Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Monday evening - July 7

Am I next?

Well, if Zach wanted to stir things up, he surely succeeded. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Boob Squad Implosion:
  • After an extended screaming match between the two nominees (Zach and PaoPao), things calmed down a bit.
  • So, it's down to a mere kerfuffle rating after becoming nearly a full-fledged brouhaha.
  • But, it's an entire house kerfuffle, so there are some bonus points for that.
  • Christine and Hayden both said they plan to target Devin if they win HoH.
  • Christine also likened Caleb's infatuation with Amber akin to a 13-year old school girl. 
  • I don't think they realize that Devin's in the same state over his new-found crush object, Brittany.
  • Zach thinks he just might have the votes to stay.
  • Hmm.
  • Frankie's not handling his Bomb Squad world falling apart well. One minute, he's giving Zach advice and wants him to stay with PaoPao being voted out unanimously. The next, he's bad-mouthing Zach.
  • Frankie and Jocasta talked about Zach being the biggest threat in the game and how he should go out while they can get him out.
  • Meanwhile, PaoPao adds practically nothing to the game -- she sucks at comps and isn't playing the best social game either.
  • What if she skates through until the end?
  • When asked, Derrick told Brittany he'd prefer PaoPao go home this week.
  • Brittany wonders if Zach is doing all this just to sabotage his own game and go home.
  • Devin/Caleb decided to bring Hayden and, to a lesser extent, Nicole into the Bomb Squad to maintain numbers.
  • Cody told Derrick he's worried that he will be the next target of the Bomb Squad, his own alliance.
  • "If they can do that to Zach, what safety is there for any of us?"
  • Got a point there, kiddo.
  • Everyone is in fear that the HoH will keep rotating between Caleb and Devin weekly as they're both brutes in the comps.
  • Brittany has no clue that Devin is going almost Caleb-like in his infatuation with her.
  • Run, Brit, run!
  • The next few days might make it more clear which person goes. Right now, it's looking more like Zach will be ousted.

Hayden inducted into the Bomb Squad

Guaranteeing his demise?

Might skate through another week

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Petals said...

When I see Pao, at certain angles, she reminds me of young Yoko. :)