart bombs of the Bomb Squad.
  • I'd toss Derrick in there, as well.
  • Both Zach and Devin told PauPau not to worry this week.
  • There's a reason they're saying that.
  • Victoria thinks Brittany talks down to people.
  • Hmm.
  • Joey wants Caleb to talk her up to stay.
  • Bwahaha!
  • That's not happening.
  • Meanwhile, both Caleb and Devin are talking to people saying they want the vote to be unanimous or else the ones not voting with the house (even if they're not sure who) will be targeted next.
  • And, of course, that vote would be Joey out.
Donny has himself some city shorts

Hanging out in the bathroom

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

Being told to vote out Joey

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - June 30


For those of you who missed the bulletin yesterday -- Donny saved himself with the veto and Caleb put Joey up in his place. What a shocker, eh? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bodacious Beauts and Brutes:
  • More than a few people (Caleb and Brittany come immediately to mind) told PauPau she's safe this week. Caleb told her to play things cool and be on the quiet side.
  • Derrick and Christine, both true fans of the show, are relieved not to be first out the door.
  • Donny seems to be working his way into the bunch a bit more. Christine told Derrick that Devin almost made Donny cry. Heck, I'll take sympathy stays on Donny if that's what it takes to keep him in the house.
  • Joey thinks PauPau is going home. Devin told her she has his vote to stay. They gave each other advice on how to get along with others.
  • @@
  • PauPau doesn't want to campaign against Joey and say bad things about her.
  • PauPau is really little like her edit/intro to the show watching public. She's actually a lot more bearable.
  • Caleb needs to watch that chip on his shoulder. He keeps talking about how no one better dare put him up on the block.
  • Meanwhile, Derrick and Cody have bonded and talked about how Caleb has to be backdoored after Devin goes. Or, even before as Devin is more of a self-implode threat.
  • They think everyone would be on board to vote Caleb out as a replacement nom, even Frankie.
  • Victoria got sent to the storage room by BB to either change her batteries or take another mic. She was unsure what to do and stood there saying, "I'm confused" over and over again until the feeds cut to fish for the producers to tell her what they wanted her to do.
  • Heehee.
  • Devin cried more talking about his daughter. It turns out he hasn't even seen her for three months. Here I thought, as a "single father," he had custody. I guess not.
  • Want a creepy obsession hint? Caleb has been wearing one of Amber's dresses around his neck like a boa most of the day.
  • Eek.
  • Devin cried some more.
  • Joey apologized for being mean to Caleb.
  • Joey cried.
  • Sheesh.
  • Caleb went on about what a nice guy he really is.
  • Zach told Frankie they're playing the game among idiots.
  • Actually, I'd say Zach himself would be one of the idiots.
  • Derrick who, unlike Devin, doesn't cry about his daughter, told the others his baby daughter is having surgery on her ears. He said he'll only hear the result if it's bad.
  • The house keeps wanting Hayden and Nicole to be a couple.
  • No way says Nicole. She said Hayden is in a place she grew out of (irresponsible?) and she won't regress.
  • Hayden told Nicole that he had been talking about an alliance with Caleb.
  • Hayden is totally in the dark about any other alliances.
  • BB gave them booze.
  • No brouhahas ensued.
  • Rats.
  • They also celebrated Nicole's birthday.
  • After layering their clothes on the Have Not beds to make them softer, BB told them to take the layers right back off.
  • Frankie thinks that BB needs to give Devin alcohol nightly as he's funny when he drinks, not so much when he's sober.
  • There's been a lot of dancing to the music in their heads ... often choreographed by Frankie.
  • That's about it.
Relaxing gals

Jocasta loaned PauPau her bowtie

Donny mingled!

Yep, a thrill a minute

Dance class

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Brother 16: Nominations, Battle of the Block Show Blog Party - June 29

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Okay, let's see how this Battle of the Block goes down! As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come watch the show with us!

Remember -- entry for the blog pool closes tonight at midnight, EDT. To sign up, head to this post. Any entry requests on other posts might be missed. Our plan for the first hamster to be gone before the pool has gone a bit kerflooey with the twists this season. But, at least we know most of the hamsters a bit. It's not like one going out on the first night we see the show.

Hamster watchers ready?

Ah, a new show opening reminiscent of So You Think You Can Dance, BB style, of course.

