Sunday, July 06, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Sunday evening - July 6

Zankie as Zach is ready to self-implode

Well, well, well ... for all of his big pre-season talk about being a con man, taking over the game and winning it all, guess who's now saying, "I don't care! Send me home! I don't care anymore!" Yep, that would be the Zachster. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bombed Squads:
  • Since the house meeting last night when Zach brought up that "everyone" wants Devin out, he's been even more of a loose cannon.
  • Zach thinks he might be able to get Devin so mad that he (Devin) punches him (Zach) and then Devin would be booted from the house.
  • My thoughts on that is that Zach would also go home ... on a medical. I wouldn't want Devin punching me in anger! That could do damage.
  • Frankie and Zach talked about backdooring Devin.
  • Later Derrick and Frankie talked about it but say it's too soon.
  • Amber and Zach talked about how bad Devin is and how he needs to go.
  • But no one other than Zach has opened his (or her) mouth to Devin about these things except Zach!
  • Foolish little con boy.
  • Frankie told Zach to wait until after the PoV meeting before lighting into Devin.
  • Obviously, since Devin doesn't play the game personal, only strategy, Zach shouldn't have any fear of going on the block, right?
  • Right?
  • After all, he's a member of Devin's own alliance. He's surely safe.
  • Right?
  • Frankie and Amber also talked about getting Devin out.
  • But not to Devin!
  • As Zach and Amber talked outside, Devin told Donny he can read lips and knew exactly what Zach was saying.
  • Devin told Frankie he made a deal with Victoria (he did, after the deal with Brittany, pretty much same terms) and that an alliance member might go on the block.
  • Frankie told Devin what he wanted to hear -- there are some alliance members who can't be trusted -- Derrick plays the field and both Zach and Cody are time bombs.
  • Sheesh, Frankie!
  • Devin told Christine that he doesn't know what he's going to do with the PoV yet, but he's planning on shaking things up.
  • Zach hasn't slept and has hardly eaten in two days.
  • Devin told Caleb and Amber separately that he never called Brittany a cow, nor made gun gestures at her.
  • Keep telling people that, Devin!
  • Maybe it can come true if you deny it enough.
  • Devin also told Caleb it's down to a five person alliance -- Derrick, Cody and Zach are out.
  • He then told Caleb he probably won't use the veto.
  • Caleb, wake up! Devin is WHACK!
  • Caleb tells the others he'd rather the alliance stick together until jury.
  • Frankie told Derrick not to trust Caleb because he tells all to Devin.
  • Um, Frankie ... how about you? You do the same, it seems!
  • Devin told Zach that it wouldn't make sense for him to take Christine off the block and put him up.
  • Or, does it (in Devin's mind)?
  • Caleb later told Zach that the rest of the alliance trusts him even if Devin doesn't.
  • Hmm.
  • I'm getting SO confused!
  • Then, Frankie who never runs to Devin MUCH, told Devin that Zach is digging his own grave.
  • @@
  • Devin told Frankie that he has a big crush on Brittany since their long talk last night.
  • Rum, Brittany! Run as far as you can!
  • The photo booth opened for them and quasi-fun was had by all.
  • Derrick and Cody both tried to calm Zach down and advised him he needed food and sleep.
  • So far, no veto meeting although we kept have random Andy/Jeff interview photo bombs in the feeds last night and a period of the interviews today.
  • I really prefer the trivia with the theme music when blocking for comps. Bring it back, BB!

Zach and the weight of the world

Amber agrees that Devin is a liability

Devin speaking his Devinisms

Derrick and Frankie shake on it

Nicole doesn't want to exercise


Shannon said...

Team A: Donny, Derrick and Frankie just announced.

David said...

I saw that right at the start of BBAD. They were talking about doing missions for the 5k each.

I fell asleep and missed the live show party and the show. =( I will do some cleaning up and check for stragglers at the pool. Good thing I got it on DVR to watch after BBAD.