Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday evening into Tuesday - July 22

Walking, yes indeed, talking ...
Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Decisions:
  • Cody thinks America must think he's dumb for putting Donny on the block instead of Caleb.
  • Well, yeah!
  • Nicole is sure that Caleb won't do well in most comps because he's so muscle-bound that he can't even lift his arms over his head easily.
  • I don't think Cody ever wants to win HoH again. Similar to his butt-kicking punishment, he's been kicking himself in the butt over his decision. He can't sleep well at night and is getting emotionally invested in this.
  • Amber told Cody she doesn't want to be alone with Caleb at the jury house. However they go, she doesn't want her and Caleb to be the first two.
  • I'm not an Amber fan. But I can't blame her for feeling that way!
  • Amber and Cody talked about how frustrating Zach can be -- sleeping all day, picking on Brittany (or others) when they're down.
  • Caleb talked about his first date with Amber going to a restaurant in a horse-drawn carriage, paparazzi snapping shots ... 
  • She told him if he eats a pickle (he hates pickles), she'll go on a date with him.
  • Jocasta said she still would never go out with him.
  • Jocasta is right.
  • I'm getting tired of having to turn down the volume on my live feeds every time Frankie enters a room. He needs to speak in indoor voices, please. I'll let him speak in voices instead of voice, but INDOOR.
  • Donny pointed out to Jocasta that there are four people in the house never on the block -- Derrick, Christine, Cody and Frankie.
  • Hmm.
  • Caleb talked about himself and how great he is.
  • Almost everyone in the house at one time or another during the evening talked about how much Caleb talks about himself.
  • He's the joke of the season this year.
  • Derrick and Cody talked about how Brittany will be going Thursday, quite likely 10-0.
  • But, later, when talking with Caleb, they were talking how the vote might be split and they might keep Brittany.
  • Hmm.
  • Zach told Victoria that Frankie is Caleb's only friend in the house and even Frankie doesn't like Caleb.
  • Zach told Frankie that the Diary Room eggs him on to be "meaner" in there.
  • I don't doubt that.
  • I just wonder why the Diary Room must encourage several to shout!
  • I think it's still pretty safe to say Brittany is going out this week. They don't want her all paranoid. They say just before the live show, they'll pass word around on the vote.
  • I myself would rather see Brittany leave than Donny. 
  • I would love to see Donny make HoH and see where that takes things!
Almost as popular as Caleb these days

Caleb and Zach shake their booty

Please save me, save me!

Zach is awake

Victoria is always playing with her hair

He's such a stud. Just ask him!


Petals said...

Hi Jackie :)

Caleb is a fan, right? He's seen the show? How can he possibly think that there will be paparazzi?

I love Zach even more, since learning that he was cast as the "mean kid". So...Donny & Hayden are the kooky guys; Vic,Jocasta & Devin are the EOEs; Frankie is the gay; Caleb, Cody & Amber are the "hot kids"; Brit is the MILF, Nicole is the ingenue...but the Hell is Christine? The tattooed slug? The apathetic, floater-rat?

Holly said...

I can't stand guys who think they are awesome! *Caleb And it is amazing he still talks about a date with Amber...get a clue!! Poor Donny! Too bad Cody is such a wimp! I was sure Caleb would be the next out after Devin! That would've been the smart move IMO. Did TA make their goal? I really don't think of Amber as a physical threat in any way. I hope they missed out on that one for being so stupid!

Becky said...

I copied this from comments on Jackie's previous post. Gia and I have formed a new alliance. Anyone want to join us?

Becky said...
Gia said "Still LOVE Cody and Zach. Frankie has moved to the bottom of the HG list for me. He can sit at the bottom with Christine and Caleb. We, the peeps could start an alliance to get rid of players and call it The FCC Eliminators.

RBennie said...

Zach is a little too frenetic for me. He's always jumping around like he's on caffeine overload. It does seem like he's supposed to play the role of the mean guy who hates everyone, but he tends to go out of character often. Why do people not like Amber? I don't get the feeds, so only have what I see on tv to go by. She seems like a nice girl from what I've seen. It's not her fault that Caleb is obsessed. She's certainly not encouraging him.

Stormy said...

Would love to see a twist where because Britney is winning the "activity meter" she has the power to take herself off the block. That weak Coby would have to put up Calob. Now that would be some great TV.

uncartie said...

BB needs to get the chicken suit that George wore in season 1 and give it to Cody.

Caleb thinks he'll be Fan Favorite: "The stuff I did is ridiculous. People would be like 'Hey, that dude went up for a girl."

Yeah,maybe if there's a Fan Favorite Stalker category.

Earlier Caleb said Amber will be receptive to him in jury house with no cameras. @@

David said...

RBennie, I agree about Amber. I was really hoping Cody had a pair and would have put up Caleb and see him leave. I want to see what Amber does when she is unleashed from the beast.
I think if we had the chance to vote for TA again now there is no way Derrick would make the team. I put him down there with Christine and Caleb in likeability but do have to admit he is playing a very good game and could win it all.

lynn1 said...

I wish the special powers from the activity meter would be that Brittany comes off the block and she gets to pick who goes up.

Petals said...

Caleb is short - maybe he has that Napoleonic Syndrome, tooting his own horn so much to make up for his stature?

Stormy - totally agree, would LOVE that twist. But on-the-spot? I think Cody would cave & nom Jo in Brit's place.


