Monday, July 07, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Monday afternoon/PoV Meeting - July 7

On America's Team alliance

Here's the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Loose Cannons:
  • Heh. Brittany said Caleb has "little man syndrome." She's right, even though he's muscle-bound.
  • PaoPao was getting the hints that her deal with Devin was probably moot. She is so not a happy camper.
  • Christine and Brittany talked about how annoying it is when people say they want to go home. Zach was saying it yesterday, PaoPao today. 
  • I totally understand. People try so hard to get on these reality competition shows and quitters are annoying to the viewers, more annoying to those involved.
  • The veto meeting went down, blocked to the feeds.
  • But we always find out anyway.
  • Devin kept his promises to Brittany and Victoria, but not to PaoPao.
  • He took Brittany off the block and put ZACH in her place.
  • So, now nominated for eviction is Zach and PaoPao.
  • Finally ... a brouhaha! Yay!
  • I know; I have an evil streak.
  • PaoPao is all bent out of shape claiming she didn't throw the comp.
  • And, apparently Zach threw the whole Bomb Squad under the bus to Hayden!
  • Zach told Frankie he still trusts him. 
  • Frankie is freaking because he thinks that Zach brought it all down way too early.
  • I don't see him telling Zach that he trusts him anymore.
  • Zach told Derrick that he's trying to get the whole house behind him so they can get rid of Devin and Caleb.
  • Derrick is running around doing damage control.
  • Christine is upset because Nicole now knows she kept a secret from her.
  • Amber is upset because she thinks all the girls will now be against her.
  • Caleb admitted to Nicole he was part of the alliance.
  • She said she knew it.
  • Devin was congratulated for keeping his cool.
  • Rats. I wanted him to turn green, burst through his clothes and say, "HULK, KILL!!"
  • The bizarre thing of this all is that it sounds like the vote could very well be to keep Zach.
  • Very interesting ...
  • I rate this brouhaha a mere 5/10.

Jocasta is casta-ing (coasting) along

Donny isn't into drama. Good.

The Zach attack is on


lynn1 said...

Even though Pao Pao is my pool pick I am fine with her leaving. Her entertainment value to me is nil. On the other hand seeing Zach,Devin and Caleb blow up is very entertaining to me.
I personally think Derrick and Cody are the brains on the show this season. They have been lying low and not making waves publicly but seem to have good insight into some of the other Hamsters.
I find it very refreshing that this season (at least thus far) all the emotional cripples are guys.

Petals said...

LOL Lynn! You are right, all the guys are trippin', not the girls.

anonymouse said...

Devin is a moron.

Faye said...

I do love it when there is drama… i mean after all we don't watch the show to see people sitting around twittling their thumbs. Devin is one of the irritating people on big brother for a while. there is always that one…but.. he is like a 12 year old in a mans body. lol… I agree with Lynn about Pao Pao having no entertainment value.

uncartie said...

Of the guys,Derrick probably has the best judgment and Donny the best self-control.

I have nothing against Paola but she is dead weight and contributes zero to the show.

Get rid of Paola and keep the drama going!

EileenH said...

Kind of OT, but didn't last year's cast include a bunch of people who were on meds for one psych condition or another? I wonder how many of this year's HGs use psych meds?

Is Devin unstable in some, you know, biological way? Or just really really missing his daughter, and that is mostly what's putting him off balance?

I would love to have heard the production conversations about how and why each of these HGs was chosen. They don't seem to have the racism and homophobia issues that last year's crew had. Thank goodness!

uncartie said...

1)The hamsters must have been warned six ways to Sunday about racist remarks.
2)They probably are all aware of the negative consequences that last years hamsters suffered like losing modeling contracts and getting fired from a job.

Is Derrick unstable? You betcha! Over-exaggerated need to control everything,paranoia,obsessive,criminal history,drug abuse,all point to some serious behavior and character issues.

So far everything has gone his way and he's creepy. What do you think is going to happen when they don't?

Chacha said...

You mean Devin is unstable.
Derrick is awesome and I thought I wouldn't like him at all

Witt said...

This always happens...people make alliances with others in the early days before they know them. THEN they get to know them, and find out that the other person is not who they would want as an ally, but then it's too late...then they all blow up. The Bomb Squad all got together in the early days, and now a few are self-destructing.

Still can't get over that Devin took Brittany off and left PaoPao on. Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?

David said...

I was hoping for a complete all out kerfuffle and brouhaha but it was a start. I would rather see Zach go myself even though he is my pool pick.

Random Caleb fact: Caleb wrote the song "Hello" for Amber and allowed Lionel Richie to sing it.

monty924 said...

LOL, David. Perfect Caleb factoid.

I know Zach brings the drama but I want him gone simply because he's an asshat. I love that he blew up the bomb squad, but I still don't like him. Just me though. :))

They'd be smart to get him out now while he's on the block and they can. If not, he could run all the way to the end. Pao has zero chances of winning the game.

lynn1 said...

Monty, the fact that Zach is an asshat is why I want him to stay! LOL
I don't want him to stay around too long but I always enjoy the drama and seeing the melt downs.
I figure the guys with all the testosterone, Devin, Caleb and Zach will cannibalize each other. Once they finish self-destructing we will be able to know who really like and want to cheer for.

uncartie said...

Right ChaCha,I meant Devin,not Derrick.

I'm with Lynn too. I want players that not only cause friction,but push back against it from others,thus creating more. Bring on the meltdowns!

monty924 said...

I love the meltdowns but I think this week is sort of pivotal. If they don't get rid of Zach when they have the chance, I can see the girls and Donny getting picked off one by one.

Petals said...

@David - good one! LOL!