Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Wednesday evening - July 2

Funky chess

I'm ready for the eviction! I'm ready for action! While I do like these hamsters for the most part, one of them has to go. I'd also like to see a change in power. Today was so boring that I thought I'd do something different -- dedicate a song to each of the HOH, current and dethroned.

For dear Caleb, it's Obsession (thinking of his Amber creepy obsession) --

For Frankie, it has to be Frankie Goes to Hollywood with Relax (what else?) --

Okay, now one with your irregularly scheduled live feeds report:
  • Both Hayden and Zach think Devin is emotionally unstable with his highs and lows. Zach thinks he might be bi-polar.
  • Of course, Zach is no doctor. He doesn't even play one on TV.
  • All I know is that's one big dude to be having mood swings!
  • Victoria doesn't think she speaks English all that well. She learned English after moving to Miami as a child.
  • I think she speaks it just fine.
  • Lots and lots of small non-game talk today.
  • Joey thinks she's probably going, but is holding onto hope.
  • I think hope is going to let her down.
  • Caleb thinks everyone will choose him when they get Houseguest's Choice in PoV picks.
  • I'd say only his cronies.
  • And, that would be a good time to turn on him if he loses, too. He did horrible in this past PoV comp.
  • They went on an indoor lockdown as BB has to set up for tomorrow night's HoH comp.
  • Caleb claims he was asked to try out for Survivor and plans to be on that next.
  • Yep, he could be reminding me a bit of Brandon Hantz with a stronger physical persona!
  • Devin might be in trouble if he doesn't win HoH tomorrow. While he's Caleb's bromance, most of the Bomb Squad are ready to off him.
  • Not literally, of course.
  • Although, Caleb's latest on his obsession with Amber is that maybe Amber was saying those bad things about DEVIN.
  • Hayden offered himself up for cuddling.
  • No one took him up on the offer.
  • "Okay, I'll cuddle pillows."
  • Zach spoke to one of the cameras for a while, telling us how much he hates Victoria and how rude she is.
  • Whatever.
  • PauPau would rather not be nominated again this week.
  • It seems she has no hopes that she'll ever win HoH herself.
  • That's about it for now.

Derrick is off the radar ... for now

Nicole is fitting in better than expected

Cody is picking up a tan


T-Town Chick said...

Dearest Jackie,
I’m an avid reader of your BB blog and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all that you do. I’ve been reading your blog diligently since Season 6 and I always look forward to your witty remarks, just as much as I look forward to the show itself. I don’t know how you hang in there year after year. I wouldn’t have the patience to sit through last season’s “hate filled” cast, to this year’s Mr. and Mr. Self-Involved themselves (Caleb and Devin). Anyway, again thank you and cheers to another fun filled summer!

pat rw said...


Nickelpeed said...

Missed Wednesday, was working; and am working Thursday, next Wed and Thursday, too. Hope to join in Sunday!!!

Thank you, Jackie, for all the blogging. I love it!!!

These girls are so stupid!!!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the kind words!