Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Tuesday evening - July 8

Showing off his gift from PaoPao

Compared to yesterday, it's been a snoozefest today in that Big Brother House of Accumulating Alliances:
  • Zach practiced his speech for eviction night.
  • Donny told Cody he likes him. No, not in a crush kind of way.
  • Cody told Donny he'd really like to keep Zach in the house.
  • Then he went into PaoPao throwing the comp once again. It's like a broken record with Zach and Cody.
  • Heck, PaoPao got "cat."
  • Cody said Devin warned him not to tell people he (Cody) was planning on voting to keep Zach.
  • Cody, like the honey badger, don't care.
  • Donny thinks they need to get rid of Caleb, then Devin.
  • Good luck with that. I'm thinking that both would need to be truly backdoored.
  • Donny told Cody he likes Derrick, but thinks Derrick will go with the numbers.
  • Donny also told Cody the only ones he really trusts are him (Cody) and Hayden.
  • Shrewd guy, that Donny. He's covering the America's Team alliance and not bringing them up in the mix.
  • A lot of vote counting is being done. This will NOT be a unanimous vote despite what Devin wants.
  • Will he pout? Will he cry?
  • Victoria is in a quandary -- she doesn't want to keep Zach because he bullied her and she doesn't trust PaoPao.
  • Devin got the HoH camera.
  • Woot.
  • PaoPao and Donny have kind of an endearing friendship. Nothing weird, mind you. It's kind of like she thinks of him as a grandfather kind of thing. She gave him her headphone necklace and told him to keep it.
  • He told her she wasn't going to go home.
  • She wants him to keep it anyway.
  • Christine is trying to rummage up a 7-5 vote to keep Zach.
  • Hmm.
  • Derrick thinks that Nicole is playing a game like Andy last year.
  • I don't think so!
  • That's about it.
  • For now.

Brittany and Derrick talk Devin

Frankie's finding the game a bit harder

Cody has had it!

It's the gal's gas grill!

Victoria vs. bok choy, bok choy wins


Petals said...

Geeminy - I am SO SICK of Devin being brought-up in every conversation (not you, Jax. The HGs).
Devin & Caleb (yeah, his loyalty to King Kong is turning me off) are both arrogant, egotistical asses. And all their blustering, with threats, along with these juvenile crushes, peppered with a tears! @@ I'm with Cody - I just can't take "CAVIN" any longer!
Love the A-Team, and Cody & Zach.

monty924 said...

Even though I have him in the pool, it would be funny if Caleb didn't make jury. He was going on and on about just wanting to make jury and wouldn't mind being the first one there making good money doing nothing and drinking by the pool. Don't really like that BB philosophy out of the hamsters.

But since I do have him in the pool... GO CALEB

ps. still don't like Zach, LOL

monty924 said...

Somebody should really send cyber vibes to Zach and just tell him to shut up. He needs out of this convo with Caleb! But honestly, they are both just shooting themselves in the foot. Oh, Big Brother.

Petals said...

Zach seems to be working his bratty magic & will stay in the house. I hope he does, but not for entertainment. He is a fan; Pao was a recruit & seems to have no passion for the game.

jessica UNderwood said...

I didn't like Zach in the interviews but now I think he's ok rather him stay. And Victoria is just there its aggravating

Petals said...

Jessica - Agreed! I think most everyone feels like you - Zach (and Pao, too, for that matter) really came-off as a crazy, loud, over-bearing personality-types. But both have, in fact, barely made a ripple (until this past week).
First impressions really don't mean much with this batch of HGs, do they? Case in point: Devin. We loved him for aligning with Donny the first night. (grr, I hate myself for that)