Sunday, June 08, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 8, 2014

Good morning! Soon we'll have all kinds of Big Brother stuff to gossip about! But, for now, this is my off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

I realize I'm getting this up late this week. I'm having trouble getting my flower photo slideshow working on the blog. My apologies.

As for the week gone by itself? Blah! It was a rather horrible work week fraught with the usual come back from vacation mess, lots of bad weather while I was walking to or fro, training a new person at my workplace and computer failures there, too. Gah. There really has to be a better way. Who the heck came up with this idea of working for a living anyway?

Oh, well ... onto the photos and let's see if that slideshow finally works ...

 photo IMG_3764a_zps5073714d.jpg
What's up, bunny?

Rabbits, the new squirrels in my New Jersey 'hood, are back once again. This one and an occasional friend or two can be found early mornings on the front lawn of the Richmond Towers housing complex on East Front Street in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_3774a_zpsd5252994.jpg
Rose is a rose

Is a rose ... and so on, according to Gertrude Stein. Roosevelt Avenue, Plainfield. (See the slideshow after the jump for a plethora of flowers!)

 photo IMG_3747a_zpsac90ae9a.jpg
Storm clouds move in

This is Watchung Avenue in Plainfield on Tuesday afternoon as I arrived home from work. Although you can't tell from the photo, the winds were horrific. Since it was hot and muggy, all that nasty street dirt kicked up by the winds stuck to me. It got in my eyes, too! Since the weatherman said the storms would start in the EVENING, I didn't bring my umbrella as I was due to come home mid-afternoon. I ended up ducking into one of the taxi places just as the skies let loose with torrents of rain, accompanied by lightening and thunder.


 photo IMG_3748a_zpsbbcabc01.jpg
I walk alone, I walk alone

No, it's not the Boulevard of Broken Dreams; I just took the lyrics from the Green Day song. The streets of Plainfield were all but deserted as I walked to the train station in the rain to catch the early train on Thursday morning. Often, at this hour, the people out and about are immigrant landscapers heading to work. I guess they slept in.

The flowers for this slideshow were found in Plainfield and Bridgewater. Some wild, some weeds, some on lawns, some in planters. New Jersey, but of course! You can make the slideshow full screen by clicking on the diagonal arrow, lower right of the screen.

 photo IMG_3738a_zpsa98176d7.jpg
Future hipster

Maybe he'll move to Brooklyn. I'd say these were two skateboard kids, but I saw no skateboards. Oh, but he's just so darn cool, huh? Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_3752a_zpsb247c390.jpg
The 'I see dead people' saga ...

... continues. People really need to stop sleeping near me on NJ Transit trains. Recently I was on a bus and saw another woman taking a photo of a sleeping person. When I asked her how it came out, she showed me and told me she was going to put it on her Facebook page. I'm not alone!

 photo IMG_3751a_zps995a8085.jpg
Yep, still seeing dead people

As well as FEET ON THE SEATS! Dang, I hate that! The conductors rarely, if ever, follow the policy of correcting the situation. Raritan Valley Line, NJ Transit

 photo IMG_3713a_zps7bcc084c.jpg
Honk, HONK

Coming through! A haphazard flock of geese passes overhead in Bridgewater.

 photo IMG_3818a_zps0a43b073.jpg
Plainfield Train Station

 photo IMG_3805a_zpsf7c4b659.jpg
I didn't want to buy fleas anyway!

Yesterday as I walked to the train station heading to work, I saw them setting up a huge flea market at a local church on East Front Street. Upon coming home in the evening, I saw signs for a big fish fry at another church in my neighborhood. Over at that hour, of course. How come these things weren't going on during my recent two weekends off on my staycation? Why don't they ever do this stuff on Sundays when I'm off?

 photo IMG_3827a_zps2ec7fbb5.jpg
It lies

The clock on this fancy-schmancy new electronic sign by the Plainfield Municipal Court/Police Station is only a minute off. But the temperature readings are about 12 degrees too high. I really don't want it to read 112 degrees come summer. I'd wilt just looking at the sign!

 photo IMG_3829_zpscfbbc506.jpg

He likes to hang his head off ledges and such when he sleeps. Don't ask me why. I do tell him all of his blood is going to rush to his nose. But he doesn't care.


Laurie said...

Love the plethora of flowers!
If the temp sign is going to be 12 degrees off, it would be far better to be the other way this time of year. They could switch if back and forth just to keep residents happier with the extremes.

lynn1 said...

Great Photos . Love the flowers, even the flowering weeds are beautiful.

Bernice said...

You have two of my favorite flowers. No.1 and 4 is Blue-Eyed Grass and No. 7 is Moth Mullein, which has an amazing array of colors on each bud and flower - try the macro lens on that one. Great photos as usual!

David said...

I would guess that they have the temp sensor in a sunny area or near some pavement is why it is off by so much. Flower 13 looks like someone spilt their coffee on it while walking by. Great photo's as always Jackie. =)