Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: More cast videos and some pre-show thoughts

There are several media outlets with hamster videos out there. This isn't one of them. Well, okay, now it is as I'm linking one of the "bigger media who gets chosen for such things" videos. One site has videos that are nearly 20 minutes each! Yikes! The ones I'm posting here, from, are five to six minutes each -- much easier to take, yet more in-depth than the ones on the official CBS website.

Here are my thoughts after not only watching these videos, but others too and poking around on the web. Now, I could be misjudging based on preliminary information, but this is what I think:
  • Caleb has to go. With all the racial prejudice stuff from last year, they took him on the cast? Not necessarily shown on the videos, more on stuff he's personally posted on the internet, I don't like him. I don't care if he's good-looking.
  • To counter Caleb, several of the guys want to go in as honest and nice. The ones coming immediately to mind are Derrick, Devin, Cody and Donny. All admit there will come times they need to lie, but on the whole all seem to want to play the game with as much integrity as possible.
  • A handful of the women in the individual interviews really want to make a LASTING female alliance, knowing it's never really held up before. Now, if this handful of women can actually get together and make it last, it could go down in BB history!
  • There are at least three true superfans in the cast this season -- Donny, Christine and Nicole. Donny and Christine have seen every season. There are other good fans such as Jocasta, Derrick and Frankie, then there are some who were recruited and never watched the show until they were approached by casting and/or in sequester. One, Victoria, was a fan of the show in another country as she spent each summer in Israel. That might bring an interesting perspective to her gameplay.
  • As far as gameplay, I think Derrick might just have a great edge in the house with his undercover police background and being a big fan of the show.
  • It seems Amazing Race wannabees get cast on Big Brother -- both Caleb (if I'm not mistaken) and Devin applied to TAR, Frankie had applied to Survivor.
  • Although I personally had no idea or knowledge of either Frankie or his pop star sister, I guess many people are familiar with them. I personally don't like a built-in fan base who might be voting for things which influence the game and there's a power block. I didn't like it with Elissa last season, and I'm not too keen on the possibilities of it happening with Frankie this season. That said, he seems okay on his own. 
  • Cody is not only good eye-candy for me, he's a Jersey boy. And, he comes across as nice. I just might have to cheer him on despite whatever hamster comes up in my blog pool pick.
  •  I wonder what it's like going through life knowing you're all that and a bag of chips ... AKA Zach.
  • Speaking of blog pool picks ... have you entered your name on the blog pool pick post yet? Only enter on that post, not on this one, please. We might miss requests from other posts!
Without further ado, here are the videos from --



Petals said...

Jackie, I like Cody too. AND have you noticed how much he looks like a young John Travolta?

Jackie said...

I'm not seeing it. He looks like a young version of my cousin David to me.