Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - June 30


For those of you who missed the bulletin yesterday -- Donny saved himself with the veto and Caleb put Joey up in his place. What a shocker, eh? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bodacious Beauts and Brutes:
  • More than a few people (Caleb and Brittany come immediately to mind) told PauPau she's safe this week. Caleb told her to play things cool and be on the quiet side.
  • Derrick and Christine, both true fans of the show, are relieved not to be first out the door.
  • Donny seems to be working his way into the bunch a bit more. Christine told Derrick that Devin almost made Donny cry. Heck, I'll take sympathy stays on Donny if that's what it takes to keep him in the house.
  • Joey thinks PauPau is going home. Devin told her she has his vote to stay. They gave each other advice on how to get along with others.
  • @@
  • PauPau doesn't want to campaign against Joey and say bad things about her.
  • PauPau is really little like her edit/intro to the show watching public. She's actually a lot more bearable.
  • Caleb needs to watch that chip on his shoulder. He keeps talking about how no one better dare put him up on the block.
  • Meanwhile, Derrick and Cody have bonded and talked about how Caleb has to be backdoored after Devin goes. Or, even before as Devin is more of a self-implode threat.
  • They think everyone would be on board to vote Caleb out as a replacement nom, even Frankie.
  • Victoria got sent to the storage room by BB to either change her batteries or take another mic. She was unsure what to do and stood there saying, "I'm confused" over and over again until the feeds cut to fish for the producers to tell her what they wanted her to do.
  • Heehee.
  • Devin cried more talking about his daughter. It turns out he hasn't even seen her for three months. Here I thought, as a "single father," he had custody. I guess not.
  • Want a creepy obsession hint? Caleb has been wearing one of Amber's dresses around his neck like a boa most of the day.
  • Eek.
  • Devin cried some more.
  • Joey apologized for being mean to Caleb.
  • Joey cried.
  • Sheesh.
  • Caleb went on about what a nice guy he really is.
  • Zach told Frankie they're playing the game among idiots.
  • Actually, I'd say Zach himself would be one of the idiots.
  • Derrick who, unlike Devin, doesn't cry about his daughter, told the others his baby daughter is having surgery on her ears. He said he'll only hear the result if it's bad.
  • The house keeps wanting Hayden and Nicole to be a couple.
  • No way says Nicole. She said Hayden is in a place she grew out of (irresponsible?) and she won't regress.
  • Hayden told Nicole that he had been talking about an alliance with Caleb.
  • Hayden is totally in the dark about any other alliances.
  • BB gave them booze.
  • No brouhahas ensued.
  • Rats.
  • They also celebrated Nicole's birthday.
  • After layering their clothes on the Have Not beds to make them softer, BB told them to take the layers right back off.
  • Frankie thinks that BB needs to give Devin alcohol nightly as he's funny when he drinks, not so much when he's sober.
  • There's been a lot of dancing to the music in their heads ... often choreographed by Frankie.
  • That's about it.
Relaxing gals

Jocasta loaned PauPau her bowtie

Donny mingled!

Yep, a thrill a minute

Dance class


Petals said...

G'morning Ms J & everyone!

Urrghhh! A "fed" most of last evening, in to the wee hours this morning and each hour that passed made me dislike Devin more & more.
Why? Because he is targeting anyone that said a cross word to him on his daughter's birthday. As tho it is a national holiday, or a religious event. @@ Really, Devin? Get WAY over yourself, you wackadoo.
Caleb. Poor Caleb. The boy has ego for days (and for the most part, can back it up!), but his bravado can be a bit off-putting. I still like him, tho.
This is a fun group so far, IMO. By this time last season at least half of the house were already scrogging.
Have a great Monday, everyone.

Chacha said...

Petals- I agree with some of what
you are saying.
I do not like Caleb at all.
Devin is cuckoo...
I haven't made it through one night of After Dark.
IMO- Derrick is my favorite right now.
I do hope that a girl wins HOH and puts up all guys.
Jackie- Does Frankie get to compete for HOH since he was dethroned?? I can't find this answer anywhere.

uncartie said...

Devin is a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later something either won't go his way or he'll completely misinterpret a casual remark or look and we'll be off to the races.
Caleb's arrogance is going to earn him a backdoor vote to BB Palookaville.
Paola is much more likeasble now.
My favorite now has to be Frankie. Hilarious and really game smart. Sure thing to be voted America's choice next week

ORKMommy said...

I haven't watched the feeds so I haven't seen any of Devin's shenanigans, but when they showed him take it upon himself to oust the boys alliance to the two girls on the show last night...I was dumbfounded! Who died and made him Lord High Ruler of the Bomb Squad? I really hope the guys oust him for that!

BTW...does anyone know when the 1st eviction happens? I have all the pool names but I can't do the random pairings until I know who's the first out. Thanks!

Jackie said...

The first eviction will be Thursday on the live show.

ORKMommy said...

Oh yea, I knew that! :-)