Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday, PoV meeting - July 21

On the block

Sigh. It almost wasn't so. But then it was. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tear-Jerkers:
  • Donny got up this morning feeling it wasn't going to be a good day for him.
  • He was right.
  • Brittany went to Cody before the meeting, telling him she didn't want him to put Donny up against her.
  • After all, Donny had sat by her side for the kicking punishment when no one else did.
  • Brittany also told Cody that if Caleb wins next week, he'll probably backdoor him (Cody).
  • She also told him that Frankie will drift to whoever has the HoH.
  • Well, duh. Is there anyone who can't see that by now?
  • Donny tried to tell Cody he needs to base his decision on what's best for his own game, not what others want him to do.
  • Cody told him he wants to put Caleb up, but no one thinks he would go home over Brittany.
  • He thinks that everybody wants Brittany out because they think if she wins HoH, she'll target them.
  • Donny seriously tried to convince Cody that his tight-knit group isn't so tight-knit.
  • Donny and Cody both said they trust each other.
  • Hmm.
  • Their long conversation ended with Cody telling Donny he wouldn't put him on the block.
  • Sigh.
  • As Cody left, he said something about putting Caleb on the block.
  • WHAM! Frankie takes that and RUNS to Derrick!
  • "He's putting Caleb on the block!"
  • When Derrick told Cody what Frankie said, Cody said Frankie's a weasel.
  • Now ... what have I been saying?
  • Oh my gosh. I don't think I've ever seen such a turmoil over the renom decision.
  • Cody likes Donny. He doesn't like Caleb.
  • Derrick tells him to go with his heart.
  • But Cody doesn't really know what his heart wants! His heart wants Caleb out and he doesn't think the votes would be there, then he'd have Caleb's wrath.
  • Derrick actually told him to go ahead and put Caleb up -- they're going to come after them anyway.
  • Long story short ... after the PoV meeting blocked feeds ... Donny is on the block again.
  • Everyone is telling him he will stay.
  • Neither Donny nor Brittany want to campaign against each other.
  • Hayden and Derrick told Donny they will vote for him to stay.
  • Jocasta is in a tougher spot -- Donny and Brittany are her two closest friends in the house. I'm thinking she'll vote to keep Donny as he used the veto to save her.
  • But, who knows?
  • Cody cried about his decision.
  • He feels horrible.
  • I wonder if BB has a chicken suit he can wear.
  • He probably should.
Liked being a frog better

You could have chosen differently, Cody

Cody cries to Donny

Jocasta has a tough decision ahead


SharonS said...

Oh -- I wanted to like Cody (once I figured out he was actually in the house), but now, I don't know if I can. There was no need for Donny to go up!

lynn1 said...

Well this season is pretty much in a death spiral for me. It is boring to know that next week the nominees will be Jocasta, Victoria, Amber and Donny. Yawn.
Unless BB can do something to shake things up we know now that Derrick is running the show and he plans to take Cody, Frankie and Christine as far as he can. Blah.
I almost wish that caleb would win HOH next time and put Cody on the block or backdoor him. at least it would be something to get excited about.

Sharon N said...

Cody is a genuinely nice guy, with no balls.
Very few people in this group have any guts... Donny, Derrick, and Zack... possibly Hayden.
When Zack was fighting to get Caleb on the block (and failed), I actually developed a better feeling about him.
The rest are just peeving me.

monty924 said...

If anyone needs to be a backdoor it's Derrick. He needs knocked down a peg or two.

Sissy said...

so far I have no real favorites except for Donny of course and I have no one to really dislike. I don't want Donny to go home but I kind of like Brittany too. The one person that gets on my nerves has to be Jocasta. That woman has to cry more than Amber way back in season 5 (I think).

Sharon N said...

Like it or not, I have to give Derrick props.
He's using his special "cop abilities" and managing to control the entire house.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Derrick needs to tone it down. Loves control.
He talks way too much and says the same things over and over and over.

Still LOVE Cody and Zach. Frankie has moved to the bottom of the HG list for me. He can sit at the bottom with Christine and Caleb.


monty924 said...

Lol Sissy. Yes Whamber(S8). We will always have her to go back to, lol. Don't get me wrong about Derrick. He's playing a brilliant game but it can backfire on him big time. I don't think Donny would personally nom him, but he's sowing seeds all over that Derrick is the ring leader. Derrick should watch his back and/or tone it down a bit. :)))

Becky said...

Gia said "Still LOVE Cody and Zach. Frankie has moved to the bottom of the HG list for me. He can sit at the bottom with Christine and Caleb. We, the peeps could start an alliance to get rid of players and call it The FCC Eliminators.

Sharon N said...

I think most people have reached the point where they'd like the FCC Eliminators to step in!

Cheryl in NC said...

I like Cody..but I don't get why put up Donny if you don't want too?? If your to scared to make the move on Caleb..why not put up Hayden or Nicole or Christine?? The goalis to get Brittany out...right??? There are other perps in the house.
And Frankie has sure turned into Andy the rat.
I am disappointed in Derrick..oh he's brilliantly running the game ..but he should have Donnie's back for now. Obviously you couldn't take him final 2 because you would be giving him the hello Derrick there is a reason you and him are part of team amerca...we like you guys..but your shine is rubbing off

uncartie said...

The activity tracker has been updated. Brittany is in 1st place,over 2 times more activity than Zach who is 2nd.

Obviously Zach isn't sleeping all the time.

Caleb,derrick,Nicole,and Amber are the trailers.

Besides it determinng who is a have-not,didn't Julie mention something else along the line of it' going to be a big deal?

My honeymoon is over and these hamsters are starting to get on my nerves,especially Frankie.

Here's to Donny and anyone else than a detonator winning HOH next week.

Sharon N said...

Not to be bitchy... ok, maybe a little, but... Brit had to complete a miserable/painful punishment.
However, Nicole had a punishment too.. she is supposed to carry a full stein 24/7.
So, why is Nicole apparently being allowed to carry an empty stein now when her term most certainly isn't over?

Anonymous said...

Okay Becky...I'm in. This won't be all talk...its all about action and follow through!! :o)


Witt said...

Cody, Cody, idiot.

I am thinking Brittany will probably still go, but you never know! It could have gone the other way. Everyone knows that Caleb is so tied up in Amber that his head is not in the game. They even keep commenting on it!

monty924 said...

Brittany's punishment wasn't painful. It was only painful because Cody made a comment that it was. It was grueling yes, but she's a big girl and she was walking just fine bare footed in the house today. She didn't cry and complain all day about how much pain she was in.

stormy said...

Would it not be funny is Brittney was to win the "activity reader" and reward would be able to take herself off the block. Cody would have to replace her with lets say Caleb??????????