Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Saturday night into Sunday - July 20

A goal of 2400 goals in 24 hours

Mind you, I took that particular screen cap above hours ago. Here's the latest news from inside that Big Brother House of Teenage Angst:
  • Despite my screen cap above, Brittany kicked 1000 soccer goals in six hours. She's complaining her leg and groin hurt. They probably do.
  • Cody's punishment from the veto is a butt-kicking machine (screen cap below). He stands with his back to it, pulls a rope and it kicks him. He only has to do it when called by BB.
  • (When I last posted, they were still on indoor lockdown and I wasn't sure of the punishments.)
  • Caleb, who won $5,000, offered to take Amber on a nice cruise.
  • She should have said, "Sure! But not with you!"
  • He then told her that he had told himself that his next relationship would be one God put in front of him.
  • And, there was Amber.
  • What is WRONG with that boy?
  • Oh, but he's been saying he no longer cares about her for two days now!
  • Brittany isn't allowed to go back into the house until she finishes the 2400 goals.
  • Well, with the exception that the soccer net broke and they had to all go on indoor lockdown while BB dudes (maybe dudettes) fixed it.
  • Cody feels bad that Brittany is up on the block and is the target to go home. He didn't want that blood on his hands.
  • Cody is also ticked that Zach is being nasty to Brittany. No need for that.
  • Cody is right.
  • But, in watching Zach for a few weeks now, I think he's the kind of guy who goes around joking and poking fun without boundary. He's not very cognizant of other people's feelings.
  • Apparently, in the veto comp Nicole took the veto away from Brittany. But then someone took it from her and she ended up with the Germa-tard.
  • Brittany says Nicole deserves the Germa-tard and she's thankful she won't be walking out of the house Thursday in it.
  • Heh. Cody is indeed a soccer player, was on the college team and such. He said that when he mentioned it, Caleb couldn't think of what to say. Cody thinks the delay was that Caleb was trying to figure what to say to bring himself into the situation.
  • Yep, it's all about Caleb.
  • And, Caleb is still all about Amber!
  • Derrick and Frankie talked about how Brittany is manipulative and that she's probably much better off than she says. She's mentioned being at the Playboy mansion, having a BMW and other not "poor single mother of three" things.
  • They also think that the person who wins should be who played the game best, not who "needs" the money.
  • I've always said that myself.
  • Don't get me on that soapbox.
  • Donny is most likely going to be the pawn when Victoria takes herself off the block.
  • Sigh. They want him up because they don't think he has any chance of being voted out.
  • But, still ...!
  • Meanwhile, Amber is trying to rally girls to save Brittany.
  • Now, I'm all in favor of a group of women in the BB house actually coming together to kick butt against the men.
  • But this group certainly can't hold together. They've already proven that.
  • And I don't want Donny gone due to a false start in an alliance which will never work.
  • BB gave them alcohol, stingy as usual. But it's been a while since they last had any.
  • Ohh! Six beers and two bottles of wine for the whole group!
  • I don't think Derrick drinks, though. Not that it makes a difference when there are still so many people in the house.
  • Cody found out that Frankie told Amber that he (Cody) had a hand in her nomination.
  • Frankie needs to watch his loose lips!
  • Caleb keeps bragging about his money winnings. You'd think that five grand was five million the way he talks.
  • Of course, this is a guy who thinks the show ends with red carpet walks and tuxedos.
  • Frankie and Derrick definitely want Donny to stay. They want Team America to go as far as it can. They haven't heard if their nomination target of Amber qualifies even though the house has all said she's a threat.
  • But, in the end, they're loyal to The Detonators -- Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Zach and Christine.
  • But, then again, Derrick says he would love to be in a final three as Team America.
  • Hmm.
  • There are some worries about Donny slipping up as he's already referred to America in front of others and made a brief unexplained mention of ten thousand dollars.
  • Frankie said the rules are that if you out the other TA members, you disqualify them all from the winnings. If you just out yourself, it's just you losing your winnings.
  • That's pretty much where we are right now.

The 'do's make them look like mannequins

Driving Cody bonkers!

Cody's butt-kicking machine

Nicole's Germa-tard


Terry is a Texan! said...

Nicole looks pretty cute in any kind of weird suit doesn't she?
Yes I believe you are right, the girls will all get picked off..

Cheryl in NC said...

Last week Cody was all about getting Caleb out. He's going to regret it if he doesn't do it!

Witt said...

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard "no blood on my hands" (including last season and this one) I could retire...TODAY!

Caleb is in serious delusion territory. What does Amber do when he says all this nonsense? Just nod and say "Hmmmmm"? Awkward.

Happy Sunday, Jackie! Thank you for all you do! I'm glad you had that 7 hour nap the other night. You must have needed it (which is what my mom always said).

Witt :)

uncartie said...

Witt,I'm with you. Every time I hear someone say "blood on my hands" I want to scream.

Amber pretty much ignores Caleb's attention which in turn makes him angry because he thinks he deserves her undying gratitude and devotion.
There was one interaction where he's pleading his case for a date while she's reading the bible and she just says no but didn't even look up from her reading.

Lili said...

