Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday evening - July 20

Frankie, Jocasta is so MEAN to me!

Today's live feeds were dominated by the incredibly cruel and possibly physically dangerous "punishment" that Brittany "won" in the veto contest. She had to kick 2400 soccer goals within 24 hours. Here's how the day went down in that Big Brother House of Kicks:
  • Donny kept his promise to stay by Brittany as she worked on her goal(s).
  • At one point, Brittany switched to kicking backwards with her heel as her big toe developed a huge blood blister and she thought her toenail might fall off.
  • Brittany told Donny she just had surgery two years ago on both of her feet and has arthritis in them.
  • Yet, she was determined to see this punishment through. At the very least, she plans to keep the ball. She's hoping BB might offer some sort of reward for finishing.
  • She knows that she's the likely target to go home this week.
  • Brittany told Donny that she thinks they'll replace Victoria on the block with one of their friends so that she would definitely be the one evicted.
  • She doesn't know that they are leaning strongly in favor of Donny being said pawn.
  • Donny told Brittany he'd do ten jumping jacks for every 20 goals she makes in a row.
  • He's just a really good guy.
  • During a Brittany rest break, Donny worked on Cody to put Caleb up as the replacement.
  • I honestly think Cody would love to do just that, but his fear of how Derrick, Frankie and Zach would react will keep him from making the move.
  • He's also very legitimately worried that if he put Caleb up and Caleb didn't get sent packing, Caleb would come after him full force.
  • Donny assured him that if Caleb goes up, he goes home.
  • Cody discussed it with Christine. She said she wouldn't mind Caleb going up, but if Brittany stayed she thinks she will be her (Brit's) target.
  • They all cheered Brittany on as she got closer to her goal. BB game aside, they're all amazed how grueling the punishment is and Brittany's determination to finish despite pain.
  • Brittany made the final goal needed at about 5:10 their time, well within the 24 hour limit.
  • Victoria whined, fussed and moaned about how no one wants her in the house.
  • Well, then ... don't use the veto tomorrow and let them send you home, Victoria.
  • It's not like you add any entertainment value for me, anyway.

Ain't that a kick in the butt

Goooooaaaalll! Brittany did her 2400

And she jumps in the pool!

Donny stayed at Brittany's side throughout


Sharon N said...

I'm with you Jackie! In all the years of BB, I don't think there's ever been a 'punishment' as cruel and physically challenging as Brit's. I hope she gets something out of this besides a few lousy atta-girls!!

David said...

Derrick is definately the head of the snake as Donny said. I think if it wasn't for him Caleb would be for sure going on the block for a backdoor. And Christine is lying about Donny, saying he talks game with her but won't give an example. She really does have it out for him.
I really do want them to put Caleb up even if he doesn't go home just for the chaos it will cause in the house.

monty924 said...

How is kicking a soccer ball into a net barely fifteen feet away a punishment and why are people out there thinking that Brittany is in so much pain, agony, despair???

Really? Okay, I'll be the meanie at Jackie's.

Brittany is just fine.

David said...

LMAO @ Monty She probably had to kick the ball 3500 times to make the 2400. I actually think having to chase down the ball after kicking it every time was probably worse on her than just the kicking it. I am sure she will be sore but will live.
After all the talking and arguing it looks like it is back to Donny going up next to Brittany. I really wanted Caleb just for some entertainment value.
I have been hearing people say "it is too soon to do any moves" a lot. That in my opinion it just stupid and is what did Helen in last year. Strike when you have the chance. You may not get another chance. Worrying about what MIGHT happen has been the downfall of many a player.

Jackie said...

The 2400 times is the issue. At one point Cody, who's a soccer player, was talking about the pain that can cause. They also wouldn't let her change shoes or anything.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Britt will be "just fine" but she kicked for 21 hours. Hey...give or take.

I cannot think of another challenge that someone spent that much time and worked through the pain on. Also....try having feet problems and then say how easy that would be. Helloooooooooo

Brittney is sure not my favorite player but she was strong and she finished knowing that hardly anyone in the house likes her.

I am fairly sure there will be a twist and she deserves something.

No one in the house "deserves" more than another, but I have respect for HG that actually play the game and don't give up.

Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Jocosta are not going to be all stars. Where is Janelle when we need her.

Frankly, putting an umbrella up and down for 21 hours doesn't sound like a good idea to me, let alone kicking a ball with comprimised feet.