Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Friday evening/BotB results - July 18

Smiling through the tears

You're never going to believe what I did ... and I blame Big Brother for it. You know I've mentioned before that I hate them running the Jeff interviews or house highlights during comps instead of the trivia with the theme music. Y'see, with the latter, I could nap and, when the feeds came back live with voices talking, that would wake me up. If it's all talk, I can't nap. I work full-time in addition to trying to cover the show and feeds each season. I run on empty for the three months or so of the show. I'm not whining here, just explaining.

So, when they went into the BotB comp earlier, I decided to take a nap. Since it was voices not music on the feeds, I shut it down and set my alarm clock for 45 minutes. I woke up nearly SEVEN hours later! Gah! But now I've flashbacked on the feeds, caught up on what I missed and here I am ... here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Ants Marching:
  • Victoria thinks the house is "too high school."
  • Well, duh. It always is! The others think she acts like she thinks she's better than them.
  • High school all the way.
  • Amber and Jocasta won the BotB, so Frankie is dethroned. Cody remains HoH and on the block we have Brittany and Victoria.
  • Christine told the guys that Amber was trying to rally up the girls to go against the guys.
  • I realize that Christine says she's a superfan and, while I don't care much for recruits to the show and would prefer seeing fans on the show, I'm beginning to get increasingly irked by her.
  • My irkitude (yeah, I made up a word, but better than PaoPao's!) started when I heard Christine call the live feeds watchers "creeps."
  • Zach told Brittany he would vote to keep her. Yeah, he said the same to Devin. But he MEANS it with her! Or, so he tells her.
  • Brittany is the main target of the two on the block.
  • But I think we're in a situation this week, unlike last week, that the tides can change either way.
  • While they have their eye on Brittany to go, Victoria might just implode and make them want her out more.
  • Caleb told Amber there's some negative buzz about her going around. He said she only went on the block because she said she didn't mind going up as a pawn if needed.
  • Amber told him it's obvious that the guys are all working together.
  • Well, duh.
  • Caleb, for once using his noggin, told Amber he thinks Frankie goes around stirring up stuff in the house.
  • BINGO! Add in Christine and you have an Andy!
  • Brittany is shocked that Cody put her up because she trusted him.
  • Hey, it's BB. Trust no one.
  • Victoria, in a huge crying jag after being called to the Diary Room, told Zach, "You'll never guess why they called me into ..."
  • Cut to fish cam.
  • I tried flashing back to see what she might have done, but I don't know. She acted like it was very traumatic.
  • Caleb and Amber talked forever. In the talk, Caleb told her practically everything he knows about what's going on with whom.
  • Oh my, silly boy. She can use all that to better her own game.
  • Brittany thinks she's in the game to win (and create a better life for her family) while she pointed out to Victoria that most think she's (Victoria) is just there.
  • Victoria bristled and said just because she doesn't go around telling everyone her life's story, doesn't mean she doesn't want or need to win.
  • Caleb went and reported to Frankie, amongst other things, that Amber thinks he (Frankie) is working both sides.
  • @@ Just when I thought the boy might have a brain.
  • Nicole and Zach talked about Amber being a snake. That's true. But so is Nicole's buddy Christine!
  • Victoria thinks that everyone is attacking her on a personal level.
  • Hey, that happens in the house!
  • Zach pigged out on cookies again.
  • Donny thinks his sister might be watching the live feeds 'cuz she has the internets.
  • Victoria said that Zach is pushing Brittany to throw her (Vic) under the bus.
  • Amber insisted to the boys that she hasn't been repeating talks she has with the guys to the girls.
  • Follow that?
  • She's basically being honest about that.
  • It's more Frankie and Christine playing both sides. Amber, while she tries to be in with the girls and talks to them, hasn't betrayed any confidences with the guys.
  • Not that I've seen, anyway.
  • Of course, that doesn't mean that she always agrees with them. She might be filing away the little tidbits of info to better her own game.
  • There's getting to be unrest through much of the house.
  • Good. I like it that way.

Off the block

Dreaming of Amber, stardom and fame

Not all the way in with the in crowd

Undercover lovers? No.

"People don't have my back."

Sock puppet body language says it all


Petals said...

