Friday, July 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday daytime/Nominations - July 11

Devin asks to host a comp

Sheesh! They're already confusing me with the new schedule of stuff in the house! Instead of evening nominations, they had them early in the day. And, tonight will be the Battle of the Block comp. Here's a brief rundown of the happenings:
  • The plan is still to backdoor Devin. If he doesn't play for or win PoV, he's a goner.
  • And he knows it.
  • Nicole put up Amber and Donny.
  • Derrick put up Caleb and Jocasta.
  • They're depending on the odds in that Devin won't be chosen to play PoV.
  • Whomever (in the whole house except Devin) will save someone, anyone and Devin will go up and out.
  • Caleb volunteered to go on the block and said he'd throw it to "save Amber."
  • Of course, some of the best laid plans of mice and men ...
  • Donny is upset.
  • Derrick did keep his promise -- HE didn't put Donny on the block!
  • The reasoning behind the noms is that Jocasta never talked much with Derrick and Caleb, well, you know. With Nicoles's noms, Amber put her on the block and Donny repeated some confidential stuff to Jocasta.
  • Weak there. 
  • Nicole feels terrible about put Donny up even though they know he's safe.
  • If Devin doesn't get up on the block after PoV, Caleb is second choice to go, Amber third. They can't all be safe!
  • Both Derrick and Nicole realize that Donny IS playing the game and will end up having to go.
  • But not this week.
  • Although I find Donny a hoot, if I were in the house, no way would I want him at the end with me!
  • Team America's first mission is to convince people that someone in the house is related to a past hamster.
  • Yawn.
  • Bigger fish to fry this week!
  • I'll be back later if I can wait out the BotB. I have no clue when it's going down although it's been fish for a while now.
  • I hope they keep it fish with the theme song instead of interviews or the recent "best of" stuff. With this I can nap and leave the music on -- the voices upon feeds return awaken me. When it's all talk, I can't nap!
  • Gah. They just went to the "best of" reel from this season. I can't nap. But the good news is that the comp must be on!

On the block with Amber

On the block with Caleb

On the block with Jocasta

On the block together


lynn1 said...

I am so disappointed that Nicole put Donny on the block. WTH is wrong with her? It seems to me that Victoria AKA the invisible woman would have made much more sense.
With the way these dumb hamsters think by the time the POV is decided somebody from out in left field will be sent home, not Devin or Caleb.

Sharon S said...

I like Nicole, but why on earth did she put up Donny? :( That makes me not happy with her, the first step on the path to starting to dislike her.

jessica UNderwood said...

I know! I forget she's there until I see her!

JimmyB said...

I was thinking along the same lines as lynn1; at least 50%.

Getting Donny out might be a reasonable strategy--he's a threat. Not to us-the viewer, however.

But I don't get the lack of nomination for Victoria. Sheesh.

Sharon N said...

Most of these nutty people think they should NEVER be put OTB. @@
In any case, there's a lot of paranoia running rampant, even with the saner people... and that includes Derrick.

Victoria would have been a much better choice, but very Victoria-like, she turned on the tears, so it became Donny... probably because there have been multiple conversations and suspicions about springing up about him. Because of that, I'm not too surprised he went OTB.

I just hope they keep their eye-on-the-ball and get Devin out... or make it Caleb if Devin wins POV.

If Devin begins to pick up the paranoia about Donny though, who knows what will happen and how he "might" be able to work it to his advantage.

jessica UNderwood said...

On BBAD last night Victoria did talk a lot! About how much she can't stand Amber and how she used her makeup

Sharon N said...

This has become an Amber-bashing group. Not around Caleb, of course. LOL
If Devin picks up on the Amber and Donny convos, he might be able to use to his advantage... :(

Anonymous said...

I like all the women except Victoria. And the only reason that I do not like Victoria is because she comes across as conceited to me. The funny thing is that most of the time I forget that she is even on this show. She really lays low.

Zoe in California

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Jessica, most of the girls in the house are on the get Amber out of here train.

I think it will come down to Donny and Amber winning because Caleb doesn't want his Amber going home and he would fall on that sword for her. jmo

If Donny and Amber come off the block, they are safe. If this thing goes sour from there, Caleb (my pool boy - GO CALEB) is Derrick and Nicole's next target.

I think the plan is brilliant. Sorry Caleb.

anonymouse said...

Donny and Jacosta are up for voting against the house.