I thought I understood that BB told TA that it was up to them to tell or not tell the others. Now suddenly Frankie says they will lose their money? That makes no sense.

Am worried about Donny. Derrick claims loyalty to TA but I have heard him bring up getting rid of Donny plenty of times. I wish BB had set it up that TA would end once a single member left.

IMHO since Donny was picked first. I think many people voted for Derrick and Frankie as people they thought were strong well connected players that would help Donny get farther. It really bugs me that Derrick and Frankie spend a good deal of time behind Donny's back plotting to manipulate him...Amber, physical threat, in a house with Caleb, Cody, Hayden, and Derrick???

Cody should put up Frankie for blaming Amber nom on Cody, or Zach for meanness to Britt, or Caleb for obvious reasons. But he won't.

Who the heck has to win HOH next week to finally nom
the power players...Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Zach, Caleb?

Christine is an idiot. Does she really think the boys want her there in the F4? But she runs and tells them everything. And does anyone realize that the real HOH every week is Derrick?



uncartie said...

Lili,Yeah Derrick is easily the most influential hamster in the house. I believe his experience as a police officer gives him a huge advantage over the others. A big part of his job involves day to day dealings with difficult people,
interviewing suspects,lying to suspects,etc. It's a perfect fit for BB.

Petals said...

Finally, the girls are becoming catty, even sweet Nicole. Anyone else noticing that it is Xtine instigating it?

Team ZACH ! ! !

Lili said...

More venting...

Punishments in the past have been silly or inconvenient or embarrassing...dunked in slime, hand cuffed together, penguin and banana suits.

I do not recall the physical infliction of great pain and damage. Britt is barely over 1000 and her feet are really messed up. If she makes it to 2400 she will be hobbled. It seems wholly too harsh for what is supposed to be a game and goofy summer entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I have not really felt one way or another about Britt. I did feel she has no idea how to play the game. BUT...I hope production comes up with something to save her. She is a total trooper to be doing what she is doing.
I hope that the activity braclet saves her. She deserves to be saved now.


Anonymous said...

Just thought of something~~~~
I think they need to come up with a "Coup d'etat" if Brittney makes her goal. They must have an idia of something if she does. It will be like the time BB saved Jeff with a coup d'etat.

I am still totally Team Zach and Cody...but Britt gets points for this. Only problem...I don't want Britt to send Cody home.


uncartie said...

This soccer ball kicking is now becoming outright cruel and sadistic.

BB needs to put an end to it.

David said...

Has anyone else checked out the activity tracker for Brittany? There is no way it is correct. I think they have Brittany's and Ambers braclets mixed up.
And I agree. If she finishes she should be saved because she will not be able to walk for a week. This is cruel.

Anonymous said...

While briefly watching BBAD last night, Derrick and Caleb were talking and I am fairly sure I heard Caleb utter something to the effect of - - Amber would never vote me out of the house. @@

uncartie said...

Brittany mentioned she had surgery on both her feet 2 years ago and suffers from arthritis.@@

She's at 1504 and has a little less than 8 hrs to go to get to 2400

Sharon N said...

I'm liking Cody more all the time. Cody and Donny are the 'gentlemen' of the guys.

Starting to feel about Frankie like the way most of us did about Andy last year. Derrick really peeved me off last night when he nasty-cracked about Brit's punishment being nothing and anybody could do it. Easy to say smart-ass.... when you're not the one up all night getting it done.

Sharon N said...

Despite liking Cody, I have to shake my head.
How does he even have the nerve to moan/whine over the stupid butt-kicking thing he has to do? I mean really... his might be "inconvenient" but doesn't begin to compare with Britt's painful punishment!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon I totally agree with everything you said. I am a bit disappointed in Cody...from when it started last night I thought he would be there for Britt. I have to admire her. She has never been a favorite of mine and neither has Donny ( I know...I am a minority) but I am now. He is really nice support for Britt in this STUPID punishment. I hope she gets a coup d'etat. She will have deserved it.
Derrick talks so much he is reminding me of Devin and Caleb.


Anonymous said...

Arthritis is painful. Its no fun and once you have surgery it many times gets worse. I know friends who have feet problems and have had surgery and its really horrid. @@ @@ @@

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, if Britt comes down, you KNOW Donny will go up.
It should be Caleb. In fact, it should have been Caleb OTB from the get-go. :(

uncartie said...

Sharon N,Guess what? Donny is now pushing Cody to backdoor Caleb. Cody replied "I've been thinking about it a lot". Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Sharon N said...

That's my hope... that someone (Cody) grows a pair!!

Too bad Cody is talking to the worst person possible... Christine! 10-1 says she'll go blab.

Sharon N said...

If Britt really did have surgery on both of her feet, seems to me that BB is taking a chance on her ending up injured.

I just hope nothing happens to her feet before this is over. Her feet are already bruised and they've mentioned that she'll probably lose a toenail. BB should have realized this is WAY too much and called a halt to it a long time ago. They've certainly let other people off "punishments" early in the past...

Only good thing that's happening from this is that some sympathy seems to be happening.

Anonymous said...

Punishment should have been for Jocasta: not to chew her nails for at least more than once an hour for the next twenty four hours!