The HoH room reveal is for both Caleb and Frankie. It's actually two rooms, the main one has a bird's nest kind of bed. Nicole and Christine click due to similarities. Frankie offers to work with Caleb. The "boys" -- Devin, Frankie, Caleb and Derrick decide on an alliance, called The Bomb Squad (thanks to Caleb). Cody and Zach are also invited. Cody and Derrick have some doubts but aren't telling the others, just telling us.

Nominations Today is on the screen.

Frankie wants to put up the first two who fell in the HoH. Caleb wants to put up Hayden, he thinks putting a guy and a girl up would conceal the existence of the Bomb Squad.

They draw to see which HoH decides on noms first. Caleb went first. Frankie doesn't want blood on his hands.

Only two keys to a box, Caleb announces Donny and PauPau, first to fall off in first HoH comp. Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany. Difficult decision, first two who fell in second HoH comp.

Caleb is crying because others cried. Aw. Frankie is trying to convince Victoria that Caleb chose first and took the ones he wanted to nominate.

Devin thinks the Bomb Squad needs a few girls and tells, recruits Christine without checking with his bros first. Tells her who all is in it and all! Then he repeats it with Amber! Silly boy! He tells Caleb they need two girls. He tells him they know.

Devin tells the rest of the group. The others aren't thrilled.

Battle of the Block - Big Brother Bash - a 1920s ballroom glam look according to Frankie. Must swing from chandeliers handing off champagne to your partner. The partner in turn tosses champagne at a flute. PauPau can't get her swing going for anything. Victoria and Brittany are doing great. Donny and PauPau finally get into the swing of things (heh) and advance as the girls fall apart. Now the girls have rhythm going again ... and Brittany and Victoria win the Battle of the Block. Frankie is no longer HoH.

As the show closes, it's Donny and PauPau on the block, Caleb the sole HoH.

Big Brother 16: PoV Meeting Bulletin - June 29

No hard feelings

Although the actual ceremony is blocked to the live feeds, we always find out. This time it was the moment the feeds returned.

As expected, Donny removed himself from the block with his PoV and, in his place, Caleb put Joey on the block.

She says she understands and that it's just a game. Uh-huh.

A full report will be filed later tonight!

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 29, 2014

Hey, folks! This is my weekly off television topic photo post! If you're looking for the latest Big Brother 16 stuff, you can find it at this link. In this post, I reflect on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

I've had some trouble with my Firefox browser freezing or the blog freezing my Firefox this morning. So, I'm running late at everything! Gah.

I really don't have much to report on this week. BB started, so I'm way busy. I'm working my full-time job atop of it, so I'm way busy. With the exception of some early week rain, it hasn't been horridly hot here this past week. Yay!

I think it might be best to get this up while Blogger and Firefox are working together well ...

 photo IMG_4180a_zpsa3cec794.jpg
Here's lookin' at ya, kid!

I thought this bee might be sick or dying. Then he turned and looked at me. Eep. I'm allergic, dude! He then flew away. Phew! Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_4194a_zps227067bf.jpg
A flower jungle out there

The house at the corner of Richmond and East Front in Plainfield is a cacophony of color!

 photo IMG_4156a_zps91c780ce.jpg
Flower slideshow ahead

The flower slideshow of the week is just after the jump if you're reading this from the main blog page!


Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday - June 29

Brittany in girl talk with Joey

Gee, I wish this bunch would start feuding already. They're getting along way too well despite all the scheming and alliance pursuits in the house. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Namby-Pamby:
  • Caleb still has his unrequited love affair with Amber ... to the point of obsession and creepiness.
  • Joey thinks that she's probably going on the block.
  • Well, duh.
  • Brittany thinks Devin stirs things up and finds him intimidating.
  • Well, yeah. He's a HUGE dude who makes most of the house hamsters look like the teensy rodents they are!
  • Jocasta and PauPau had a bible study session and a lengthy discussion on how to address the profanity in so many rap songs.
  • Yawn.
  • Joey announced to the house that EVERYBODY needs to talk to Caleb regarding his re-nom.
  • She thinks Devin should be put on the block instead of her.
  • She thinks that Caleb isn't talking to everyone and, if he did, he'd find out most want Devin out.
  • Derrick gave shout-outs to hamsterwatch and jokers. I just wish one day one would shout out to Jackie's!
  • Frankie keeps leading meditation sessions.
  • Talk about boring ...!
  • Devin picked up on what Joey was saying and went around telling everyone that Joey thinks he should go.
  • Now Nicole and Victoria are worried that they'll become targets due to Joey's actions.
  • And Donny is ...? Who knows?
  • Oh, wait. He's with Jocasta telling her she should mingle more. Oh my, take your own advice, Donny!
  • He also told her that he thinks Joey is hoping Devin will explode over her actions and get himself voted out.
  • Then Joey went and apologized to Devin.
  • Rats. I wanted a real brouhaha! Despite his size, I'm sure Devin wouldn't actually hurt anyone and that would have been entertaining to watch!
  • Frankie thinks Joey is both a hot mess and a liability. He said she needs to go home.
  • Devin told Caleb to act like he's going to nominate him (Devin) and let Joey think she's safe, then WHAM. Joey on the block!
  • And PauPau has to be feeling very good about all the Joey kerfuffle. She's pretty much no longer a target at all.
  • Amber hopes she doesn't look like an idiot in the DR sessions. (I don't think she does.) She also hates her voice. But, dang ... she is a pretty girl! (I said that, not her.)
  • Brittany and Devin had an argument, not sure what it was all about except it had to do with the Joey thing.
  • Brittany went off to cry.
  • Wah.
  • Zach stayed up later than usual.
  • As usual, Donny was nowhere to be found most of the night.
  • Derrick thinks it's way cool that he found the heart that McCrae scratched into the bathroom door.
  • Joey is upset about being a Have Not. She really wants to eat real food. She also is hoping to make the jury.
  • Sure, like those things are going to happen. Well, she'll be able to eat real food soon. But she won't make it as far as the jury house.
  • And, what of America's Team? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Devin is always paranoid

Nicole and Cody, not a Nicody though

Frankie relaxes again

Is that a badge Derrick's wearing?

I'm sure everybody hates me already

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Saturday evening - June 28

Rack 'em up, Donny

Yikes! It's a thrill a minute in that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys! Er ... well, it was as boring as all get-out today. Here's what's up:
  • Devin sneaks into the kitchen after the others go to sleep and he cleans.
  • He also mutters about sloppy kids as he cleans.
  • Caleb is creepy with his infatuation over Amber.
  • Amber would be more interested in Devin if she went for anyone.
  • Nicole is a bit irked (maybe pleasantly irked) that people think she and Hayden might (or already have) a showmance.
  • He's SO not her type!
  • Remember, she's the one with the crush on Ian Terry.
  • Caleb wore Frankie's shorts. Now, there's an odd couple if you ever saw one.
  • Brittany thinks Zach is sneaky.
  • You don't say!
  • The boys alliance - the Bomb Squad (Caleb, Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Devin and Amber) - is most likely to fall apart according to its own members.
  • Christine might be in there, too. I realize I called it "boys" and it did start out that way. Devin brought the girls in.
  • Donny actually hung out in the yard playing pool with the girls.
  • It still looks like Joey will be the replacement nominee when Donny takes himself off the block.
  • Yeppers. A thrill a minute.
  • Yawn.

My mother will be shocked I cried

Hayden just before he spit on the walk

Oh, the coolest stalker EVAH!

The make-up artist at work

Sun and fake grass

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Saturday pre-dawn - June 28

Caleb feels out who wants whom out

Hey, there hamster-watchers! I'm still feeling out this group and have no clue what I think of a few of them. But, others have made an impression on me. Of course, the biggest NEWS is that Donny won PoV and is sure to use it to save himself from eviction. Before I get into the feeds report, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on what I've seen so far. (Please let me know what you think in the comments!) --
  • On the whole, everyone gets along fairly well ... which can be boring.
  • Frankie has an excellent social game. He's worked his way into every hamster's heart. Unlike Andy of last year who did that, he's not nervous or jumpy about things. He has confidence. And, he's not coming across as sneaky.
  • Zach thinks he's in with Frankie so his game is as good as Frankie's game. It ain't. He's coming across as some kind of spoiled frat dude to me.
  • Cody wears Rutgers hoodies. Don't I see enough of them around here?
  • Everybody is dismissing PauPau as no threat whatsoever. Chances are whoever goes on the block against her will go home. She had a lot of big talk going into the game.
  • Donny is golden when he's there. I like him. I want him in the game. But he definitely needs to mingle and hang out with the others more. He's already an odd man out just due to being an odd man in the game. He NEEDS to get out there with the crowd and hang!
  • It seems like the guys think that Cody's a bit of a wild card. Hmm.
  • The girls are already mocking Victoria's not going to get sexual moves.
  • Derrick is playing his park and recs dude ploy pretty well. He's also getting along with all. I actually wouldn't mind if he won it all.
  • I do NOT LIKE them running the Jeff pre-show interviews instead of trivia during comps. With the theme music and trivia, I could take a nap with it playing and depend on the voices to awaken me when the feeds returned. With the Jeff interviews, it's all voices and I can't nap. Plus, there's too little fodder for the length of time the feeds are blocked!
Frankie is in with the in crowd