RBennie said...

I don't think he can nominate Jocasta since she and Amber won the BOTB. I'm surprised that Hayden's name never came up as a possible nom. Is he in with the guys now?

Anonymous said...

Loved when Zach was telling everyone the truth about various things. He kept reminding each HG that they are all playing thier own game...well...anyway....he was very funny when doing it. It was all the truth too. He just isn't afriad to say it. LOVE ZACH.
Although some say he sleeps all the time....he is #2 on the tracker. Brittney of course being #1 by a LONG shot.

I am feeling the same way about Derrick the control freak. Derrick, Christine, and Frankie and on the bottom IMO.


Witt said...

It's really sad that Caleb has made Amber so uncomfortable that she wouldn't want to be in a house alone with him. That says a lot about his creepy behavior!

Laura said...

If Donny doesn't win America's favorite player, there is a problem with the viewing and voting audience.

Christine needs to GO. And Victoria - is she even there all the time?

I like Cody, but wow, he did a bad thing.

Sheila said...

Donny should win Americas Favorite. His fans like us will just all have to vote because Arianna Grande will send a tweet to all of her fans to vote for her brother , Frankie. That is probably how he became part of America's Alliance. Arianna sent out a tweet asking her fans to vote for Frankie. So because she has so many fans, we Donny fans will have to out vote the Arianna fans for Frankie. Ugh


Anonymous said...


Petals said...

Anon - are you also "Witchy"?

Petals said...

This just read: "Caleb will vote how ever Amber votes..."

WHAT!?!? Really? Why doesn't he just strap on a collar & leash and let Amber take him on walks around the back yard? "Beastmode Cowboy" my a$$, who would want to wear that on a tank top? It just announces "TOOL"

My WV: fupremacy defortal

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Guess if there is an opinion that is not completely Disney, you should keep it to yourself, unless of course its about Caleb.
I thought opinions were okay to throw around.
FYI, I used to love Frankie and especially his relationship with Zach, but I won't continue any further.

Petals said...

Anon ~ I am sorry, but NO no nonono - you totally misunderstood me. There is a CBS chatroom, and one of the chatters is a chick named "Witchy Woman", and she always uses caps, so I thought maybe you were her. Hence the quotes.
Sorry - I can see now how that read.
Of course your opinions are welcome.

monty924 said...

Speaking of being walked around on a leash ------->

I'm really worried for Donny. :(

Petals said...

Monty, that avatar is hilarious.

Brit is working hard to flip the house, I'm worried too.

Trisha said...

Jocasta and Christine are my least favorite and Victoria can't forget her. Sorry everyone, guess I'm Calebs a only fan... I am so sick of Cody whining, crybaby about how he had to put up someone else. You mean they would pass on 5 grand when the target still remained on the block?? I do watch bb after dark k still remain inn slabs corner, I wish amber liked him!! Don't want amber to go either.

Ed in Ohio said...

LOL on the avatar Monty, too funny!!

Really don't want Brit or Donny to go. Thanks Cody! Brit (eye candy) & Donny (genuine good guy)....

....if I had to vote I'd reluctantly vote to evict Brit.

(still have Amber for eye candy)

p.s. Don't tell Caleb!

monty924 said...

If they want Caleb out next week, why didn't they just put him up this week and out?

uncartie said...

Monty,The rationale (eye roll) was that if Caleb didn't go home he would come after them. I think the same would apply next week,right.
Very clever and funny avatar,btw.

Speaking of that genius Caleb,he just said to Cody "That all energy drinks have bull sperm in them. It's true. He read an article about it." @@

Apparently he hasn't quite figured out how to use the Internet to find out if something he read is BS.

lynn1 said...

Caleb may think all energy drinks have bull sperm but I know without even checking on the internet that caleb is full of BS!

uncartie said...

HaHa,Lynn1 :} Here's another Calebism for you.

Caleb says it's harder to tell if black guys are juicing, because they're more naturally shredded. "Back in the slave days, they were bred to be beasts."

meb said...

OMG.. lynn1 and uncartie ... LMBO here.

Somebody please!!! Grow some and get Caleb out of there before he ends up in the jury house.

lynn1 said...

Maybe Cody should have drank a bunch of energy drinks full of bull sperm so he would have had the cajones to have nominated someone other than Donny.

monty924 said...

OMG, Caleb is a nutcase. He's saying he'll eat a whole jar of pickles and ask Amber to spend the rest of her life with him tonight. Girls night out and they're expecting a booze delivery. Amber, Brittany and Victoria are all dolled up except for Brit's hair. She spent so long on it and it looks like a birds nest.

Donny is hilarious. He told Amber he will not be Donny tonight. He'll be DON :)))

BBAD should be good if you don't have the feeds. This will be a night to watch.

David said...

Thanks Monty. Comes on in a couple of minutes and a 3 hour BBAD tonight. Should be funny.

uncartie said...

I just saw that Monty. Ahh the wisdom of Caleb...Eat a whole jar of pickles to prove to a woman you hardly know,doesn't particularly like you, and only met 4 weeks ago to spend the rest of her life with you.

If that doesn't win her over I don't know what will.

monty924 said...

Lmao, IKR? Every time I think Caleb cannot get any more delusional, he does. :)))

The Zach/Cody friend fight and Frankie is so hilarious. Spark up the feeds.