Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday night into Tuesday - July 8

Zankie falls apart

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Testosterone Lads:
  • In addition to the yearly BB voice reminding them not to sing, this year it's been telling them not to quote movies.
  • Now, THAT is Big Brother!
  • There have been severe ant problems in the yard. It won't be long until they're in the kitchen again. Some things never change.
  • I don't believe any fish have died yet, though.
  • Brittany is really scared she'll be targeted next week. 
  • Not if Devin has anything to say about it! He's gone all Caleb over her!
  • She knows he's been flirting with her, but she doesn't know the full extent of his infatuation.
  • Zach has been campaigning to stay and thinks he is near having the votes.
  • Zach claims that all Devin had to do is not use the PoV -- they could have agreed on which would go.
  • Tru dat.
  • While Frankie has an emory board fixation, PaoPao is a nail-biter.
  • Team America -- Derrick, Donny and Frankie -- met up and pledged allegiance amongst themselves before all others.
  • They think they should vote as a block and discussed the pros and cons of keeping Zach in the game versus appeasing Devin/Caleb at the present time.
  • They haven't been assigned their first mission yet.
  • Derrick thinks that if Zach can somehow make amends with Devin, all might go well.
  • Yeah, but can that happen? I can see both sides balking at the thought!
  • Derrick has picked up on Devin's "crushing" on Brittany.
  • Once again, it's looking like Zach might indeed be staying.
  • Who knows what will go on by this afternoon?

Hanging out in the bathroom

Team America meeting

Amber is still Caleb's dream gal


Petals said...

Good! I hope Zach stays. I didn't dislike him on sight, like many. He likes the show, loves the game. But he didn't sign-up for a bullying dick-tatorship (sp intentional).
Love Brit for using Devin's volatility to her own advantage. Go girl! And while Caleb took Amber's "friendship only" offering in stride, I think that Devin will go balls-out crazy when he learns that he is the house joke & that Brit is in on the laughs!
Thanks Jackie.

Petals said...

I still think Zach is attracted to Victoria.

Chacha said...

I agree Zack is totally into Victoria. He is a young guy and really doesn't know how to show his emotions.
I hope zacks stays, this house can't be all sunshine and lollipops all season.
I was reading other updates and am so happy Donny has stayed awake and is coming out of his shell!

Anonymous said...

I got some real belly laughs when the show began from Zach. He is funny and a breath of fresh air from last year. He isn't all serious and 24/7 game. I got such a kick out of the relationship between he and Frankie. I would MUCH rather watch Zach than some of the others.