Here's the latest skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Silly Saps:
  • Donny won the spelling/water and suds involved PoV comp with the word "splitters."
  • Victoria almost won the PoV and has come away with a week of safety. She cannot be put on the block as a replacement due to her Battle of the Block win.
  • Caleb went around talking to everybody asking for one guy and one girl's name they would want him to put on the block.
  • Many were a bit iffy -- people are still getting along well in the house and any rifts have been quite minor.
  • It seems the consensus is still against Joey. People are irked that she not only outed the girls alliance, but took credit for forming it.
  • Devin's name came up as some people think he's too strong and he can be moody.
  • Brittany thinks it's best to keep weak players around.
  • Yeah, right. Send home all the good hamsters, Brit! Sheesh! (My own thoughts on that.)
  • PauPau told Donny she was happy he won. He told her he's on her side. Aw ... sweet, but far from a showmance!
  • Now, that would be interesting -- a PauPauDonny showmance! :)
  • PauPau can rival Adam for the love of bacon.
  • On a side note -- have you bought bacon recently? The price skyrocketed! 
  • Some are worried that Christine and Nicole have too much game knowledge and might ally.
  • Hmmm ... something happened on Day Two (before the feeds went live) that they're not allowed to talk about. Hmm.
  • After nearly two weeks in the house, Donny hasn't got all their names down. I tell you ... he needs to get more involved with the others!
  • I still don't have all them down, but if I think about it, I get the names right.
  • I'm better at remembering the guys more than girls. I wonder why.
  • When the backyard finally opened, they all made the escape. There were cartwheels, headstands, pool playing, hammock rocking and lounging about.
  • Not much game talk with all outside.
  • It sounds like most are willing to let Joey go on the block and then vote her out instead of PauPau.
  • You go, Team America, huh!
  • Joey seems to know her future is murky and is already working on votes to stay.
  • Caleb is getting a bit smitten with Amber. His bromance boys (Frankie, Cody and Zach) tell him she's playing him.
  • Caleb isn't coming off as obnoxious as he seems like he might be in real life.
  • Victoria (in a tear-filled moment) told Frankie she lost all her hair suddenly a few years back. Her hair is her pride and joy. Her real hair now is only up to shoulder-length, not the big long braid we see.
  • Joey thinks she's going to go up as a pawn.
  • Sheesh ... Donny! Get your butt out here and mingle with these child hamsters!
  • Frankie pledges to feed the fish all summer no matter who is HoH. He's even named them. Hopefully not as many will die this season as in the past.
  • Devin's "Double D" alliance with Donny is but a joke he shared with Derrick, Cody and Caleb.
  • Sigh.
  • So ... it seems that Joey will go up as Donny's replacement and it will probably be her going home, not PaoPao.
  • Notice I spell her name differently almost every time I write it. 
  • Heehee.
PauPau has a pow-wow


Disembodied head? Eek!

The tall and the short in gray hoodies

Victoria is safe for the week

Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday evening and POV - June 27