Dear Jackie ~ I wanted to make sure that your PAYPAL account is active. I'd like to contribute to the pool. You really do go above & beyond to keep we-the-readers sated (you must have really needed that 7hr nap)
~~Christine has been on my sh*t list from day 1. I have no idea how she glommed onto the boys alliance. She is not witty, cute, cunning or funny; she is just a barnacle. won't even get in to my opinions about her personal life. Suffice it to say that I think the sooner Xtine returns to her real life, the better. And no feeders are "creeps"?? Xtine said that prolly b/c she can't afford the feeds herself. In any case, I strongly dislike her, and I am very afraid that CHRISTINE will WIN the entire thing.
~ ~I agree with what Monty mentioned last post re Victoria: I don't dislike her, but this game isn't going to work for her, she is too needy. The whole issue of her father calling the network regarding the sleeping arrangements, and Victoria inappropriately touching the boys during sleep? Too much production drama for such a boring HG, not to mention all the fish we get every time Vic opens her mouth.
I love Zach more & more each day. He was teaching Jocasta to play tennis, too. Tennis! *sigh*
~ ~Caleb is a lost cause. I tried to be supportive, but his ridiculous obsession with Amber has gone far beyond me. And if he could just be objective, even for just 60 seconds, he'd realize that she may be pretty, but she is not THE prettiest girl he could score. I really believe he has latched on to the "model" thing. He daydreams about them arriving to his hometown in a limo, walking a red carpet, paparazzi bulbs flashing as he says, "This my date, Amber. She's a model". Get OVER it, man.
~~ Amber herself is enjoying her freedom from Caleb's watchful, adoring eyes; freedom she is using to cozy-up to the current man in charge, Baby Travolta. @@
Still a good season tho. I am glad for the extra competitions, it keeps the power shifting and is less time for just dead air on the feeds.
XOXOX - Hope everyone has a great weekend. See you Sunday evening.

Chacha said...

Regarding Victoria,
I am not sure that she really got in trouble for something in the game.
I wonder if production is feeding her info.
i know it may be far fetched but could it possibly be that they told her about the war in Israel?
If she is Israeli she could possibly be pulled up for service or someone in her family is in the IDF

RBennie said...

You would think that with all girls being nominated this week, the girls would wake up and realize the guys are going to try to eliminate all the girls first. I wish for once there could be a solid girls alliance on BB. These girls are going to sit back and let themselves be picked off one by one.

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason the same thing happens with the girls every year. JEALOUSY. They can't seem to come together and trust one another.
Its girls being girls just the way the guys think it will be. DARN!!
Frankly...I can't really think of a girl other than Nicole that I would want to win. Brittney isn't the girl I thought she would be.


David said...

I thought this while watching another boring BBAD last night. Lets make a cheesy BB movie. BB in zombieland.
It would be the start of an All-Star/Veterans season when the HG notice that production has stopped interacting with them and the camers are not following them. Or have them see during a live eviction show Julie being attacked on the screen by Zombie's. Fun can be had as the helpless/hapless Hampsters try to break out of the BB house to find a zombie apocolypse has happened outside the house.
They barricade themselves inside the BB house and fight each other and the zombies trying to break in for survival. I am sure they could get a bunch of veteran players to play themselves with lots of backstabbing, allianses, and evil plans to take out other players to survive on the dwindling resources.
And maybe see a few hated/loved players killed in most gruesome ways. I could see Rachel turned into a zombie (isn't she already?) and have to be taken out to the delight of the audience along with a lot of others I can think of.

Sorry if I wandered on there. But my mind has a tendency to wander when hoping for some real action in the BB house. Let the Zombie Apocolypse begin.

Sharon N said...

Ditto Gia. At this point, the ONLY girl I'd want to win is Nicole.
Every year, we see the girls 'want' to be in an alliance.
Then the green-eyed monster waltzes in to screw it all up.
Guess it's the nature of the beast, but why is it always the women (except for Caleb) being so totally stupid. dang it.

uncartie said...

RBennie,You are so right. You would think that a female who's a superfan would know this and plan accordingly.

Meanwhile any female that suggests an all female alliance gets sold out by another female.

Laurie said...

Irktitude is an awesome new word!
Jackie, I am thrilled that you got 7 hours of sleep. You and Vincent must have needed it.
RBennie, I so agree. The women never pull it together in BB or Survivor. it doesn't reflect well on women but it's sadly true in real life, too.
Petals, you are right. Caleb is a lost cause. He creeps me out with his obsession.

~~Silk said...

Blue-hair Joey was right and tried to warn and organize the girls the first week, and everyone knows what happened to her. I think each individual female thinks she can get a guy or two to protect and carry her, without realizing that he'll drop her as soon as the going gets rough.

I'm surprised (well, actually not surprised, but I wish I was) that not one of them has said, "Ya know, Joey was right...." Are they really too dense for it to dawn on them?

Anonymous said...

