Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Brother 16: Twist(s) and House Photos Revealed

Hamster watchers ready? It's not long now!

On The Talk today, Julie Chen revealed the new twist(s) for the season. Here's the skinny:
  • There will be two HoH each week all summer long.
  • Each HoH will make two nominations, making for four nominees weekly.
  • The HoHs themselves aren't safe as there will be a new competition introduced -- Battle of the Block.
  • "Team America" will be able to influence the game.
Hmm. Well, this will be different. Alliances are going to have a harder time to grow, at least the larger half/house ones we've seen the last several seasons. I'm not sure what will happen when the numbers dwindle. I'm not all that keen on the viewers taking more than a very non-influential part. People often tend to want the most interesting people (often villain types) gone and, to me, they're what makes the live feeds and show more interesting!

Your thoughts?

Also, the Hollywood Reporter revealed the house photos today. You can find them at this link. Their article about the new house is right here.

There is also a video at the CBS press site with Julie touring the house. I can't seem to embed it here, but you should be able to watch it at this link.


Anonymous said...

interesting. Maybe it will turn the game on it's head and it will not get so boring. I hope they got some good hamsters this years. Not a bunch of idiots or ones who make racist comments.


Anonymous said...

Glad BB is back Love you Jackie!!!!! You are our daily fix!!!!

Chacha said...

this is very interesting.
I can't see the hoh twist lasting all game.
I am not a big survivor watcher but is this kind of a twist of redemption island.
On another note, I love the way the house looks.

Mimi6343 said...

Cant wait!

monty924 said...

I'm so excited. Can't wait for move in night!

lynn1 said...

Now that Fargo is over I'm chomping at the bit for BB16 to start. I hope we have more mature less bigoted and less horny house guests this summer.

JimmyB said...

Hi Jackie & everyone...We're back for another season.

Anonymous said...

Summer doesn't officially start until Big Brother returns! Here's hoping for a great season..but at least we know we will have a great time here at Jackie's place!

Cheryl in NC

David said...

Wish we knew what time today (thursday) that the cast will be revealed. If they reveal less than 16 (the number of place settings I counted on the table) then we will know they are holding back and some of the rumors are true. I personally think parts of the new house are ugly. The living room and kitchen. But we will see when we can get a better look at it.

monty924 said...

The cast reveal is up. Lots of twenty somethings.

Chacha said...


watched a few of the videos, not so impressed with anyone yet.
I can't pick a favorite(of mine) which I usually do right off the bat.
Having a hard time getting through the videos..
Does this mean I am getting older and these kids are getting younger?

David said...

I also couldn't find anyone I really liked but found 3 or 4 that I really disliked right off. LOL I know I am getting old now because I had no idea who Ariana Grande was or her brother. After watching a couple of her videos I now know why.

So let the BB fun begin with all the likes, dislikes, and crazy theories we have so much fun hashing over all summer.

uncartie said...

The problem I see is that the first 2 HOH's will be immediately able to form a stronger alliance than if it was just 1 HOH.