Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday evening and POV - June 27

Oh my, Jacosta. No bowtie?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mixed Nuts:
  • It's really not looking good for Donny. Sigh. It seems almost everyone wants him out.
  • My gosh. All the girls, except Christine and Nicole, had to waste well over an hour of live feeds time applying their make-up. I'm personally not a huge make-up fan, but this takes the cake.
  • I realize they have time on their hands in the house, but I can't take watching all that!
  • Devin is falling out of favor with folks. Apparently he's having his ups and downs and now a few are wondering if he's bi-polar.
  • What? That guy with the easy grin? I think he might just be missing his daughter and letting it bother him.
  • He let it get to him that he lent people things and cleaned up after others and no one would lend him a sheet.
  • Ah, poor Devin. I guess no one gives a sheet about you.
  • I crack myself up.
  • Ahem.
  • Meanwhile, Amber spent forever cleaning the kitchen.
  • At least some people clean this year!
  • Frankie is playing Caleb like a fiddle. 
  • I wish Frankie didn't have a famous sister I don't know and a YouTube fan following. I'm actually respecting his game so far.
  • Frankie, Caleb and Devin were talking fight stories. Caleb mentioned one in which he was with his "gay friend." (Not quite the word he uses on the internet.) Frankie even had a fight story where he flipped, kicked a guy in the face and broke his nose.
  • Testosterone, yep.
  •  Frankie and Zach are working together ... supposedly. 
  • Devin is kind of sad that Donny will go home unless he wins the veto. He says there's no use in voting out Paola, though -- she's a weak player.
  • Amber wants Joey out because she outed the girls alliance.
  • Lots of rumbling about wanting Joey out.
  • But, unless she goes up as a PoV alternate nominee, she's not on the block.
  • That would be Donny and Paolo.
  • Hayden wants to request peanut butter be added to the condiments allowed with slop.
  • Frankie thinks that, since Amber gets along with the guys better than the girls, she's reluctant to vote for Donny to go.
  • He said it doesn't matter; they have the votes without her.
  • :(
  • Woot, woot! I've had this all written waiting for the live feeds to return after the PoV ... and ... and ...
  • DONNY is wearing the PoV necklace!
  • WOOT!
Donny with his PoV necklace!

Lookin' like Santa's elf

No copping out, Derrick!

I just don't know


Anonymous said...

Jackie, I give you a lot of credit watching the feeds the way you do for us! I had BBAD on last night and watched as they started yelling, "We're live", "you know all the ex house guests are watching us", as they jumped on all the furniture in the house.

Anonymous said...

Yesssssss! WTG Donny!! ...did not want to see my home state guy go 1st.....actually almost hometown..he's about 30 minutes from me.....especially since he is such a diehard fan!

Cheryl in NC

uncartie said...

Good for Donny! Please get rid of Paola

Petals said...

YAY Donny !!!! *happy dance*

Brenda - I saw that, when they talked about everyone tuned in. LOL

David said...

Good for him. =) At this point in time it looks like it could be Joey going up to replace him and out the door. That is sure going to mess up BB America's players for CBS. LMAO

For anyone with a lot of CBS coins they are offering monthly and season live feed passes you can redeem with the coins. 10,000 and 24,000 respectively. How anyone could sit through that many commercials to get that many points I don't know but I guess it is possible.

Sharon N said...

Interesting developments in the BB house!
WTG Donny, screwed up their plans.
I could do without blue-hair, but would rather the Paola.
Paola... what an odd name. Kinda sounds like an illegal pay-off. LOL

monty924 said...

YES!!! Way to go Donny! :))))

meb said...

Yay for Donny... now can't wait to see the POV comp to see what he had to do to win.

Petals said...

Hi meb!

The discussion of late is now to nom Joey (blue). There is even sniffs of Devin going up, because he is "acting crazy and scaring people", even the ones in his alliance(s).

IMO, Frankie is the new Andy. He appears in every room, makes everyone love him, then melts away. Hey, it took Andy all the way last year...

lynn1 said...

I am so glad Donny got the POV. I really wish they would send Paola Home. She gets on my last nerve which usually means she will be in the house most of the summer.

Chacha said...

The POV was the game where they had to spell a word.