Oh my, Jacosta. No bowtie?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mixed Nuts:
  • It's really not looking good for Donny. Sigh. It seems almost everyone wants him out.
  • My gosh. All the girls, except Christine and Nicole, had to waste well over an hour of live feeds time applying their make-up. I'm personally not a huge make-up fan, but this takes the cake.
  • I realize they have time on their hands in the house, but I can't take watching all that!
  • Devin is falling out of favor with folks. Apparently he's having his ups and downs and now a few are wondering if he's bi-polar.
  • What? That guy with the easy grin? I think he might just be missing his daughter and letting it bother him.
  • He let it get to him that he lent people things and cleaned up after others and no one would lend him a sheet.
  • Ah, poor Devin. I guess no one gives a sheet about you.
  • I crack myself up.
  • Ahem.
  • Meanwhile, Amber spent forever cleaning the kitchen.
  • At least some people clean this year!
  • Frankie is playing Caleb like a fiddle. 
  • I wish Frankie didn't have a famous sister I don't know and a YouTube fan following. I'm actually respecting his game so far.
  • Frankie, Caleb and Devin were talking fight stories. Caleb mentioned one in which he was with his "gay friend." (Not quite the word he uses on the internet.) Frankie even had a fight story where he flipped, kicked a guy in the face and broke his nose.
  • Testosterone, yep.
  •  Frankie and Zach are working together ... supposedly. 
  • Devin is kind of sad that Donny will go home unless he wins the veto. He says there's no use in voting out Paola, though -- she's a weak player.
  • Amber wants Joey out because she outed the girls alliance.
  • Lots of rumbling about wanting Joey out.
  • But, unless she goes up as a PoV alternate nominee, she's not on the block.
  • That would be Donny and Paolo.
  • Hayden wants to request peanut butter be added to the condiments allowed with slop.
  • Frankie thinks that, since Amber gets along with the guys better than the girls, she's reluctant to vote for Donny to go.
  • He said it doesn't matter; they have the votes without her.
  • :(
  • Woot, woot! I've had this all written waiting for the live feeds to return after the PoV ... and ... and ...
  • DONNY is wearing the PoV necklace!
  • WOOT!
Donny with his PoV necklace!

Lookin' like Santa's elf

No copping out, Derrick!

I just don't know

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Report - Into Friday 6/27

Caleb's in charge, he has minions

Welcome to the first live feeds report for BB16! Now, keep in mind that a lot has gone on that we didn't see. They've already been in the house for a week. So, for right now, it's a game of "catch up" to hear references of what's been going down. Here ya go:

Frankie says Relax ...
  • Oh great. The feeds went live with Joey streaking topless. Is this a forewarning about the season?
  • Then Hayden streaked with her, using a hat to hide his junk.
  • Judging from missing keys on the Memory Wall, it looks like PauPau and Donny are on the block.
  • Yay and GRRR.
  • Yay, because PauPau annoys me. GRR because I really like Donny.
  • It sounds like the girls' alliance is kaput.
  • The PoV is "tomorrow." That would actually be "today" -- Friday.
  • Zach and Victoria are playing.
  • Not sure who else other than the two HoH.
  • They already have Have Nots who stay in the Ice Room.
  • Hayden, Joey, Brittany, Victoria and Cody are definitely Have Nots.
  • Frankie needs to realize it isn't Big Brother the Musical. He can't keep singing!
  • It's hard to tell who's working with whom right now. It looks like Zach is a bit in with Derrick and Cody while Devin and Caleb have clicked. And then it looks like Cody and Zach are in a bit with Caleb.
  • I'm so confused!
  • Frankie told Zach he'd prefer if PauPau went home.
  • So would I.
  • If she doesn't go, he thinks she'll self-destruct.
  • Well, that could be interesting, too!
  • The Battle of the Block has already gone down -- CALEB IS THE SOLE HOH.
  • Why is that not a surprise?
  • Apparently Frankie did form a bond with Caleb, though.
  • Now, that IS a surprise.
  • From the talk, it sounds like the plan is to evict Donny.
  • :(
  • Caleb told PauPau that the noms were chosen by both as per who fell in the HoH comp. They hadn't discussed it, just did it.
  • It's three girls and Donny nominated. Hmm ... I know one is PauPau. Not sure on the other two. Frankie's nominees won the battle, so Caleb's remain on the block. I'm not sure why Caleb remains HoH and not Frankie, though.
  • Victoria can't sleep with men in the room and Nicole is afraid of the dark.
  • No one in the house smokes this year. That's the first year ever. Welp, no talk of bartering cigarettes for safety!
  • Zach indeed seems to be into a lot of alliances.
  • Supposedly Zach and Cody don't care for Caleb yet they act like they do!
  • Hmm ...
Late night gathering

It's a cold world

She has her earmuffs!