OMG...If any of you have the live feeds go to...Wed. 7/16 @ about 11:12 and listen to was camera 3 in the HOH room.
It says it all for Caleb and you will be rolling on the floor. He is so totally out of this world. His talk is of limo's red carpets and all the fans that will meet his flight....they will have to remove all people so his fans can get to him!!!! ITS JUST TOO MUCH.
I won't be disappointed. :o)


Anonymous said...

Previously heard at [12:09 Camera 3] Victoria says into her mic: "Can you please call me to the DR, I need to take my Adderall"Victoria was walking away from kitchen towards bedrooms and quietly whispers into her mic "Can you please call me to the DR, I need to take my Adderall"

uncartie said...

Nicole, Zach & Caleb are playing in the POV.

Caleb is till obsessing over Amber. He feels slighted because she doesn't thank him for everything he's done for her. (rolling my eyes)

As an example he talks about how she couldn't find cookie dough. He found it and gave it to her and all she did was say "Thank you" and walked off.

What the hell was she supposed to do? Get on her knees and proclaim her everlasting love for him?

meb said...

There were some posts earlier about the dual HOH... some like others don't. I really enjoy there being two to begin. And, I like the comps that go with it. Hmmm. Monty, I may be repeating what you said. Also think this has been a good group but I probably feel that way because of last season's group who were so awful. These hamsters do need to shake it up some though.

Can't believe they didn't put up Caleb and aren't even talking about backdooring him. I'm so over him ... what an a$$.

Jackie.. so glad you got some sleep. Much needed obviously.

Sharon N said...

"What the hell was she supposed to do? Get on her knees and proclaim her everlasting love for him?"

As far as Caleb is concerned, she should be wallowing in his adoration. So the answer to that would be... yes. LMAO

Sharon N said...

"What the hell was she supposed to do? Get on her knees and proclaim her everlasting love for him?"

As far as Caleb is concerned, she should be wallowing in his adoration. So the answer to that would be... yes. LMAO

Sharon N said...

What the heck... double post? @@
Sorry bout that. :(

monty924 said...

Hayden flat out told Victoria why people don't want to sleep with her. She cuddles too hard, LOL

RSPA said...

I think the BB women each year get exploited and bamboozled each year by the guys because of the type of gals BB picks. To a one they are all at least attractive, often beautiful (remember Aryn?) and generally look pretty spectacular in shorts or swimwear. On Survivor you see more women representative of the general population.

They (BB) selects women that have spent a good portion of their lives working on their looks, making a living on their looks, getting attention based on their looks. So we get people like Rachel, Rachel' sister, Victoria, and countless others that spend more time in the BB house obsessing every fifteen seconds over touching their extensions to make sure they are in place, applying and reapplying makeup, and flirting with the men than they do on comps, strategy or their social game.

This kind of woman has been told by their parents (again, remember Aryn?) and society at large that their value is their looks. And they constantly gauge that value by the attention they can get from men.


So I don't think it is an inherent weakness of the gender, I think it is the narrow view of BB that people only want to see young sexy women on TV.

There has been a wide spectrum of men on the show. Sure the majority look like Cody. But there have been plenty of over weight or unattractive, or wholly obnoxious men...Spencer, Boogie come to mind. And there have been people like Donny, Chicken George, and Bucky. Not handsome, but very loveable.

I defy someone to name a single woman that was as overweight as Spencer, as ugly as Boogie, as vicious as Evil Dick. Or even a woman that had less than great hair or did not look hot in shorts.

So, don't pick women strictly for their looks, and then expect them to spend all their time and energy being balls to the wall athletic, form super tight aliiances with other women, and do everything in their power to get out the strongest, hottest men in the house.

There is only one Janelle, and she ain't there this season.

Meanwhile young hot guys bond, because they wing man for each other to pick up girls. So in BB they usually get together the first week in an alliance. Young hot girls may travel in packs but they are not raised to help each other pick up guys the way men are.

Resident Self Proclaimed Anthropologist

Cheryl in NC said...

RSPA.....well said

Sharon N said...

Victoria wins POV!!!!
LMAO ... what now oh ye defunct Bomb Squad?

Anonymous said...

I hope Cody back doors Caleb.
If he doesn't he is taking a big chance because Caleb will be gunning for Cody big time.


uncartie said...

They're talking about putting Donny up but still voting Brittany out.

Zach won a trip to Germany. Caleb won $5000. There's some anger about Caleb taking the 5 grand.

Becky said...

Jackie, you needed the nap. Please don't abuse yourself by depriving yourself of sleep. I am with those who don't know how you do it.