Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds overnight into Tuesday - July 1

Consoling Joey

Yes, this is a bit late. You have my apologies. Without further ado, here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Love That Will Never Be:
  • Derrick's daughter had her operation. He didn't think it right to be out tanning and having fun while his wife and daughter were going through that. He stayed quiet, sleeping most of the day. He didn't really mingle until evening.
  • But he didn't cry (cue Devin, cue Caleb). He explained the situation to the others and just didn't want his family to see him acting like nothing was going on at home.
  • Jacosta lost her bag at the airport and all the clothes she's wearing aren't the ones she brought.
  • Since Caleb had the talk with Amber, he's been retelling the story of the talk to just about anyone he can.
  • He embellishes it a bit more each time.
  • He just doesn't seem to understand that Amber has no interest whatsoever in him.
  • He said that because she's part black, she said she only dates black guys.
  • He asked Devin if he should tan more.
  • @@
  • Everyone is trying to hint that he should stop.
  • But he's not listening.
  • Devin even told Caleb that Amber first had an interest in him (Devin), but he's not there for a showmance.
  • Caleb thinks Amber will probably date him after the show is over.
  • He went on to say how deep, complex and many-layered she is.
  • And he really wants to get to know her better.
  • Devin told him that when he finds the right girl, it will be mutual.
  • Well, maybe she's just this way because of the show.
  • Oh. My. Gosh.
  • Donny's fitting in much better although he heads off to bed early while they stay up.
  • I think I've heard almost every girl in the house express their love for Donny.
  • Mind you, it's not like the love Caleb has for Amber! A totally different thing!
  • It's pretty definite that Joey will be going home. They're basing the decision on her loose cannon mouth about the girls alliance.
  • Several have picked up that Caleb and Devin were both pretty "threatening" about it being a unanimous vote.
  • That is putting a target on Caleb's back as if he didn't already have one being HoH, the unrequited creepy love obsession with Amber and he was very removed and moody most of the day yesterday.
  • Frankie, although one of the first HoH, seems to have no target whatsoever on him and both the guys and the girls love him.
  • Derrick and Christine think a fan of the show should win, not a recruit who never watched the show.
  • I agree.
  • The hamsters think HoH will be two separate comps again.
  • I just don't know.
  • Although they can be a bit odd and sometimes boring, this group is a breath of fresh air compared to last year's cast.

Frankie and the girls

People are liking Donny more

Hayden and Brittany rockin'

Cody can be a goof!

Frankie and his other girls

Caleb and his obsession

Pining for Amber while others have fun

Derrick tries on a wig, refuses make-up


Jackie said...

Yikes. I just realized in the wig picture, Derrick looks like a heavier-faced older Wally Cleaver!

David said...

G'morning Jackie =)
I almost fear for Amber. When/if Caleb ever gets it through his thick head that she does not want him all that lust obsession could turn to a hate/rage obsession.

On a different note, the guys where trying to get Hayden and Nicole to hook up but she was able to turn that away fast because he is such a goof. Good for her.
I am glad not to see a "couple" yet in the house. Hope it stays that way. They probably took the HOH matress from last year out dressed in full Hazmat suits and burned it. Ewwww

David said...

Re: Wally Clever photo
I actually think he looks more like Lumpy Rutherford with longer hair. =)

Chacha said...

These houseguests are boring so far.
Hopefully things will change with the change of HOH.
I would love for four guys to be nominated anf all from the "bomb squad".
That would liven up this crew

lynn1 said...

The thing I would love to see is for Amber to be HOH and backdoor Caleb right out of the house. Though I am not sure he would get the message even then.

Chacha said...

Lynn- I don't think he will get it next summer either.
I think with the upcoming HOH if two people who aren't in the bomb squad get it we will finally see fire works and IMO if caleb and devin so happen to be on the block, production better be ready for interventions..

lynn1 said...

ChaCha, In my perfect scenario I don't want to see Caleb have the chance to compete for POV and I think if he and Devin were on the block together people would surely vote for Devin to leave.
I really don't have strong feelings one way or the other about most of the people in the Bomb squad. I don't like Caleb's stalker behavior and I don't like Devin's paranoia. I am on the fence about Zach but the rest of the group are Ok by me, at least this week. LOL

Chacha said...

Lynn1- I just want one of those two to go.
I don't really have any feelings towards one or the other either.
So far the biggest bore since season 9

Sharon N said...

Ditto what Lynn1 said!
I hope Amber wins and Caleb goes because I'm afraid David has made an excellent point.
Caleb is not listening, and even if he does finally get the message, it's likely to turn ugly... very fast.
No easy answers "in the house" but IMO, it would have been better if Amber had made if plain she's not interested and and shut him down fast, right from the start. Hinting doesn't work with some people.

gia said...

I hope that Devin leaves as soon as possible. Frankie is sure starting out playing a great game. He knows what he is doing and he is doing it right.
I wish Christine would be more careful talking game because I think she could be a real good player too.

Faye said...

Jackie, I agree with what you said about the difference in the cast from last year to this year. Even though there are a few crackpots, I like it a lot better.

I think i want Amber to get hoh and put caleb up too.

I also think it was so weird how Devin just started changing the alliance and not even thinking that they would not like it…. I think he thought he was the smart one in the alliance for a minute…….. nope your not… lol… All their faces told the story looking at him like== your joking right? why don't you just announce it to everyone….