Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Nominations Update - July 25

Jocasta nominated by Frankie

Well, the nominations are done. Hmm. Donny's not on the block. That's good. Lots of tears and crying in the house today. The plan is still to backdoor Amber (alas, not Caleb). Frankie and Cody are going around saying how Zach is a wild card and they had no clue what he was going to do.

That's wrong. He kept saying that Christine is a waste and he wanted to put her on the block.

The bad thing is that they're picking off the women one by one.

The Battle of the Block should be later tonight. We'll see what happens then.

Victoria nominated by Frankie

Nicole nominated by Zach

Christine nominated by Zach


Anonymous said...

I'd be shocked if Christine doesn't out the Detonators.

Though I do expect her and Nicole to win BOB.

Anonymous said...

Should have made a girl alliance. They are getting picked off.


lynn1 said...

Something needs to happen to shake up the house. It is so boring watching the guys pick off the girls one by one.

monty924 said...

You could see the writing on the wall week one. Well, we could and they should have but didn't. I'm rooting for the guys because they are the only ones playing. I'm hoping that something really freaky happens and Christine is OUT THE DOOR. I'm evil that way :)))

Rita T said...

I don't feel bad for the girls, Year after year it is the same thing. The problem is girls cannot make a trustworthy alliance because they are too catty and gossip too much. I'd love to see Christine go. Although the season is a little boring and I am hoping to see it get a little more exciting I have to say that this season is my favorite players I like these people the best for some reason

RBennie said...

I know I'm supposed to be feeling bad for Frankie right now, and I do, but he really annoys me.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Just have to say this is a fairly good group as far as no one has grossed me out.
I have a question, don't they know the cameras are on all the time? I see Hayden and Nicole getting frisky and he says, we are under the covers" so what? the microphones are still on and the cameras...sheesh.

Stormy said...

Dumbest bunch of girls I have ever seen. Can they not look around and see what the men are doing??? MAYBE they should have kept Jody and followed her advice. They laugh and cry to the men but go along with them at the same time. My My what dumb players. Had the girls alone with Donny and Calab joined together would be a different game now. To late now to start anything. By By Ladies.

Sharon N said...

They are a bunch of dumb girls.
So dumb that each girl thinks THEY are the one "trusted and protected" by at least one of the guys. Idiots.
Donny is the only one who would (and has) actually protected a couple of them. But let's face it, he wants to win too, so if it comes down to him or whoever... Donny will cover his own butt.

Sharon N said...

O.M.G. Frankie is such as gutless wonder. It's fine for everyone else to get blood on their hands, but now he's backing out on the Caleb or Amber BD. @@@ geez