Friday, July 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday evening - July 4

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I forgot to wish y'all a happy 4th of July this morning with all I had to report. Happy 4th of July weekend! The talented Zoetawny made this for me a few years back. Cool, huh?

Since the hamsters were up all night doing comps, they slept a good part of the day. But, here's what's happened in that Big Brother House Men Who Cry and Women Who Don't Love Them:
  • Caleb cried and made Frankie have a house meeting to tell everyone that he's crying because of his time in the service and the fact that it's the 4th of July. He will seclude himself and ask they respect his feelings.
  • @@
  • Mind you, I'm not rolling my eyes at the "he served our country" bit. Not at all. I do respect that.
  • My father served in WW II. My grandfather served in both WW I and WW II. Friends of mine served in Vietnam and wars since. Not a one that I know, no matter the horrific things they might have experienced, sat (or sit) around and cry over the 4th of July.
  • If I were Donny, I think I'd have to say, "That doggone boy jus' like to cry fer attention."
  • Every time he cries, he reminds me more of Brandon Hantz.
  • That's SO not a good thing. Make him stop crying over nominations, crying over Amber, crying over the 4th of July, crying over this, crying over that. Stop it, Caleb!
  • In other news, Brittany is very upset that Devin made gun motions at her.
  • Derrick and Cody all but told her that her fears that Devin was going to go for the unanimous vote bit again, this time against her, are correct.
  • Just about everyone (except Caleb) still wish Devin could be out this week.
  • Both Cody and Hayden are kicking themselves for coming so close to winning HoH, then screwing up.
  • Caleb claims he made it through a few of the rounds to get on The Voice.
  • Um. Okay. Did he cry for them, too?
  • Speaking of singing, I finally saw Frankie's sister, Ariana Grande, tonight on TV. I'm not really impressed, but like the idea that she had clothes on.
  • Cody and Hayden studied for some memory comp they expect.
  • I think Amber's crushing (not in a romantic way) on Donny. She really seems to enjoy spending time talking with him.
  • Maybe it's such a relief to be near a "safe" guy what with being the object of Caleb's obsession.
  • PaoPao is upset because people think she's a weak player.
  • But, that's because she is!
  • Devin told Zach that he told PaoPao if he wins PoV, he'll take her off the block and put Victoria in her place. He said he'll stick to that.
  • Of course, that makes Zach a happy camper. He thinks Victoria is the rudest person on Earth.
  • Really not much happening today ...

Crying patriot

Counting days, memorizing stuff

Caleb wishes he was Frankie

Quality time with Donny

Not just a big goofy dude


ORKMommy said...

Isn't it ironic that Caleb is crushing on this years Amber but he's acting like an Amber of the past. Remember Whamber? :-)

Jackie said...


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie! What were your Independence Day plans? How does Master Vincenzo deal with the fireworks?

When I was feeding earlier this afternoon, the HGs were thinking maybe BB would let them celebrate the holiday? Caleb was sure sentimental. {In Caleb's defense: my brother is a cocky mf, too. He served 2 tours in Irag/Afghanistan, lost friends, etc. He attends funerals still, all over the country. He's a real a**hole, but he gets super-sentimental about his Army stuff}.
Interesting day, tho.

Jackie said...

Heh, I understand that you're a Caleb fan. 'tis okay. I have some relatives that do all of the funerals, Patriot Riders and such. They get sentimental, but IMO Caleb's over the top. If he just cried about the service thing, maybe I'd think differently. He's too Brandon Hantz for me! No need to defend him -- we can disagree on him, that's not a problem.

The weather was a bit off here today. The parade I was thinking of going to was canceled. But the one here for my city goes right by my apartment tomorrow. Vincent doesn't pay much attention to fireworks unless they're pretty up in the sky ones. Then he looks out the window and watches them. He doesn't like the parade.

Anonymous said...

Do we have the blog pool up yet? Just wondering...I don't see it if it's there.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the same thing about the pool. Has that been created yet?