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Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday morning - July 6

Thumbs up from Donny

It's after 11am here on the East Coast and we have Zach and Christine still up, the rest of the hamsters sleeping. Zach and Christine are cooking up a slop concoction. Um, okay. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Liverwurst Non-Lovers:
  • But first ... if you signed up for the blog pool, the random picks can be found at this post. Who's your hamster?
  • If you missed the bulletin I posted, Devin won PoV.
  • PaoPao threw the comp as Devin had requested.
  • But she did it so obviously that everybody knew she threw it even though she generally sucks at comps.
  • Silly little girl.
  • After winning the PoV, Devin told Frankie he was thinking of taking Brittany off the block, but doesn't know if he can trust her.
  • Say what? She was his nemesis and main target for DAYS!
  • Fickle much, Devin?
  • Frankie, like most in the house, wants him to put Victoria up in her place if he does save her.
  • Devin claims that an enemy will work with you while a friend will become jealous.
  • Whatever. I personally think he knows that his BS buddies -- oh, that's Bomb Squad, but it could be that other BS! -- might split the vote and vote to keep her against his commands.
  • So, he had a REALLY long talk with Brittany during which she sold her soul to the devil ... er the DeviN. She agreed not to nominate him if she's HoH and to save him with the PoV if she wins PoV and he's on the block. He agreed vice versa.
  • Then he said he still hasn't made up his mind.
  • But then he told Caleb and Cody that he has to leave PaoPao on the block even though he promised to save her.
  • Huh. He promised Brittany now, too.
  • A man's word is his bond, y'know.
  • (Although, mind you, I do prefer Brittany stay in the game over either PaoPao or Victoria.)
  • Dang that ORKMommy -- she gave me PaoPao in the pool-pool!
  • People are getting a bit more suspicious of dear Frankie. Devin doesn't seem to trust him like he once did. And Derrick, right after telling Frankie he trusts him (and Frankie then left the room), turned to the camera and mimed to us that he does NOT trust Frankie.
  • Zach is upset because Frankie told him that Devin says he can't really trust him.
  • Now, Devin indeed has been saying that. So has Caleb. They look at Zach as a bit of a wild card in their Bomb Squad.
  • But I think Frankie should have kept his mouth shut. In BB it's better to be all ears than to run and tell!
  • Sigh, but then Zankie hugged and made up. 
  • Foolish boys.
  • Caleb told Zach and Frankie that Devin will probably go home next week.
  • That's another reason Devin is scrambling to make a "save me" deal with Brittany. No sense making any deals with PaoPao!
  • Geez, after a talk with Caleb and Zach, Frankie told Zach he (Zach) said too much to Caleb. He did, but Frankie needs to watch his own issues.
  • After Devin promised her he would be saving her, Brittany returned to the other hamsters telling them things don't look so good for her right now and she's probably going home.
  • Good, Brittany, stay with the story!
  • PaoPao told Zach she had his back and he's safe if she wins HoH.
  • Victoria thinks that Devin will save PaoPao and she will go on the block against Brittany. She says she'll self-evict if that happens.
  • Oh my. She's quasi-right. It looks like she'll probably be on the block with PaoPao and they'll vote her out, not PaoPao.
  • Unless she self-evicts, that is.
  • Zach wanted to call a house meeting sans Caleb and Devin, exposing the whole Bomb Squad thing. Derrick advised him against it.
  • Everybody still wants Devin out; a Brittany HoH win may be his only chance to stay next week since he can't compete for HoH.
  • Brittany told Derrick that if she (Brit) goes home, not to trust PaoPao because she threw the comp.
  • But everyone knows she threw the comp!
  • Brittany kept her act up well through the evening so far. Let's see if it can last until the PoV meeting.
  • Zach thinks he's already out of the Bomb Squad. But, of course, he does have his boys Cody and Derrick.
  • Oh noes! Cody thinks he's out of the BS, too!
  • They want to team up with others and target Devin, Caleb and Amber.
  • I love how Donny, Nicole, Christine and Hayden are just sliding on by in all of this kerfuffling.
  • Cody, Derrick and Zach told PaoPao they know about all of her lies (ie: swearing on her mother's grave when her mother is alive, etc.)
  • Meanwhile, Caleb has planned out his first real date with Amber. Too bad it probably won't come to fruition because she's just not that into him!
  • Caleb went and told PaoPao that Devin might take Brittany off the block.
  • Loose lips sink ships, soldier! Sheesh!
  • He also told her that if he wins HoH, he will target the weakest players.
  • "But I try to win, I just can't!" she cried.
  • Being in the cold Have Not room has changed Victoria. She actually wants to sleep with one of the guys because it would mean body heat and extra bed covers.
  • And, the guy she asked?
  • Her mortal enemy, Zach. I guess they're frenemies now.
  • But Zach eventually got up. He and Brittany are still up as I post this.
  • She's keeping the secret.

Zach and Christine bond

Thumbs up from Hayden

Looking like a HS grad indeed

Are you saying I'm RUDE?!?

Selling her soul to stay in the house

Late morning quadcam

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