Friday, July 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Into Friday Morning - July 4

Will power go to his head? Rhetorical ?

It's a whirlwind! Two HoHs, nominations and the Battle of the Block in less than twelve hours! Here's what's happened since the live show in the Big Brother House of Better Than Last Year But Odd In Their Own Ways:
  • Amber told Frankie she didn't want to put up two girls and she won't put Donny up.
  • Devin told Donny he won't put him on the block.
  • Good ... now if Donny can sail through into September ...!
  • Jocasta thought because she did so poorly in the HoH comp, she's going to be a target.
  • Jocasta cried.
  • Donny tried to console her, telling her to just lay low and let the other people off each other.
  • Derrick also came along and told her that he did horrible in the comp himself.
  • Amber told Caleb that she needs to put up weak players, but they're her friends. Caleb told her she could put him and Derrick up and they'd win the BotB. If she puts up strong players, she loses the HoH-ship.
  • It's a quandary!
  • The hamsters talked about how surprising it was that Joey seemed shocked with her unanimous eviction.
  • So was I. If ever there was writing on the wall ...
  • Cody found out in the Diary Room that it will be a few days of no Have Nots.
  • Some people sighed a sigh of relief with that announcement.
  • Brittany thinks that Devin will put her up and she will be the target this week.
  • Heck, they might as well fast forward to Thursday because she's absolutely right. Well, at least about being Devin's target.
  • Derrick and Zach are a bit burnt by the Bomb Squad. Derrick thinks Devin is thinking about nominating him. Then Zach pointed out it was Caleb who volunteered him.
  • Derrick said that if he's nominated, he's tempted to throw the BotB and they could backdoor Devin.
  • Brittany is sure not only will she be nominated, but Devin will go around telling people it needs to be unanimous like with the Joey vote.
  • Brittany cried some more.
  • Aww, even Zach is trying to make Brittany feel better.
  • Zach would prefer that Victoria goes on the block. He really despises her. I think it's to the point that every little thing she does annoys him. 
  • I think we all have had people like that in our lives. You know the kind -- they could walk into a room and say hi and we cringe inside.
  • Not that I mean Victoria, per se. She actually doesn't bother me.
  • PaoPao says that if she goes on the block again, she wants to go with a strong person.
  • Hmm ... if she goes on the block, it's very likely she will be the weak person teamed with the target, don'tcha think?
  • Hayden put on the louse costume from the previous comp and moonwalked (like Michael Jackson) in the living room. He can actually do it well!
  • They had the big HoH room reveal.
  • And fun was had by all. 
  • You know, all those fake laughs and quasi-interest.
  • They're always more interested in the foodstuffs in the baskets!
  • Amber cried while reading her letter from her mother. No surprise there.
  • Amber is taking the little side HoH room while Devin and Caleb (are you shocked) will take the larger main HoH room.
  • Yes, it's the HoH Trio!
  • Uh-oh. "Nominations Today" is already up on the screen!
  • Amber refuses to let go of her HoH. She doesn't want the winning team.
  • The consensus is that Brittany is indeed the target.
  • Devin told Nicole she'll probably go on the block, but he loves her. He told her when she's sees the pairing, she'll know she's safe.
  • Meanwhile PaoPao is the weak person in the lot.
  • Amber put Hayden and Nicole up, Devin put Brittany and PaoPao.
  • Can we guess the plan?
  • Sure, we can.
  • Before we knew it, feeds were blocked for the Battle of the Block!
  • Sheesh, can't I even take a nap here?
  • As expected, Hayden and Nicole won, Amber is dethroned (but keeping the room) and it's PaoPao and Brittany on the block.
  • Brittany is the target.

Safe friends

The HoH trio

Hayden moonwalks in a louse suit


The small adjacent HoH room

Now he has the glasses


Cheryl Sherman said...
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Cheryl Sherman said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I thought Amber was dethroned as HOH. I may be wrong, because you said Devin was. Now, I'm just confused.

Petals said...


Thank you Jackie, for staying awake to watch...

I really despise Devin. What is his job? I know he is a FORMER Triple-A baseball player, but what does he do for $$ now? I wonder if he is on Disability? (why? Because he admitted that he suffers from severe mental/anxiety issues.)
Jackie - I saw a conversation 'tween Zach & Cody - Zach was asking if Cody was gonna "go for it" with Victoria. Cody said no, he was not attracted to her at all. Zach appeared surprised,"Really??" So, based on that, I think Zach LIKES Victoria. He doth protest too much, IMO.
So Devin is gonna stay in the HoH? I'll bet he NEVER leaves that room, regardless of who is HoH. Everyone is too afraid to upset him @@. Like the old joke: "Where does an 800-lb gorilla sit?? Anywhere he wants to!" LOL

Wimbledon Men's semis today, GO ROGER! xoxox

Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday!

uncartie said...

Devin-Motorcycle Sales Manager – Harley Davidson

He gives me the creeps.

Petals said...

thanks uncartie. :)

Shannon said...

Happy 4th everyone!

You rock Jackie!

Crazy but makes sense with today being a holiday, they wanted to get as much done as fast as they can to allow as much staff to enjoy the holiday as possible. {IMO}

If I were there I would want to go on block to make myself safe, only three actually safe each week are the two noms who win BOTB, victor HOH and the POV

Chacha said...

i read that there is a party on the same lot as the BB house. there will also be fireworks tonight. This means no outside for a while. With POV tomorrow I am sure they will be on lock down until going to play POV.
Devin is terrible, apparently after the BOTB and Brittney , he pointed a gun with his fingers to brittney as if to let her know she is dead.
i don't think that Devin should be HOH, Julie said it was Cody who won, but thats just probably me thinking i can't stand Devin. I don't like Cody much more but anything is better than him.
I really hope that Zach(who i don't really like either) Cody and Derrick do flip the vote if its Britt and Pao on the block Thursday.

Chacha said...

i am seeing such a trend that I really don't like many of these houseguests.
I know i start off with favorites every year. I haven't so far.
I usually have a change of opinion in people throughout the season but watching the feeds and shows for the first week hasn't changed my impression on anyone except I do like Brittney more.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Chacha. I am finding it a bit hard to find favorites but for now I will go with Amber and Donny. Hayden does not bother me too much nor does Brittany but that is about it. Devin is awful and I really do not care for Victoria. It makes it more interesting for me to watch because I do have a lot of people to root against.

Jade in California

Chacha said...

the backyard is open. I am shocked.

Delee said...

Sadly it seems the girls are asleep again this season. Will they see the guys will elim them like almost every season. Joey tried to tell them!
Wake up!!! Why I lost interest last year and maybe again this year.