Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday - June 29

Brittany in girl talk with Joey

Gee, I wish this bunch would start feuding already. They're getting along way too well despite all the scheming and alliance pursuits in the house. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Namby-Pamby:
  • Caleb still has his unrequited love affair with Amber ... to the point of obsession and creepiness.
  • Joey thinks that she's probably going on the block.
  • Well, duh.
  • Brittany thinks Devin stirs things up and finds him intimidating.
  • Well, yeah. He's a HUGE dude who makes most of the house hamsters look like the teensy rodents they are!
  • Jocasta and PauPau had a bible study session and a lengthy discussion on how to address the profanity in so many rap songs.
  • Yawn.
  • Joey announced to the house that EVERYBODY needs to talk to Caleb regarding his re-nom.
  • She thinks Devin should be put on the block instead of her.
  • She thinks that Caleb isn't talking to everyone and, if he did, he'd find out most want Devin out.
  • Derrick gave shout-outs to hamsterwatch and jokers. I just wish one day one would shout out to Jackie's!
  • Frankie keeps leading meditation sessions.
  • Talk about boring ...!
  • Devin picked up on what Joey was saying and went around telling everyone that Joey thinks he should go.
  • Now Nicole and Victoria are worried that they'll become targets due to Joey's actions.
  • And Donny is ...? Who knows?
  • Oh, wait. He's with Jocasta telling her she should mingle more. Oh my, take your own advice, Donny!
  • He also told her that he thinks Joey is hoping Devin will explode over her actions and get himself voted out.
  • Then Joey went and apologized to Devin.
  • Rats. I wanted a real brouhaha! Despite his size, I'm sure Devin wouldn't actually hurt anyone and that would have been entertaining to watch!
  • Frankie thinks Joey is both a hot mess and a liability. He said she needs to go home.
  • Devin told Caleb to act like he's going to nominate him (Devin) and let Joey think she's safe, then WHAM. Joey on the block!
  • And PauPau has to be feeling very good about all the Joey kerfuffle. She's pretty much no longer a target at all.
  • Amber hopes she doesn't look like an idiot in the DR sessions. (I don't think she does.) She also hates her voice. But, dang ... she is a pretty girl! (I said that, not her.)
  • Brittany and Devin had an argument, not sure what it was all about except it had to do with the Joey thing.
  • Brittany went off to cry.
  • Wah.
  • Zach stayed up later than usual.
  • As usual, Donny was nowhere to be found most of the night.
  • Derrick thinks it's way cool that he found the heart that McCrae scratched into the bathroom door.
  • Joey is upset about being a Have Not. She really wants to eat real food. She also is hoping to make the jury.
  • Sure, like those things are going to happen. Well, she'll be able to eat real food soon. But she won't make it as far as the jury house.
  • And, what of America's Team? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Devin is always paranoid

Nicole and Cody, not a Nicody though

Frankie relaxes again

Is that a badge Derrick's wearing?

I'm sure everybody hates me already


Chacha said...

Jackie, these hamsters are a snooze so far!
I am usually glued to feeds by now and they are just boring.
I am ready for a brouhaha to happen hut everyone seems scared!
Hope they liven up!
It will be interesting to see what CBS does now that it seems Joey may go home.

meb said...

Chacha.. I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if we just keep voting until there are three that stay for a while.

And other than they may not like Joey, is she a real threat? Why not get rid of some of those strong guys who will be hard to beat in some of the endurance comps that are going to be coming up later.

Jackie, have they shown the HOH room yet or talked about it on the feeds?

Chacha said...

meb- i am beginning to think this is another production idea that is going to be finished real fast.
on the HOH side i think that may be tonight along with nominations and Battle of the Block.
It will be a lot packed into one hour.
We won't get to see much of the non backstabbing.
Its like we can't win, we complain about how fast alliances are formed(previous seasons) and now how we don't see much of alliances formed.
I do believe that the big eight person alliance(who I am not t0o sure is in or out of) will blow up next week if one of there people don't win.
It does crack me up that Zach thinks he will coast to the end. I am not sure that Frankie is just agreeing with him or also believes it.
Frankie feels that he will get americas favorite because his sister is a teenie bopper pop star.
On that end I don't even know who she is or what she sings.

Jackie said...

meb - Oh, yes. Some of the screen caps I've taken are from the HoH room. It's a bit small, has a bird's nest style bed and the typical HoH bathroom with the fishtank and tub. Frankie and Caleb are sharing the room. We didn't see the HoH reveal, but I know that Caleb got beer in his HoH basket. I believe Frankie got a basket as well. This week, since the feeds are on, we'll see more about how it goes down with two HoH.

Shannon said...

They are HUGE snooze so far... at least when Devin or Joey are doing their things it is something to watch :-D I loved it when she accidentally scared him yesterday morning.