Saturday, July 05, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Saturday morning - July 5

Frankie has oodles of cuddle buddies

Okay, a bit o' action last night in that Big Brother House of Huffy Hamsters:
  • First, blocked to the feeds but shown on BBAD (what's up with that? We PAY for the feeds!), the hamsters watched fireworks on their living room screen.
  • They couldn't go outside because there was music and fireworks able to be seen in the yard.
  • On BBAD they never showed the screen, just the hamsters watching.
  • Later on in the evening, the hamsters made their own fireworks.
  • Thankfully, no gun powder involved.
  • First, Jocasta tried to calm Zach down a bit over his hatred of Victoria. She told him that perhaps in her culture, they don't use the words "please" and "thank you."
  • There is a sleeping arrangement kerfuffle going on with the girls.
  • PaoPao doesn't want to sleep with Victoria because she wears perfume and PaoPao is allergic.
  • Victoria won't sleep in a room with men.
  • PaoPao also doesn't want to be in a bed with three even though she's a logical choice because she's so tiny.
  • Zach offered to sleep in the Have Not room, but not if they think he's doing it for Victoria. @@
  • In this particular kerfuffle, I admired Jocasta's reasoning skills. You can tell she's not only a mother, but someone who actually listens well to people and tries to diffuse situations. Kudos to her!
  • But that wasn't the big kerfuffle of the night. 
  • Alas, I don't think I can bring it to the level of calling it a brouhaha.
  • Rats. I love a good brouhaha.
  • What happened was that Amber and many others in the house talked and many would prefer Brittany stay in the game rather than PaoPao. 
  • Yes. they're viewing PaoPao as a weak player and Brittany more deserving of the spot right now.
  • That goes against Devin's wishes. He's adamant that the target is Brittany and he wants it to be an unanimous vote.
  • Oh my. Trouble in Hamster Heaven.
  • Well, Devin heard rumors and talked to Christine (of the Bomb Squad).
  • Caleb and Derrick thought Devin intimidated Christine and Caleb told him so.
  • Devin, reminiscent of Norman in Psycho, pretty much pleaded that he wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Caleb told him he didn't treat the women with respect and that they're afraid of him.
  • Caleb also pointed out that Devin said the nomination (and targeting) of Brittany was personal, now he's saying strategy.
  • That was THAT.
  • The bromance is OVER.
  • Caleb and Devin are no longer BFFs!
  • The Bomb Squad itself seems rocky, as well.
  • Caleb told Christine not to talk to Devin unless there was another guy around. He said Hayden counts as a guy.
  • Well, that's good.
  • I think Hayden thinks he's a guy, too.
  • The rumblings amongst the girls not only targets Devin, but they're leery of Caleb, too.
  • Too much testosterone in those two, I say!
  • Derrick and Cody are laying as low as they can. Derrick got more involved than Cody. Cody admittedly hates drama.
  • Cody, Derrick and Zach thinking they're sitting pretty right now with Caleb and Devin on the outs with most of the house. They are determined to keep Brittany.
  • Caleb, at this point, wants to keep Brittany ... mostly because Amber wants to keep her.
  • Cue dramatic music.

What did I do?!?!

Calm it down, Devin

The bromance is OVER! Huff.

Her bowtie is really a camera

Girls alliance?


Chacha said...

I wish it was a Brouhaha.
We have said in the past that the hamsters start off to fast but this group is just so slow on everything.
They don't even know how to have a real Brouhaha..

Kathy in NC said...

With all the testosterone between Caleb and Devin, I wonder how much is real and how much injested. I have seen that Devin was suspended when playing baseball, but the reason not disclosed. If it had been PEDs, that would have been disclosed. It's also reported he has been in rehab and had a DUi conviction. Maybe the mental issues/rage have something to do with steroids. Don't know, but with his past, I wouldn't be surprised.

Chacha said...

I have heard the same about Devin. He does has some issues, multiple of them i am sure.
Caleb has a plethora of issues as well. Yesterday he was crying because it was July 4th and he was thinking of all his fellow soldiers who perished in the war.
He turned this into getting Frankie to go tell all the houseguest he is a vet of the war and he is emotional on this day.
what is sick is he was just trying to get Amber to talk to him, IMO

Terry is a Texan! said...

man I love this group...not only Brouhaha BUT PLETHERA I love that
thank you Chacha

Petals said...

Good theory re Dev's behavioral issues, Kathy.
Maybe he is in 'roid withdrawal. He gets his meds 3x/day. Maybe his MD put him on something to combat the withdrawal while he was in the house. For sure, the producers would not be administering illegals to him.
Who knows? He is a loose cannon, regardless, IMO.