Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Report - Into Friday 6/27

Caleb's in charge, he has minions

Welcome to the first live feeds report for BB16! Now, keep in mind that a lot has gone on that we didn't see. They've already been in the house for a week. So, for right now, it's a game of "catch up" to hear references of what's been going down. Here ya go:

Frankie says Relax ...
  • Oh great. The feeds went live with Joey streaking topless. Is this a forewarning about the season?
  • Then Hayden streaked with her, using a hat to hide his junk.
  • Judging from missing keys on the Memory Wall, it looks like PauPau and Donny are on the block.
  • Yay and GRRR.
  • Yay, because PauPau annoys me. GRR because I really like Donny.
  • It sounds like the girls' alliance is kaput.
  • The PoV is "tomorrow." That would actually be "today" -- Friday.
  • Zach and Victoria are playing.
  • Not sure who else other than the two HoH.
  • They already have Have Nots who stay in the Ice Room.
  • Hayden, Joey, Brittany, Victoria and Cody are definitely Have Nots.
  • Frankie needs to realize it isn't Big Brother the Musical. He can't keep singing!
  • It's hard to tell who's working with whom right now. It looks like Zach is a bit in with Derrick and Cody while Devin and Caleb have clicked. And then it looks like Cody and Zach are in a bit with Caleb.
  • I'm so confused!
  • Frankie told Zach he'd prefer if PauPau went home.
  • So would I.
  • If she doesn't go, he thinks she'll self-destruct.
  • Well, that could be interesting, too!
  • The Battle of the Block has already gone down -- CALEB IS THE SOLE HOH.
  • Why is that not a surprise?
  • Apparently Frankie did form a bond with Caleb, though.
  • Now, that IS a surprise.
  • From the talk, it sounds like the plan is to evict Donny.
  • :(
  • Caleb told PauPau that the noms were chosen by both as per who fell in the HoH comp. They hadn't discussed it, just did it.
  • It's three girls and Donny nominated. Hmm ... I know one is PauPau. Not sure on the other two. Frankie's nominees won the battle, so Caleb's remain on the block. I'm not sure why Caleb remains HoH and not Frankie, though.
  • Victoria can't sleep with men in the room and Nicole is afraid of the dark.
  • No one in the house smokes this year. That's the first year ever. Welp, no talk of bartering cigarettes for safety!
  • Zach indeed seems to be into a lot of alliances.
  • Supposedly Zach and Cody don't care for Caleb yet they act like they do!
  • Hmm ...
Late night gathering

It's a cold world

She has her earmuffs!

The minions listen to Caleb


David said...

I was afraid that would happen. Donny is so much older than anyone else in the house. It is not looking good at this moment for Donny if he doesn't win the POV. What is the old saying, nice guys finish last and crap floats to the top. Well so far it is looking that way. Hope this turns around.

Petals said...

G'morning Jackie!

I turned on the feeds just after Joey streaked, but Hayden stayed naked for about, what - 5, 10 minutes? I'm not a fan of that, it seemed he was TOO desperate for attention.
This new twisty season is confusing, I can only hope that somehow Donny will remain.
Thanks for the update :)

lynn1 said...

Maybe America can "direct " Joey to keep her clothes on for the rest of the season. When she found out she had been the first one voted into America's Team She said she would do what we told her to.

Sharon S said...

Oh, not Donny. He is the real entertainment for me. I enjoy his comments! Maybe PoV will be used to save him.

Thanks for watching all the boring stuff and making it interesting for us Jackie!

Witt said...

NOT DONNY!!! Oh, come on people!!

jennifer said...

David, I had not heard of that entire statement, but oh it is so true. I hope we do not have to say goodbye to Donny, I think he would be fun to watch this season.

Anonymous said...

Not Donny! That will suck if he goes out first! He is such a fan of the show! Love to see him win POV! Go Donny.

Cheryl in NC

Chacha said...

Apparently the hamsters(caleb) don't believe donny is really a groundskeeper. They think he is professor. From what I have read he is actually brilliant and could have worked for NASA

ORKMommy said...

I think this year is going to be full of twists that aren't part of the rules of the game. When you look at the women, most of them seem down to earth and not the bimbo's we usually get. Even though the girl alliance may be kaput, that doesn't mean it can't come back. PauPau and Victoria seem like the typical female hamsters so they need to go. Now, the boys are another matter. It seems to me that they're more like the girls of the past than the guys. I think they're all gonna turn on each other and the claws will come out. Should be an interesting season...

Anonymous said...

Anyone else having trouble with the live feeds on their ipad? Any tips?

Thanks Jackie - looking forward to another great year!

Petals said...

Hi Ork - I completely agree! I love that the 2 (IMO) prettiest chicks - Amber & Brittany - are not shallow, silly sorority girls. They (see to) have substance, good hearts, and brains.
Re the boy toys: From what I've seen/read, Cody & Devin - while having beautifully sculpted bodies - also have some depth, seem genuine & fun and not blockheads (pun intended?).
I hope the D&D alliance will remain intact & secret. Maybe Devin can persuade the other men to keep Donny.
As I type this, Brittany is still puttering around the kitchen. Insomniacal nerves maybe?

Petals said...

Flipflop - HI!
My feeds are super-slow. Since only Britt is awake, I rewound to see what else was going on earlier, and was unable to view.

Chacha said...

I hope Donny doesn't leave.
From the few minutes I watched the feeds I just don't really like Paola.
I hope she stays on the block and self implodes before thursday

uncartie said...

Jackie,Caleb is HOH because Frankie's nominees won. The new rule is that if your nominees win (in this case Frankie) the HOH that nominated them is dethroned.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the feeds.

meb said...

Hey everyone. Probably won't be able to post during the show, but will always drop in here to see what you're all talking about.

Jackie, I am so glad you are here to give those of us who won't have the feeds everything that's happening in the house. I think most of us like Donny and don't want him to leave. He is a die-hard fan, so i hope he has enough knowledge to make a move which keeps him in the game. Go Donny! Too many names I don't know yet, so need to go back and look at Jackie's interviews in order to know who everyone is talking about here. Again... thanks Jackie!

meb said...

Ooops... I still have Vincent here... As soon as I figure it out again, I'll change it Jackie... but he is cute, isn't he? :)

Jackie said...

Uncartie - Yeah, I realized that after I headed out to work. I have to get used to the new twists.

meb - What a handsome cat!

Faye said...

I was tweeting most of the time with jeff and other past house guest and us regular bb fans on the 16 hour live feed tweets …. and most of them agreed with me on liking Donny and wanting him to stay.

Faye said...

i like reading your blog Jackie because i don't have live feeds and i have ATT who doesn't have after dark, which i always watched on showtime…. uggghh why did i get Uverse ….

Celticskye said...

Gag! Frankie the relaxing Guru.