Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big Brother 16: Cast Revealed

The big cast reveal was today. Hmm. Again, we have little diversity in age or race amongst the hamsters and it looks like they shot for folks who look good in bathing suits and/or might go for some hanky-panky under the covers. (Hopefully UNDER the covers! I don't want to see THAT!)

That said, it does seem like they aimed for more than the mindless unemployed bartenders for the most part this season. I'll be going more into the cast over the days leading up to the season premiere, but here's a quick lowdown --

Coming from a family with a single mother and raised in low-income housing, Amber Borzatra says she'll do anything to win. Um. Okay.

Brittany Martinez in the mother of three children. (Who's watching the kids?) She's divorced after eight years of marriage and thinks she's sneaky because she once faked labor to get out of a traffic ticket.

Caleb Reynolds served in the military as a jail guard in Iraq. His family owns a hunting business. He wears a cowboy hat. Hmm.

Christine Brecht has been to Disneyland over 50 times and has lived to tell the tale. She also was in a hot air balloon accident in high school and lived to tell that tale as well. Will she make it though Big Brother?

Cody Calafiore gives teenage girls dating and fashion advice in Seventeen magazine. He likes chick flicks and was drafted to a professional soccer team in college, but an injury blew that for him.

Derrick Levasseur might be the brains of this operation. He had a full baseball scholarship to college, went on to get his Business Administration Masters, He started police work as an undercover agent at 20 and has been a sergeant for ten years. How come he looks 22? I'm feeling old now.

Devin Sheperd played pro baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. Oh. And he's tall. He bio bit was really a bit!

Donny Thompson comes from a small town where he was the janitor in Kelly Pickler's high school. (Remember, American Idol country gal?) He's never been on a plane. Well, I bet he didn't WALK to California to be on the show! So, now he's been on a plane and is all kinds of worldly.

Frankie Grande is a former Broadway actor. (Never heard of him.) He's also a YouTube sensation. (Never heard of him.) His sister is pop star Ariana Grande. (Never heard of her. But I'll admit modern pop isn't my area of expertise.)

No, not OUR Hayden! Hayden Voss is a pedi-cab driver who recently moved to Los Angeles. (Probably looking for that big break. He's more the typical hamster we get.) He plans on using his "surfer dude" persona to win. Good luck with that.

Jocasta Odom is a minister who says she'll swear on the bible to win and plays pranks on her husband. Well, that's different, I guess.

Joey Van Pelt -- perhaps a relative of Linus and Lucy -- was the big girl on campus in her high school. She was the team mascot (a tiger), homecoming queen and class president. She's liberal, big on recycling and wants to save the world. Or something like that.

Nicole Franzel has wanted to be on Big Brother since she was EIGHT. Eep. What was she doing watching this show at that age? That should be the sign of a superfan. Then she goes and says she'd like a showmance with someone like Ian. @@

Now, Paola Shea just might be a contender. She's a Maxim magazine girl, a top-rated gamer and wants to be the best female DJ ever. The gamer part could definitely work in her favor.

Victoria Rafaeli isn't our standard hamster. She was raised by Israeli parents and is expected to live at home until marriage. Did she bother telling her parents about this? My gosh, I hope they don't get the live feeds! She started her own photography business at 19.

Zach Rance recently received his degree in economics. He thinks of himself as a con artist. Well, that goes well with his chosen academics, doesn't it? Lofty goals in mind, he wants to be a professional caddy.

So, there they are. I haven't really looked into their ages much, but it's doubtful that more than one or two are over 30 even and probably none over 40. What do you think?


Shannon said...

Zach rubs me wrong already... there are a few over thirty actually Jackie...and ONE over 40.

Petals said...

There are many potential hook-ups with this cast. I didn't see the usual token African American guy, or the "mom". There ARE the usual crazy-hip gay guy and the eccentric guy & girl.
The rest? Who knows?

SueGee said...

Game on!! If we are starting next week, they may already be in the house right? Bring on the pool & the float(er)s!!

SueGee on the Left Coast

uncartie said...

Typical cast meant to appeal to the prized 18-49 ratings demo and a Duck Dynasty lookalike thrown in for good measure.

Chacha said...

Petals, there is Devin who is black.
Also there is Brittney who is a mother of three.
I don't think I will like Hayden.
I haven't watched all the video interviews yet.
I think Jocosta will be one of the first gone.
This cast seems weak to me. Guess I will have to wait and see.

David said...

All of these people think that the same as always rules are going to apply and want to be first HOH. I hope they do not tell them until after the first HOH competition that the HOH is not safe. I love to see shocked faces. LOL

There are 4 different ones I would like to see first gone to deflate their egos. Can't decide which one I want gone the most. And if Jocosta talks in the house as she does on her FB page that would annoy me to no end.

Chacha said...

David, like I said in my last comment i think Jocosta may go rather quickly.
I also think the Paola girl will get in trouble with her mouth.
I haven't watched all the videos yet.

Jason said...

Ariana Grande plays Cat in the sitcom "Sam & Cat". Could not get past the second episode. #stupid

Jackie said...

Jason - I've never seen that show. I guess I won't make the effort!

Petals said...

Thanks ChaCha - I forgot Devin. After having seen the cast interviews, I have some favorites. I like Brittany-the-pretty-mom, Cody-who-looks-just-like-John-Travolta, Caleb-the-outdoorsy-dog-groomer, and Amber-never-seen-the-show, and Nicole-the-new-nurse.

Anonymous said...

Paloa is cute. She looks younger then 27 years old.