Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Head of Household Comp Coverage - July 17

Brittany and Jocasta were working on their 12th egg when Frankie/Cody won. Victoria and Christine had ONE egg through when Frankie/Cody won. ONE EGG! Bwahahaha!

Feeds back -- COMP OVER -- It sounds like Frankie and Cody won.

10:35pm EDT - Still blocked

10:26pm EDT - Still blocked

10:18pm EDT - Feeds still blocked

Once the feeds return, this post will be update with screencaps, progress and the final winning team. Newest info will be at the top of the post; refresh the page to get the latest.

The teams are:
1. Vic/Christine
2. Caleb/Nicole
3. Brit/Jocasta
4. Amber/Zach
5. Donny/Hayden
6. Frank/Cody

As I post this at 10:04pm EDT, feeds still blocked.


uncartie said...

I predict either Frank/Cody or Amber/Zach.

uncartie said...

Cody and Frankie won HOH

lynn1 said...

Cosidering the task for America's team and cody's feelings towards Caleb it should be an interesting week ahead

anonymouse said...

:) backdoor Caleb

David said...

How can this be, they just started the competition here. =)

Lol at the cut to fish mistake during the show.
Hopefully Dinny will be safe this week but he may go up again in the nominations.

David said...

Donny*, guess I should proof read before I hit enter. =)

uncartie said...

I'm figuring Donny,Jacosta,Brittany,and Victoria go up.

Sharon N said...

For sure, Victoria and Donny will be up because everyone worries about Donny (way too much) and nobody likes Victoria.

My hope is that the TA will decide to go after Caleb and maybe backdoor him. If Cody/Zack/Amber have anything to say about it, Caleb will go.

Zack has been sleeping a LOT the last few days. Unless his habits change, he'll no doubt be one of the "chosen" next time they have HN's.

Should be an interesting couple of days.

monty924 said...

Uncartie, your picks are spot on. Victoria and Brittany are prime pick offs when you listen to the two of these guys. Donny is too. :((

Just hoping that Donny can save himself with the BOB or the veto comp.

T-Town said...

I would love to see Amber get nominated and voted this week. Watching Caleb freak out the whole week would be fun!!!!!

uncartie said...

It looks like they're going to put up Brit, Amber, Victoria, and Jocasta. Vic & Jacosta will be split up as they're the targets.

Amber is being nominated so that TA can accomplish their mission of nominating a physical threat,her being the strongest girl in the house. Donnie's not out of the woods though as they're saying they might backdoor him if someone uses the POV :(

Zach talked with Caleb yesterday and Zach says Caleb now claims he hates Amber. I knew something like that would happen. It could end up being a wild card depending on the amount of tension he causes. If he goes off on her I can easily see the whole house turn on him.

Monty,Sharon,lets hope that Donnie stays safe.