The minions listen to Caleb

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Brother 16: Season Premiere Part Two Blog Party

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Tonight we see the second group of eight hamsters enter the house. I believe we'll see their HoH comp, but I'm not certain if much else due to the changes this season. I assume they might have the Battle of the Block after nominations, but I could be wrong. From what Julie said, it sounds like that battle will air Sunday night. However, I'm sure it will take place before then (if it hasn't already taken place in the house).

Once the live feeds kick in tonight after the West Coast show airing, we'll know more. I'll put up a report early in the morning to let you know. Keep in mind that we're not seeing anything live either last night or tonight (I think). The hamsters probably entered the house last Friday.

Before we get the party started, a few reminders:
  • If you want in on the blog pool, you need to sign up on the blog pool sign-up post. Only there, please. It might be missed if you want in on this party post! As we are skipping the first ousted hamster, the cut-off for signing up for the pool is this Sunday night, midnight EDT.
  • Due to the two night season premiere, the live feeds aren't starting until tonight's show ends West Coast time (1am here). I doubt my first live feeds report will be before early Friday morning. I have to gather info!
As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest! But the real party is in the comments. Come join in on the fun!

Recap and the intro of the second group of eight. They're showing the same sides they showed in the video interviews I posted. Perhaps Zach is even more obnoxious. Oh ... and Christine likes to be naked.

Julie lets them in on eight already inside and that an HoH has already been crowned. But then she lets them know there will be two HoH. At the end of the week, only one HoH will remain.

Jocasta, Caleb, Chistine and Hayden enter first. The previous eight greet them. The other four enter. Some people aren't going to get beds! Frankie and Victoria hit it off.

Donny makes cricket noises to entertain others and make himself more likable.

The new group's HOH starts, similar with a rolling log, but a barbeque theme. Over the Coals.  Fall into coals and you're gone. They hug the log instead of standing. The first group gets to watch them.

Victoria is out first. Now, Farankie wanted to team up with her. He's re-thinking that now.

BB gives them barbeque sauce. Brittany down. Jocasta down. Christine down. Zach is down, an obvious throw. Derrick down, thrown but not as obvious.

Hayden out, Caleb is the 2nd HoH.

After cleaning up, they gather in the living room with Julie on the monitor. She tells them every week 2 HoH, each nom two HG. Four noms a week. And ... Battle of the Block -- the nominees from each HoH battle. The ones who win will dethrone the HOH from the other side and that HoH loses his HoH-ship and could go up on the block (with the PoV used).

Team America -- Whoa, not Frankie! It's Joey! Carry out secret missions, each one gets them five thousand dollars. Two more will be chosen. Voting is now open for the second one at the CBS website.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: Season Premiere Blog Party!

Big Brother summer on Make A Gif

Is this what you want, Lester? Another summer of Big Brother? Oh, wait. I'm mixing Fargo up with Big Brother. No, Lorne Malvo is NOT a houseguest this season. Although, you have to admit that would be interesting!

Before we get the party started, a few reminders:
  • If you want in on the blog pool, you need to sign up on the blog pool sign-up post. Only there, please. It might be missed if you want in on this party post! As we are skipping the first ousted hamster, the cut-off for signing up for the pool is this Sunday night, midnight EDT.
  • Due to the two night season premiere, the live feeds aren't starting until after tomorrow night's show ends West Coast time (1am here). I doubt my first live feeds report will be before early Friday morning.
As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest! But the real party is in the comments. Come join in on the fun!

So ... hamster-watchers? Are we ready! It's AWN (in the famous words of Monica Bailey BB2) ...

8 are being introduced -- Pau Pau, Donny, Cody, Frankie, Amber, Nicole, Devin, Joey. Julie tells them they're facing the most twisted season ever, but only mentions they'll find out why there's only eight there later.

Cody, Amber, Donny and Joey go in the house first. Then the second group. It's Paolo *Pau Pau, who figures out there's sixteen in all.

Of course, this eight want to stick together as an alliance. They decide they're the Crazy8s. Devin makes a side alliance with Donny. The girls want a girl alliance called El Quatro. PauPau is suspicious that Frankie and Cody will form an alliance.

Julie shows up on the monitor promising a crowded house soon. She tells all about the HoH, ends with "completely safe, scratch that last part." She tells them that just because you're HoH, doesn't mean you're safe. Then she goes off screen.

PauPau is hitting on Cody big time. Frankie also has a crush on Cody.

They go to the yard in swimsuits for the HoH comp. Go Fly a Kite -- HG must hold up their kite string while on a rotating beam (kind of like log-rolling).

Out first is PauPau. Too bad, so sad. Joey is out. Nicole is down once sunscreen is sprayed by BB. The log changes direction. Donny, then Devin down. Cody is down.


Julie keeps talking about the "Team America" vote regarding whom we'd like to make an alliance with and threatening another big twist.

They have to go to the living room, Frankie is directed to one of the nomination chairs. Julie tells them that another group of eight will be in and there will be two HoHs. But, by the end of the week, only one HoH will remain standing.

Team America news -- the winner of that will be a part of a three person alliance chosen by us, one a week chosen. They will have secret missions and all.

Tomorrow night is the second eight. Sunday night will be the Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 16: More cast videos and some pre-show thoughts

There are several media outlets with hamster videos out there. This isn't one of them. Well, okay, now it is as I'm linking one of the "bigger media who gets chosen for such things" videos. One site has videos that are nearly 20 minutes each! Yikes! The ones I'm posting here, from, are five to six minutes each -- much easier to take, yet more in-depth than the ones on the official CBS website.

Here are my thoughts after not only watching these videos, but others too and poking around on the web. Now, I could be misjudging based on preliminary information, but this is what I think:
  • Caleb has to go. With all the racial prejudice stuff from last year, they took him on the cast? Not necessarily shown on the videos, more on stuff he's personally posted on the internet, I don't like him. I don't care if he's good-looking.
  • To counter Caleb, several of the guys want to go in as honest and nice. The ones coming immediately to mind are Derrick, Devin, Cody and Donny. All admit there will come times they need to lie, but on the whole all seem to want to play the game with as much integrity as possible.
  • A handful of the women in the individual interviews really want to make a LASTING female alliance, knowing it's never really held up before. Now, if this handful of women can actually get together and make it last, it could go down in BB history!
  • There are at least three true superfans in the cast this season -- Donny, Christine and Nicole. Donny and Christine have seen every season. There are other good fans such as Jocasta, Derrick and Frankie, then there are some who were recruited and never watched the show until they were approached by casting and/or in sequester. One, Victoria, was a fan of the show in another country as she spent each summer in Israel. That might bring an interesting perspective to her gameplay.
  • As far as gameplay, I think Derrick might just have a great edge in the house with his undercover police background and being a big fan of the show.
  • It seems Amazing Race wannabees get cast on Big Brother -- both Caleb (if I'm not mistaken) and Devin applied to TAR, Frankie had applied to Survivor.
  • Although I personally had no idea or knowledge of either Frankie or his pop star sister, I guess many people are familiar with them. I personally don't like a built-in fan base who might be voting for things which influence the game and there's a power block. I didn't like it with Elissa last season, and I'm not too keen on the possibilities of it happening with Frankie this season. That said, he seems okay on his own. 
  • Cody is not only good eye-candy for me, he's a Jersey boy. And, he comes across as nice. I just might have to cheer him on despite whatever hamster comes up in my blog pool pick.
  •  I wonder what it's like going through life knowing you're all that and a bag of chips ... AKA Zach.
  • Speaking of blog pool picks ... have you entered your name on the blog pool pick post yet? Only enter on that post, not on this one, please. We might miss requests from other posts!
Without further ado, here are the videos from --


Monday, June 23, 2014

Big Brother and Me (and you, too!)

Greetings, fellow hamster fans! Since we have some new folks coming aboard each season for the show, I thought I'd post a bit of the history of the blog, what we do, the blog community and more! If you're a returning blog community, a lot of this will be old news to you. Not to worry -- we'll have enough new news in just a few days!

Who am I?
I'm Jackie. I run the place here. I started watching Big Brother in its first season and hosted the AOL Message Boards for the show as well as some of the AOL chats. When blogs came to being more popular, I happened to be out of work with knee surgery the summer of BB6. Unlike Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, I had no neighbors committing murders. So, I turned my interest to another form of voyeurism -- a Big Brother blog on the now defunct AOL Journals product.

I decided I wanted to cover the live feeds in addition to show reviews. (I've had the live feeds every season, even the first one with its chicken coop cam!) But, since I'm just one person, there's no way I could post every breath the hamsters take 24/7. So, I created a bulleted listing, sort of a Reader's Digest condensed version of what struck me, the major happenings and just stuff I wanted to report. Very few blogs were doing the live feeds at that time.

My blog did so well that I was soon writing show reviews and live feeds reports for Blogcritics, then AOL Television, eventually getting picked up as a freelance writer for TV Squad (AOL Television, now Huffington Post). Along the way, as I wrote the paid reviews of the show, I thought I was shortchanging my own blog community -- that's when I came up with the blog parties on show nights.

During each show as it airs on the East Coast, I put up a blog party post. In the post, while I don't write a review per se, I post the major happenings on the show. Oh, sometimes I interject my own opinions in it. But, hey ... it's my place, right? The parties are actually in the comments area where dedicated show fans in this community post their thoughts throughout the show. We share cyberdrinks and eat lots of fattening food without gaining a pound during these parties!

Alas, the AOL Journal product died and it's no longer available, even cached. The paid gig went away when Huffington Post took over and didn't want freelance writers. But, this blog remains! It's actually a year-round blog and includes Survivor and The Amazing Race, plus my own weekly off television topic photography post.

As I watch the hamster introductions and those who claim to be "superfans," I can only think that I would have to qualify as a super-├╝ber-fan or something of that ilk with my BB history! I'm not stupid enough to go on the show, though.

BB12 Blogo 3 photo BB20Eye20Jackie10MA32894453-0001.gif

But I couldn't have done it without you! Over the years, the blog community members have stepped up to the plate -- from Zoetawny creating cool gifs for the blog to ORKMommy (and Lifeguard Laurie and Margo) running the blog pools! The community we've built here on the blog is definitely opinionated, but generally respectful of others. Now, that's a rarity these days!

I do monitor the comments and ask that others talk about the houseguests, not their fellow commenters and that comments are kept to a PG level. I'm also not keen on people making nasty comments about the physical aspects (or religion, gender, any racial or sexual slurs, etc.) of various hamsters, nor coming up with nasty names to call them. Heck, sometimes I don't even know who people are talking about when they call a hamster other than his name! I don't like to remove comments, but will remove trolling comments or flame wars. The First Amendment does NOT apply to a blog, y'see!

That said, I go into each season hoping never to have to delete a comment. We'll see how this season does! We do have lots of fun here. We've found out that you can have fun without being hateful. That's a good thing! New commenters are always welcomed by the group, too. We're not exclusive -- the more the merrier!

BB9 Girls Bannerplane photo bannergirls.gif

What you can expect posting-wise from the blog:
  • Once the live feeds start up -- Thursday night/Friday morning 1am -- I will regularly be doing two to three live feeds reports daily, along with screen caps.
  • On show nights, I'll post a blog party coinciding with the East Coast airing of the show. I turn off the word verification on comments, so comments during the party are very free-flowing. You're all welcome to attend!
  • When endurance comps go on after the show, I'll provide real-time coverage from the live feeds -- along with screen caps and the winner.
  • Even though most comps are blocked to the live feeds, we find out shortly after who won what. Since I'm the only one posting entries, I guarantee that any winners I post actually won. Unlike some sites where anyone can post false information (and sometimes they do here in comments, but I remove false info comments), if I post something, it's because I saw it for myself. And, you can bet your bippy on that!
  • This blog, with the exception of the blog party show nights, is all about spoilers. We generally know who won PoV and nominations more than a couple of days before it's shown on the air.
  • We also get to know the hamsters outside of any CBS edit, plus when they show situations out of order.
  • I also have a Big Brother on Jackie's TV Blog Facebook page where I link any posts I make on the blog. Occasionally I put other content on there, too. If you "like" that page, you'll know the moment I post here on the blog.
  • I also link updates to this blog on Twitter, but tend not to really twitter much otherwise.
  • I also have a personal Facebook page, but try not to post much on Big Brother on that page as it overwhelms the page. Believe it or not, many of my friends and family aren't into the show! Yikes! That's why I created a separate page mainly for BB. Most of my BB posts on that will be directing people to the show FB page.
SOOOO ... wanna come aboard the party boat for Big Brother 16?

You can get into the blog pool at THIS LINKED POST -- the cut-off for the blog pool is Sunday night, midnight EDT. Please only sign up on the linked post as we might miss your request on other posts.

The first blog party of the season will start on Wednesday night, 8pm EDT. Be there or be square.